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Here you will find health articles you will not read anywhere else. After a lifetime of morbid obesity I am fitting in fun now at “half my size“. I’m fifty-fiveyears old with the body of a teenager. I can’t believe such a blessing has come my way and I want you to have it too. That is the passion I have now and I’m trying everything I can to get this message out with every bit of energy and time I have to give.

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Is your life fun? It will be when you are fit. You won’t believe the difference until it happens to you. I know it from my own experience and that of my new, fit friends. None of us anticipated the joy and thrill of this new thin life. We all thought we would still feel bad, but instead we feel years younger and have abilities we never dreamed of. Please join me here and read health articles you need to take care of yourself better.Here are the main topics at all fitinfun sites.

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Fitinfun at this site is writing exclusively. Use those links above to read my thought on those topics.

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I have lots of playlists to listen to while you stretch and feel better. Please try. Stretch with me and change your life and health soon. TonightPlease. Why wait? It’s only 15 minutes and you will feel so much better.

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My goal over the next days, months and years…

…is to get my message out to you in every way I can. This is the same goal I always have in my work. I know 68% of Americans are overweight or obese and feeling bad. I know YOU are out there feeling bad and my help for you is healthy, simple (not easy) and cheap so I want you to try it as soon as you can. Read the free articles here and look at the photo essays on Behance. Watch my videos as you stretch or clean or get dinner ready. You can do all this better than me if you just try.

You will feel better when you take care of you. I know you will recognize yourself in my story if you have been overweight for many years. I hope you will look . This financial nightmare is temporary and you can help me by

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How has your health improved since Fitinfun started in 2010?

How has your health improved since I started publishing eBooks in July 2013?

The obese and sick people I see don’t look better than before I started on my mission to reach you. How are you doing? Can I help you while you help me? Today I am under stress, moving a lot and I’ve lost 90% of my possessions yet I still eat well, sleep well, exercise and stay positive. My weight is stable at about 140 pounds.

I know my methods will help you. I weighed 275 pounds and was near death when I turned finally it around and started to get healthy. It took me exactly 4 years to get to my goal which then was 155. Where will you be in a month? I don’t know where I will be in a week, but I will still find a way to blog, so stay tuned to see if I manage to stay healthy.

My real, normal, still doing it, work is for you. It’s all “How To” and Tutorials. Please give it a shot and change your life now. All my summary pages lead you through the content when you find what you like. I often have people here who read for a long time when they find a topic of interest. Maybe you are one of them.


You can feel better and be healthy if I can! Thanks for reading and please consider donating if my work has helped you. 

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I am so grateful you are here. Please pass my links on to anyone who is feeling they can not help themselves. If I can do it, anyone can.

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