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November 2013: the most recent post:

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I love Accounting and I had excellent training.  I am very happy perusing rows and columns of numbers and making connections. Fun, fun, fun! I try to give back here in return for a wonderful career with limitless opportunities.


Working while in Accounting School – much more to come, but get started now. You do not have time to waste in Accounting School.



American History Video Playlist:



My Online MBA Experience – I had a good one.


Taking Inventory –  How to protect yourself and your career from this thing they send beginners on.

More to come…


Turning Your Blog Posts into Amazon eBooks  This is my meat and potatoes now. Please take a look to see if any of my eBooks meet your needs:

What I most need now are readers and reviewers for Amazon. If you can help in this way, I will be eternally grateful. Here is my Book Trailer page. Please look and give me any feedback positive or negative.


I’m live-blogging my next eBook (off schedule) and here is that information:




This is not Accounting exactly, but it happens at work so I hope it helps if you need it.


Here someone else’s book I reviewed that will help you succeed and earn more money:


What to do with some of your time



What to do when you mess up with taxes:


Health Insurance woes


Talking to my Creditors


Here’s when my first book came out:



Being Evicted from an Apartment in California

Yes – It’s happening to me right now in November 2013.  I started in September and this stuff below is “How To” mostly.

I’m going to court again in December. And I will loss without eBook sales. It’s a race. I’m losing right now but undeterred.


Here are some more Money and Life Issues



This year I joined Costco with the idea of both saving money and making money by re-selling some of the products people like. So far the effort of a 10 minute trip to Costco has been a deal-breaker for me.

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Marketing etc

I am selling eBooks, photos, my writing and my possessions. Most of it is currently selling for free. I created a Marketing Summary Page to try to help myself out of this mess. Please look if you are a Marketing Major or an Internet Guru and give any advice you have. I got my only “C” in College in Marketing! The story gets worse from there. It’s something I’m working on.

This is my marketing life and I am going inch by inch. Check back soon and see if I have my act together.


My Background


I am an Accountant by trade.  For my whole accounting life, people have told me two things.  I am very a very intimidating accounting lady before you know me, and I seem nothing like an Accountant once you do know me.

I got into the management level of accounting at the age of 23. It was a fluke that changed my path. I had great preparation for my fluke because I was already working my way through school and had a great variety of experience and knowledge compared to my peers and many elders at a mid-sized firm.

I used to think of myself as “The Fat Lady in Accounting”. Most other people thought of me the same way too, I think. People have come to me for years with papers that make no sense to them. It’s my job to help them understand if I can. Usually I can do it and the person is happier and better able to do their job.

My confidence came from being a knowledgeable accountant. You could not convince me with your shoddy paperwork. I had the power of Accounting behind me and bosses who would say, “If Sharon doesn’t approve it – it will not be paid”. I miss that sometimes – the power of knowledge that is not negotiable.



Being the Fat Lady in Accounting

I was her.

Are you going to be her?

Are you her today but you just aren’t working yet? Do you look down and think – “I’m too busy with school. I can’t fix this stomach now.” I did think exactly that when I weighed about 180-200 pounds all through my 20’s. Maybe you are not an Apple like me. It’s not your stomach that is the problem. It’s you butt and hips that won’t fit in regular office chair.

How I wish I had taken the time to get my health under control when I was still in school. All the negatives about being “The Fat Lady in Accounting” would have disappeared. My career would have been much different and better than it was. All aspects of my life would have improved or changed as they have today. I would have had another life entirely.

I thought it was my fate to die as that obese, scared, hopeless woman. I try hard to write about it and shoot videos and photos. I’m struggling to have you hear me and change now before you die or just live many miserable years like I did. I think of my fellow accountants, bookkeepers, receptionists and other office workers as I write. I look at you in public if you are obese.

I have learned painfully not to approach you one on one in person. The internet is the only way I can talk to you when you are up at 3 am – trying to study and eating cold pizza and maybe thinking of grabbing that last beer so you can sleep.

Losing weight was not hard. I’m an accountant. I learned some rules and now I follow them. Jeez. Why, why, why did I think that was too hard for me?

All that happened was day to day consistency that you can do too. It took 5 years for me to lose 130 pounds. I did not get surgery or take drugs to do it. I increased my healthy food and increased my exercise to intense within my limits.  I bloomed into health as the weight was shed. Today most people comment on my healthy hair and skin if they say anything about my looks.

You can do it too. I’m begging you to believe me. Please don’t pass this idea by if you are not doing well with your weight. I’d rather have you read my obesity information than study for a test if you are obese.

Now I’ve been thin for two years out of 53. You can’t believe how well I’m handling that change of life! I’m good at accounting. I’m not skilled in emotional issues. Losing 130 pounds has made me re-think everything. It will be easier for you to go through these emotional changes if you are younger than me.

The one thing I can tell you with certainty is that I will not be gaining that weight back. I have moved on from that particular tragedy in my life. I wouldn’t eat the things I used to eat on a bet. They taste like chemicals and salt to me. I eat delicious inexpensive food today.  I crave my peaceful lovely workouts and I don’t ever skip them. I used to waste that time anyway.

Part of my challenge as a thin writer now is to become another person who is different than that intimidating fat lady. My struggles with that are covered in my posts about obesity:

If you are overweight or obese. Please read the posts about excuses and about how it was ME holding ME back. No one else.

Please watch my videos with your eyes closed and pretend it is you. You have horrible stories of insults too if you are obese.

I have someone calling me a fat pig today. It’s an anonymous internet stalker who follows me on my photo site. I made this person mad somehow and now I have been followed twice. After I blocked this on Facebook, it moved over to my photo site where I can only watch – not block. Every day I see a pig with the word EAT on it in neon. Neon is one of my favorite lights. I take photos of it in my daily travels. Now it is the avatar of an anonymous “follower” who has cemetery photos to wish me on my way.

Lucky for me, I can take strength in that insult today. I want none of us ever to be worthy of that insult again.


Thank you for reading and be sure to fit-in-fun. It’s better over here no matter what else I tell you.



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