Artistic Aspirations on – Summary of Art Posts

I have Artistic Aspirations on Here is a summary of my art posts

Art is my hobby and I’m trying to make it my life.  I’m passionate yet inarticulate.  I write and photograph and appreciate other artists. I’ve been supporting myself by writing about business topics and I hope to move exclusively to health and lifestyle instead. Photography helps writing sell, so I plan to combine the two.

The most recent post August 2013:


My Portfolio Site

Here is comes – a portfolio site that I will be curating my work at.  Oh my stomach turns to contemplate this moment. I hope my reality is better than my fear.

Update: I posted my Portfolio in May 2013! I lived…


Here are the posts I’m using to keep track of my portfolio work:




Me as a photographer

My secret childhood dream is trying hard to come true. I hope my work will soon be out there and I am terrified.


Commercial Freelance Work

I photograph people and products that interest me to try to promote others and develop as a photographer.




My Videos

I never thought I would be able to take this step and now I love shooting videos. I have no fear about my videos. I don’t think they are art and I don’t worry about what I look like.  I cannot believe this with all the other fears and quirks I have about my appearance and my talent.

I am working on this video topic now to try to make my whole life work like this.  Imagine if everything were so easy. I could get a lot more accomplished.


Here Is my Sharon You Tube Channel

And some thoughts on producing movies. By Me, a person who never had this dream or any idea she could do it.  I’m still stunned.



Other People’s Videos

I didn’t review these videos for the artistic value, but I’m collecting these posts here to look at my competition and get tips.



Equipment and How to

Here’s where I am working and what equipment I use.  The most important task I have now is learning all my hardware and software.  There should be more time in the day.


My Thoughts about Artists

Here are some people that inspire me: (Pink Floyd Breathe)



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