Breathing Spirometer Use Can Help You Breathe

Breathing Spirometer Use

Breathing Spirometer Use

Breathing Spirometer Use Can Help You Breathe

My Breathing Spirometer use (aka Incentive Spirometer) started more than ten years ago. Maybe longer, because I can’t remember where I got this thing. I love it and I hope you will too.

Please read my disclaimer.

You are reading the work of an accountant and author with health problems – not a medical professional.

Who Can Use a Breathing Spirometer?

Anyone can use a Breathing Spirometer. I started in my mid-thirties after an illness. Anyone who breathes shallowly and wants to do better will improve by using this gadget each day. Anyone who believes they have a problem breathing can try the Breathing Spirometer to see if it helps them. Most of the Senior Citizens I encounter can all benefit if they will do it. I have seen a lot of shallow breathing in the elderly. Obese people should definitely do it for the exercise minutes and the improvement in lung capacity. People with lung problems are often prescribed these exercises. How do you know if you have trouble breathing? If you have trouble breathing with light exercising; trouble breathing and talking or trouble breathing after eating, the Breathing Spirometer may help you.

What is a Breathing Spirometer and what does it do?

The Spirometer itself is cheap on Amazon and very durable. You can it see my videos linked below.   I am certain you can also obtain a Breathing Spirometer at any Medical Supply Outlet. I have no complaints and mine was free with my insurance a few years ago, so I’m happy. There is no reason to get an expensive version. This one is the one I have and works just fine as you can read in the many Amazon reviews.

Where do I keep and use my Breathing Spirometer?

Keep your Breathing Spirometer some place your eye will see and where it is easy to get to in the morning. Once you develop a morning habit, you can work on adding an afternoon session if you like. Once a day or twice a day is enough. Monitor your reaction and results and increase your range as you feel able to do and want to do. Using a Breathing Spirometer is regenerating and so very good to do early in the day – even first thing after you get up. I don’t usually do it twice a day, but if I do, I will do it early in the evening. Later at night I’m on to other things.

Why use a Breathing Spirometer?

Breathing Spirometer use is one of the best breathing exercises you can do to draw your attention to your breath. It “supervises” you with the indicator and you don’t have to think about it. How nice. Just pick up the gadget and do you best. Move the pointer up slightly as you do better and soon you will improve even more. Exercising your lungs helps your lung capacity, centers and focuses your mind, and gives you a break while doing something positive for yourself.

A Breathing Spirometer is a low cost way to improve your breathing. It is also a low effort way. if you do not see any quick improvement, you now have data to take to your next doctor’s appointment.

How do I use a Breathing Spirometer

I have some videos showing the Breathing Spirometer and how to use it.


  • Pre-position the Arrow at your goal – start low
  • Stand up straight.
  • Hold the Spirometer up to your mouth
  • Position the mouthpiece
  • Breathe in
  • Tip: Go slow enough to get the bellows to the arrow while keeping the little ball to the side in range.
  • NOTE: I see the advice to hold the ball up at the arrow level for a few counts. I have tried it and failed so far. Maybe when my lungs get stronger…
  • Remove the mouthpiece and start to breathe out
  • Time your out breath to be done by the time the bellows falls to the bottom
  • Position the mouthpiece back in your mouth and repeat the steps
  • Repeat one or two more times
  • No more than four times at a go is what I was told.

Difficulty Breathing is No Fun

I’ve had years where breathing was central to my thoughts because I couldn’t do it. I had to lean forward to get the weight of my ribs off my lungs. This was during congestive heart failure which I had for over six months when I was about forty years old. My life today at 55 is still an uphill climb from that desperate time. Breathing Spirometer use has helped me re-gain health and keep my lungs in great shape. Give it a try and see if it helps you too.



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