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About Me Sharon at fitinfun

About Sharon Before

Sharon 2009 unfit

Things were bad even though I smiled

About Sharon After

Sharon Fit

 Much, much better

Here is my photographic About Me at Behance photography portfolio so you can see how I changed.

This page was mostly written about a year after I lost the weight and I think I might keep it like this forever. It’s a record of that time.

Today I live in Bangkok Thailand and I’m working on my next books and doing social media. I’ve been thin for almost 6 years and I still eat super healthy and exercise daily. I could not do this life overseas if I still weighed close to 300 pounds.

All my work is about that – bringing other obese people over here with me – helping them lose weight naturally – just like I did. 

I have milestone posts on my Spark People blog here:

Spark People Blog Page 1 of many

I let my Spark Friends know how I am doing at each anniversary date and when something else amazing happens, like taking photos of myself in a bathing suit, and realizing again that I am thin. Many Spark People came before me and I hope to inspire those who are still on the journey. I would still be fat and miserable without Spark People. Please join and friend me there. It will help you too if you work it. It doesn’t replace anything else. It’s just a good place to make friends who are doing exactly what you are doing – trying to lose weight and feel better.

Everything at Spark People is free.


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Why Fitinfun?

When I first thought of the name for my blog, I thought about fitting fun into my life. Before I got thin – I was close to death or “almost dead” a number of times and it got old. I was trying to fitinfun even if I might die soon. This is why I dragged myself to Disney and kept swimming. I was trying to live a normal life while obese.

I completed “My More Project” to see if I could blog.  I decided I could and at the same time I learned that I don’t care about beauty products and advertising too much.  “My More Project” had a lot of focus on consumer products due to the tie-in to More Magazine.

= =

My obese life started at age four and got worse every minute

There had been precious little fun in the last 10 years of my life of poor health, skyrocketing weight, endless work, endless surgeries, falls and doctors appointments and even more endless studying for tests, degrees and certifications.  I got my CDFM-A and my MBA and I passed the CFP(r) Exam and the three part EA exam – going for neither of the actual certifications of the last two because I didn’t want to do the kind of work it would take to get the certifications.

All these designations were fascinating to me and difficult to obtain, but they do not hold an interest for me now. That was a lot of work for something I don’t want to do, but I have reasons somewhere.

What was I thinking to work so hard while so ill? I love accounting, but I should have faced facts earlier. My son has PTSD directly because of my obesity and the things he went through with it. The effect on my child is my biggest regret out of the many caused by my large and sickly self. 

During the same years, my lovable, darling child grew into a teen and made every precious spare moment a challenge.  He says, “Everything was good until you started going to school, Mom.” We ate out 4 or 5 nights a week and lived off of leftovers and junk food.  One memorable night, my 7 year old wanted frozen waffles for dinner, and I screamed out, “I’m not cooking tonight!” before he got his own cereal instead.

Frozen waffles in the toaster does not equal “cooking”.

My son was wrong only about the timing. Everything was not good when I was obese and unhealthy. All that new work and school just made it “not matter”. I was just his fat sick mom doing what she always did.

= =

As I said – Today I have moved on to fun.

Now we eat as close to the whole food with every food we eat.  I cook all the time (constantly – it is work)  and it is cheaper, better tasting and more nutritious than any food we had eaten at a restaurant or from the frozen food case at the grocery store.  We have as little chemicals as possible and as few processed foods as possible.  This sea change in diet came from working with my fitness and nutrition coach who I highly recommend if you are in the San Diego area.  He is responsible for the permanent changes to my






In 2012 I am 150 pounds and holding.  I was 275 when I started on Spark People in 2007.  Smaller is better.

In 2013 I am 140 pounds and losing:

2017! I’m at least 155 and so healthy! I’m eating really well in Thailand. But I have to fight my weight again as the food is so tempting. The longer I’m here – the more I find to eat. My exercise is my life. I stretch constantly throughout each day and walking on the streets here is a cross country event. I have videos of walking around in Bangkok and you can tell it is on uneven ground.


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9/26/12 – This part is mostly about the weight loss I had.  Maybe I will move it to the Obesity tag on the main pages of the site.  I think there is some good knowledge here.  Read it if you want to improve your health.  I did not activate many links, but you can look at the tags for “obesity” and “weight loss” here to find my more detailed writing on those topics.  Good luck. I know you can do it too if you don’t give up.

I’m just a really fat lady who lost weight.  I was morbidly obese for years and years and just getting to the point of completely incapacited (again) when I finally started to lose the weight.  I’m trying to tell other people how I got healthy after a lifetime of obesity here at  It’s not easy to talk about at all and I find a lot of aspects to it that confuse me still.

In December 2012, I’m wondering how it is so easy to stay thin now when it was so hard to get here in the first place. I don’t have an answer but it’s something I’m thinking about.

In August 2013, I’m finishing a book about Obesity Excuses. I think I know the answer now. I believe it is my excuses alone which kept me fat. After I got rid of an excuse – the problem went away. I want other people to know it is just that easy.

I’m also writing about learning how to enjoy this new thin life.  Another thing I struggle with.  No one wants to hear that it is difficult to be thin, but it is sometimes.  Imagine yourself to have been the fat girl your entire life and now to have people ask you what you do to stay so beautiful.  That question alone can make me start crying and running down the street in fear.

I don’t have the answer but I have to talk about it everyday now. People want to look at me in the light and have me unzip my jacket so they can look at my body.  That used to only happen in the Doctors’s office – a place I still spend too much time.

= =

I was going to die soon with the health I had – or I would continue to linger; feeling like I was dead.  Because, I did feel dead when I weighed 275 pounds.  It is so much harder to be human at such a high weight.  You have to lug yourself around to get anywhere.  I still do it even though I don’t need to anymore.  I steel myself to get up from a chair even though I can just pop right up now.  It scares my son who is now 20 years old.  He grew up seeing many of my falls – being right next to my obese body when it crashed to the ground – possibly sprurting blood – trying to pull me up – having the sick mom who might die soon.

My major sickness years were started when he was three years old and lasted until his late teens. When he sees me run or jump now it about gives him a heart attack. “Whoa, Mom!  Slow down there.  Get off that thing.  I don’t think you should do that.”

But now I think I can do anything and I don’t doubt my abilities or fear my body like I used to.

Parents – please try to lose weight for your kids. This one is not even mine and he breaks my heart.


Losing weight

In 2008 I decided to try to write and teach and spend time and money on my health instead of any other priorities until I got better or ran out of money.  Oh yeah – the money’s gone. But I succeeded in the health part. I stopped focusing on world events and TV shows and used my previously wasted time I to walk, swim and take my exercise seriously. I learned how to shop for and prepare healthy food; far in excess of anything I thought possible.

I started writing about my weight loss experiences as they happened, since then, people approach me with questions like,

“How hard was it to lose all that weight?”

“Are you afraid you will gain back all the weight you lost?”

“What do you eat now?”

“How do you still stay thin?

Weight Loss – How did I lose 130 pounds and keep them off?  You will not believe me, but it turned out to be very easy after all.  I kick myself for not understanding how to be healthy earlier in life, but I’m grateful to have done it at least now in my early 50’s.  There have been many new and unexpected challenges, and still are, when dealing with significant weight loss. These weight loss tips I have developed, and am posting as they happen, will help you in your struggles.  You can:

  • See what natural weight loss looks like since it is such a rare occurrence.
  • Read what weight loss can do for you and your life.
  • What weight loss program works best?  I believe you have to evolve what works for you. It’s a big fat process. There is no quick fix but you will feel so much better you will be glad to take the time.


= =


My whole concept of exercise has changed.  Making it every day and being proud of such a small change was what did it for me.  My starting to exercise for only 10 minutes a day – but making sure it was every day – did in fact turn into over an hour each day. I never miss today because I feel bad if I don’t move. That means I roll around in bed if that’s all I can do.

This exercise is truly what saved me and brought me back to health.

I thank Chris Downie of for his inspiration.  He is my first and best friend on Spark People and will always be even though I have never met him in person.  He changed my attitude towards fitness by inspiring me with his story and then by using his wealth and success to help other people in creating Spark People.  This gave me some amazing friendships with incredible people. is free and wide-ranging in what it offers to help you lose weight and get healthy.  Success stories are rampant.

My SparkPeople Story


My Spark name is Frenchtosd – join up and friend me.  I post over there too.



Working Out – How to work out is a big question I get.

Q: Should I work out seven days a week? 

A: I say yes to that question all the time.

Don’t look at me like that!  You have to exercise all the time, obese person – really.  But, I count walking to the library to return books as a workout though.  For many years I drove that four blocks.  I would stop on my way home from somewhere and park and go in to return a book and then drive to the grocery store two blocks away and then even drive to the drug store IN THE SAME PARKING LOT from the grocery store.


Edit:  I just re-read that driving comment.  Since I am planning to go car-less soon, I am really saddened to remember all those trips in the car – for years I did that.  If I would have parked a little farther each time and counted it as exercise, my outings could have been helping me instead of being the torture sessions they used to be.


Now I rarely use my car

I’m getting my chores accomplished and also working out and getting some fresh air.  If I take my camera I’m also working; taking photos.

I work out for 1-2 hours – every single day – except when I don’t.  But 80-90% of the time I do work out.  I work out in the most longest, slowest most random way ever.  My definition of “working out” is now very broad and includes fun things I like to do.  It is more like lolling about, but it works for me.  I swim very slowly. I bike slower than a child can walk. Joggers pass me on my bike all the time.

But, daily exercise is my new addiction.  If I had understood the benefits of a daily commitment to exercise, I would have done it immediately and much younger than I am now.  But I’m glad I do it now and I will try to help other people see the light.

Keep in mind that Yoga on the Beach is too hard for me because of my health problems.  I do exercises in bed some days because I feel too bad to work out harder.

I do swim like a fiend.  As of Spring 2013, I am in the pool every third day with the exceptions of rain and illness.  I swim hard (for me) and I stretch at least 30 minutes split before and after I swim.  I’m the weird lady who stretches forever on the pool deck, and I don’t care.  It helps me a lot to be warmed up and stretched before I swim. I make videos of myself stretching and swimming and post them on YouTube now. 1600 people have seen them in 6 months.  I used to weigh 275 pounds. Never did I dream for an instant of filming myself swimming – at all – ever in my life. But now I’m so proud of myself and fascinated by the sight that I want to film every time I swim now.

= =


No medicine I’ve taken for all my health problems over the years has ever made me feel as good as my dietary and exercise changes of the last year have.  I eat chemical-free and as healthy as I can in this polluted world.

OK, I have many food issues just as I did when I was obese.  It’s hard to figure out what diet is right for me.  What diet actually works for me?

The main point in my diet is to eat the whole, organic, most close to how it started food and less of the processed chemicalized versions of foods. I play with the details as I can and I try to improve as I can.

Man-Made chemicals shouldn’t be put into the body according to me. I don’t care if a study supports me or not.  If I can help it, I’m not eating food dye ( even the safe ones) and I’m not eating High Fructose Corn Syrup, and nothing Modified. It is shocking to see how much healthier I am just by these proactive and simple changes.

The first 50-60% of chemical reduction was simple and not even noticed by me or others.  It wasn’t hard to do and it cost almost nothing.  My body noticed though; by perking up immediately and being better able to improve even faster as my exercise and diet continued to improve.  It snowballed into the good health I have today.

My eating style is officially known as “weird”.  I like it that way and maybe you will too.   I have guidelines I follow most of the time.  I could do a lot better, but my hour long plus daily workouts allow me some luxury in how I eat.  I definitely take advantage of that luxury and eat whatever I want that has nutrients.

= = is about what happened to make me get in shape.  After years of struggle and never losing weight no matter what I did, getting active, eating healthy and losing weight have been way more fun than sitting around being fat and miserable.  This is the story of how fitness changed my life.

And it is fun now to be freakishly small.  I get incredible double takes because I look good compared to most of the rest of everybody.  My hair and skin are the two best recipients of the good changes in my diet and in my life.  Both of these look significantly better than other people I am around these days.  My hair is healthy and shiny; theirs is brittle and flyaway. Most of the grey I had is back to my original color.

I use coconut oil, cheap conditioner, body wash, clay and baking soda on my hair.  I swim three times a week.  I do nothing to style my hair.  I get compliments daily.  It has to be my general health because I have minimal hair skills.


= =

I’d love to hear from you.

Be sure to fitinfun no matter what you are doing.

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Nothing on fitinfun would be possible if I still weighed 275 pounds.

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