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FAQ about Sharon at

Here are a lot of the questions I get about myself. I have this broken up into:

  • GENERAL – Good – better than normal
  • HEALTH – Excellent – healthier than ever in my life. Still ill with genetic and autoimmune problems.
  • MONEY – Tragic – very low on cash, evicted, homeless; I lost at court on Monday, December 2, 2013. My eviction took place on December 19, 2013 at 6 am. It will be an interesting holiday season for me.
  • MY LIFE – A work in progress, hoping not to be single soon
  • FITINFUN WEB PRESENCE – Doing well, keeping on track, very exciting and fun. I have help from the internet and lots of people who are helping me succeed in reaching others who feel they are doomed to an obese, miserable life like I used to believe.
  • SOCIAL LIFE I actually have one because of the internet. Can you believe that? It’s true. All the people I’ve met that I have contact with have come from the internet lately. In person is not going as well.
  • LINKS TO EVERYTHING  – Because this FAQ is so short here…

You can help me by sharing any link to any place I’ve never heard or any place I have heard of. You don’t have to get permission. This is it. Link back to me and please let me know so we can be friends.


Please scroll down to what interests you.



Why fitinfun?

When I weighed 275 pounds, I felt like I was going to die soon without having any fun in this life. I try to fit-in-fun in all I do now. It is a lot easier since I lost 130 pounds and got to my goal weight two years ago.

I am having fun today, so I am glad I chose this name.

9/21/13: I weigh 139 today and I am strong, agile and healthy at the age of 54. This is almost fifteen pounds less than when I declared victory in my battle two years ago:

I am eating the best I ever have in my life and enjoying all my food. Food used to be something I got my hand slapped away from and could hardly tolerate. Instead of feeling full and sick and guilty, now I feel satisfied and energized after I eat. I swim, bike and stretch. I don’t walk for exercise any more due to hip issues.

I have never been happier and more thrilled to be alive in my life. Due to many life-threatening health scares in my life, I have been grateful to wake up every time I do so for many years. Today, I’m not so shocked to wake up every time I am lucky enough to be here again. If you are constantly ill – you know what I’m talking about when I say I’m just happy to be able to get up and move every day. That’s the great part. The good health is just now a miracle on top of that.

Here’s how I used to be: (30 pounds down from my high weight).

I feel tired and overwhelmed seeing just that first night of our long trip to Manhattan.


Why are there so many different unrelated topics here?

I know the advice to stay on one topic and to focus. I am focused! Here is the focus of all my work:

Sharon French lost 130 pounds by eating delicious food and exercising intensely. Sharon writes about the new life she got when she turned from obese to thin in her early fifties. What is it like when no one recognizes you? What is it like when you don’t recognize yourself? What is it like to have opportunities and abilities you never dreamed of  even as a child due to your poor health and obesity?

I don’t see the need to tighten my focus beyond that. All kinds of crazy stuff is going on.

I don’t know what else I should do that would be more effective and efficient than what I am doing. These are the things I wanted to know when I was fat. Is it going to be worth it to put in all this effort? I say yes. It is a huge relief to be so healthy and bounce back from things.

I write here. I have photos and videos and eBooks at my other sites. If you are desperate and thankful and motivated, you can make those extra clicks to see my additional content. Those are the kind of people I write for – those who are desperate and ready to change. I use WordPress here and adding photos is a big pain. Maybe one day I will learn, but for now I love my Behance photo site.

The time for me to weed out what is “not  important” would be a waste. Whenever I am scared to post or think I’m posting something dumb – that is the post people come to read and it turns into a series (and then a book). That is exactly what happened with the topic of “loose foot skin”. I thought I was silly to write it. Now people come every day to read it and they are (slowly) buying the book I wrote.

My Afro Pick for Straight Hair

post is one of my most popular. I only wrote it for the teenagers who tease me about using an afro pick when they saw it lying around the house. I love them and they work better than brushes on my hair for most purposes.

My Toxic Tattoo posts are very popular and I am writing more. I never had one interest in tattoos because Doctors have told me not to get them forever. It comes up a lot. Most recently one of my doctors said, “I hope you aren’t going to be one of those thin old ladies with tattoos now that you lost weight.” I’m not sure what he was thinking, but no, I am not contemplating tattoos for myself. I am only worrying about others who got them and now suffer.

Everyday I get this search now. Someone is scared to try Dry Skin Brushing because they have a tattoo and I always freeze knowing this is an answer I should know for them. But I don’t. the research itself is harrowing and I do not want to do it. In weak moments, I tell myself, “You don’t have a tattoo, Sharon. Move on and leave them to it.” But that’s not me.

I started that subject because I know someone who made a tragic tattoo mistake and I freaked out. I did the first post in agony of trying to learn about the toxins in the ingredients of tattoos.

Little did I know how many people are suffering from the effects of tattoos they got on a whim. I have so much coming about tattoos is it amazing. I promise – if you are one of the millions of people who are having regrets and horrid toxic side effects from your tattoos – more posts are coming. So far, I have only bad news for you. Don’t get anymore tattoos and pray.

Why I gave up my anonymity

Because I never had it anyway. Someone who wanted to could find me – and did – if I tried to hide or not. In April 2013 I was making major changes to my plans – adding Behance for photos and just starting to develop my You Tube Channel and other sources such as LinkedIn. I realized in doing this that I had varying levels of hidden and open web presence. The effort to hide the open sites was a significantly bigger effort than to open the hidden sites. I decided that being public would be my protection and so far that plan is working. Only good people have contacted me. Over and over and from so many different angles.

I believe in the 99%, but I also believe the 1% is not really as big as all that and they don’t have time to worry about me in the midst of their business, so I just ignore them as statistically irrelevant to my life. I think most of my readers are here to find out what I wrote about and don’t have an interest in my personal situation. If someone whats to help me by buying one of my books and especially reviewing it on Amazon, I want them to find me. The bad ones who might want to cause trouble will have found me anyway. Not very often. That’s what the trash is for.

I am very happy with my decision to be public and I will let you know if I change my opinion. I guess it will be too late, but I am not worried.

Oct 2013 – Still happy.

I have argued this point with a number of people. Especially women are horrified at my choice. Since I gave up my anonymity, I have been more closely paying attention to how other people I know are hiding their web presence or keeping it separate from their personal life and I am very glad I no longer make that effort. Their security failures are easily found by me and I am not that good.

My new reply when anyone tells me I should hide is to ask them what percentage of people they think are evil. For my that number is well below 1%. The answers I get from others range between 40% and 60%. (Nov 2013 – Someone said 10%! I feel happy with that low number.) I feel sorry for you if you are thinking so high because it is really not true. I think you need to re-think your attitude towards your fellow man.

This song helped me when I spent some time in the 1980’s fearing the Cold War. That was a huge waste of my energy….


If you don’t love your children – I might possibly have to fear you. Otherwise, we are good.


Why I think I know so much

Because I’m a big know it all. I was obese my whole life until two years ago and my best most frequent compliment was that I was I was smart. My dad was the first one who made me “look it up” and I have developed my research abilities constantly since childhood. Therefore, all I have done for 50 years is hide in a corner or a bathtub or a study hall or a park bench reading and learning.

I have more passed tests than anyone. Contact me if you think you have more things you passed on your list. I want to hear your list. I have so many letters behind the name it is stupid. I let most of them go because no one knows what they mean except for people who say, “Oh wow. Why did you take that exam? That’s a hard one.” None of them are valuable to me today except for the knowledge I retained, my MBA and most especially my accounting degree:

I developed my “smartness” because it used to be all I had to impress people and to be someone. Today after becoming thin, I am thought of as dumb All. The. Time. It is a shocking turn of events for Fat Sharon From Accounting who I used to be.

I think it’s hilarious that people treat me as dumb, and I encounter it all the time from people in stores and out and about. I get midway through something and the person starts spelling to me or asking me if I know simple facts. I love it. it’s definitely a highlight in my personal interactions.

I’ve known pretty, smart girls all my life through work – Tall, thin pretty and in accounting or insurance or marketing. Many of them have told me about how they need to prove they are smart all the time. I’m so old that I don’t care. I like people thinking I’m dumb. It works for my new oddness and I’m having fun with it.

No one knows I’m the fat lady in accounting until I tell them.

Before I lost weight I knew that I knew nothing about how to do it so I did not talk about it. Looking back – I see all the flaws in my thinking that kept me fat. Now I did lose the weight and I think I know everything. I research constantly and eat all kinds of cheap exotic foods that are head and shoulders more nutritious than the garbage I used to eat. It’s easy, delicious, inexpensive and nutritious. What I gave up to get here is – nothing I miss today. Maybe I miss a handful of things – not enough to worry about it. I’ll have them once or twice if I want to try but that will be it.

I eat MORE food today than I did when I was fat. Please believe me. There is no reason to “cut calories”. You need to add nutrition instead:

That’s the food break though idea in that article above for me.

My food tastes so much better than the old “food” I used to eat. I’m appalled by those old choices and I won’t go back. That is only one of many changes I made.

Every time I see you looking grossly obese or worn out and run down, I want you to try what I did because I know you will feel so much better when you do. The health will be the best part . You will be just as freaked out as I was by how well my strategies work for you. You will be disgusted with the advertising that led you to bad health choices for your previous life. You will also turn into a guru of sorts for your contacts.

How do I know this? Because I have so many friends at Spark People who have done the same thing I did. They started taking care of themselves instead of depriving themselves, and viola! They get thin and help other people too.

Here is a link to reach Beth and read more about her amazing transformation:

At least come join me for free on Spark People:

This is not a joke.

All of us that I know of who are successful in weight loss and happy with the change

  • eat more than we used to
  • and we feel better for it
  • and we are not obese anymore

I do also know people who are at their goal and constantly dream, think and write about the old ways they used to eat and that they miss some certain treat they can no longer eat. My assumption is that those are the people who will gain their weight back. They only transformed their habits and their weight.

They did not change their mind.



= =


I consider myself to be in excellent health for the first time in my life. I think that is saying something since I am now 54 years old. Instead of declining, I am improving at this age.

How did I Lose the weight?

The long story is all throughout my obesity posts:

The short story is:

1. I made the commitment

2. I joined Spark People for free and used many of their free services to learn new skills, meet friends and track my progress. (Username Frenchtosd – Please join me at Spark People)

3. I did not give up in three long slow years of weight loss:

4. I hired a fitness trainer at the end of my third year of trying to lose weight. He changed everything about my food, exercise and outlook to health.

Everything I do now is based on the mindset changes and technical changes I made to my life in that year. All of that information is free on my sites and I am also selling eBooks that digest that information into easy to follow theories.

In short: It is your excuses making you obese as it was for me. Once the excuses are overcome, it’s over. Everyone has their own personal list.

5. A 100% change occurred in that last year and I lost the last 80 pounds. In the next two years, I have lost an additional ten pounds while gaining muscle and looking better.

6. I gave up any “longing” for my old obese self and my old obese ways.

I’m not looking back in fear. I’m not ever going back there again. I’ve left other places and never gone back. Obesity is nothing but a place in my past now.


What’s wrong with my health

I have a number of severe illnesses. They used to appear on my list of excuses for being obese. Now there are health issues that aren’t that bad anymore or have disappeared or are under control.

Imagine that excitement for yourself if you are obese with a long list of medical “problems”.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an Auto-Immune disease. Your body attacks itself and any toxins in your system but does not do it in the right way. This means I am in constant low-level and or high-level pain in the various areas of my body. One of my doctors once said that a normal person, waking up to my regular level of pain would call 911. I have learned to live with it.

I have to sleep or rest exactly at the minute I need to. If I push past my ability I get sick and end up in bed for hours or days. I protect myself from toxins as I can, but I still get sick sometimes. When it happens now, I take some kind of medication to knock me out and then I stretch whenever I wake up, do Dry Skin Brushing and take a shower or detox bath. Normally that next day is a really good one after that and I recover. In the old days. RA used to put me out of commission for days and weeks on end.

Here are my Pain and Rheumatoid Arthritis Posts:


Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardio Myopathy

This is a genetic condition of my heart. It’s the thing that kills young basketball players on the court. I have a very severe case of it. I should have never made it past twenty years old. I didn’t even find out it was my problem until I was 36 years old and very near death with congestive heart failure. “Your heart muscle is barely working and when it does it leaks all over the place.” I am extremely blessed to still be on this earth at the age of fifty four.

My current Heart Doctor Team has saved my life at least four times in the last twenty years. I’m talking about the emergency implant of a Pacemaker and the heart shocker thing and the intensive care ward and the emergency room and the tube down your throat and the Doctor yelling in your face to see if you are conscious. Most of these happened while I was morbidly obese.

Now when I get sick or have tests we don’t need a special team to transfer me from bed to gurney. One or two people can move me easily and I don’t feel the need to try to help them or apologize for how fat I am (since I’m not).

My genetic condition no longer appears on my EKG. This is a miracle. A real miracle. Somehow my weight loss has made heart heal from something it should not have been able to heal from. The heart that made medical staff gasp in agony when they saw it, now looks like a healthy one unless you really look.

I have hundreds and hundreds of hospital photos because I take my camera when I am dying or just getting tests like I do all the time. I started doing this after I lost weight and I am now shocked and disturbed to see how often I am at the hospital and doctor’s offices. It’s something I’m working on.

You aren’t supposed to take photos in the hospital – just so you know.


Atrial Fibrillation

I have had this disease of the heart for about eight years. It is a common illness that many people develop, therefore uninteresting to me. I only want exotic illnesses, thank you very much. According to my Doctor, I am missing the “P” wave of my heart beat now. Apparently, I don’t need it. L through O are enough. I am not spending any time to learn more right now.

This leads to an “odd” EKG for me as my pacemaker kicks in and helps 27% percent of my heart beats from my genetic heart condition and my “P” wave is not present. I’ve asked countless technicians and doctors if my heartbeat still looks human to them and no one has ever answered me with a yes or a no. I am still trying to find out.

I used to have symptoms of lethargy and weakness. After all this time my heart and body have adjusted to atrial fibrillation and I don’t have any health issues that I can sense from this illness.

Sadly, my blood is more sensitive to this illness than I am. I have to take blood thinners due to the irregular heartbeat. My wounds don’t heal when I get them. I need to get my blood checked every week when is is not doing well and every month when it is doing well. I am always missing my times to go get my blood checked and it is often messed up when I do go. My nurse cheers when it is in the “good” range and has to call me all the time and bug me to come in.

We used to check my old pacemaker by phone and she had to call me all the time. Now I have to drag my butt in there for these blood tests all the time.

I am very sorry for her to have to deal with me and I should do much better with this problem. Excuses!

EDIT: I stopped the blood thinners and I now have two percent greater risk of stroke. I am peacefully living withthis decision.

Weakness and deformity due to years of morbid obesity

I was morbidly obese for about 25 years. Before that I was overweight for all of my life. I have never been thin until I lost weight and got to my goal in October 2011. I could not do most activities or I just didn’t even try when I was fat.

I am now intensely active within my limitations. I swim, I bike and I stretch. I walk my block several times a day. I work out a minimum of one hour every day now. Still, my body complains and I am injured frequently now. My muscles have never done these things before.

My limitations are many. I have to keep my heart rate in a certain range. When it beats too fast, (over 120 bpm) I can’t breathe, think or move. My pain issues mean I limit my walking now. For many years, slow walking was all I could do, and now that I am thin, I can barely walk at all.

I do not use any of my health problems as an excuse to be fat. I find what I can do and I do that. I swim underwater like a mermaid and post that on You Tube!


Accident prone to the extreme

When I was in my early twenties, my mom came and stayed with me and my future husband. I overheard this conversation:

FH: I had nothing to do with that horrible bruise on Sharon’s arm. She doesn’t even know how she got it.

Mom: You don’t have to say anything to me. I have been telling people I did not hit her since I got her. She is always covered in bruises. I know where the hospital is in every place we ever lived because of Sharon.

I have a 20,000 word file on my computer called: How many times have I fallen and other near death experiences. This file is just a laundry list of the many traumatic days in my life. Every once in a while an old trauma comes back to my memory and I add it to the list.  I have had quite a few times of saying to myself, “Oh crap. I think I’m almost dead again. Where am I?” That’s when I know I need to start fighting to live again.

Today as I write, I have a good ten bruises all over my body and three open wounds. It’s something I’m working on. My new bike is not my friend on this topic.

Pedals! Falls! Cars! Kickstands! Drivers! Skateboarders! (Yes, I did run into one and it was not his fault.)


Unexplained tumors on my hips and one knee (not cancerous)

They hurt to touch and they scare me. I had a lot of tests for these lumps in early 2013 and they appear to be related to my Rheumatoid Arthritis although they are odd and not where they should be.

I’m sticking my fingers in my ears and saying “Nanny nanny boo boo” to this one. I have too much on my plate to even think of non-cancerous tumors now. It’s on my prayer list and if I don’t touch them, they don’t hurt. So there.

I’m like an old dog with tumors. You like dogs, right? Think of me like that.



Name anything – I am scared of it. I operate from a place of fear during the normal course of my daily life.

Too bad.

I’m being brave anyway as I have always tried to live my life. I have been scared for 90% of it. Oh well. That’s what happens when you are an adopted runaway. Anything can happen. If you stop when you are scared – you will never get anywhere.


The personality of “Fat Lady in Accounting”

in the body of a thin teenager with wrinkles.

Don’t cross my path is all I’m saying. You will not see me try to be nice. God help you if you are fat. I will sear your soul if you try to talk to me. I’ve at least learned not to approach you. You are welcome, but you are still obese and sick. My confrontational attitude is all you’ve got between you and your excuses for the moment, so try to appreciate it.

If you are obese and you try to talk to me in person today, here is my answer.

I’m sorry. I cannot talk to obese people like you on any topic right now. My psyche is not up to it and I will just upset you. Please go look at any of my websites if you want to. You can find all my writing, photos and videos from a Google search for fitinfun. If you buy my book for $2.99 and review it, I might have a roof over my head for a while longer and you have a good chance to improve your health. I hope you will turn your life around soon. Good luck.

After the disaster of trying to get people to take a class my fitness trainer offered this past summer, I have very few acquaintances who still speak to me at all. So I don’t have to say this often.





November 2013: I am in a very bad financial position.

I owe Federal Tax Liens for a mistake I made on my taxes a few years ago. I had no idea the action I took would result in a $20K tax bill to the IRS and to California. My explanation letter to the government in February 2013, was accepted and their reply was that they had no choice but to file the liens. They stated they will check my finances each year based on Tax Returns to see if I ever get into a position that I can pay them. So that is the end of that.

But my regular creditors : Financial and medical are not so logical. They like to call weekly and ask for money or payment plans. I explain that they are now behind my Tax Liens, but they still ask for small payments. I tell them I am going to court for eviction and they ask for a smaller payment.

I had the dumb idea that my creditors would want to help themselves and me out of this mess, so I offer my books and website to them every time they call. They tell me they cannot help at all regardless of the level of obesity in their call centers, teller lines and offices. Even at the personal level, upper management at these institutions will not will not visit my site or buy my book, preferring to beat a dead horse.

Here are many of the letters and communication I have sent to my various creditors:


Why I am being evicted from my apartment

I haven’t got enough money to pay my rent. I communicate with my landlord as I can during this eviction proceeding:

I have paid my utilities and I have food. I have about $50-100 dollars coming in each week from whatever I sell.



Why I’m not getting Disability Benefits

Many people I know think I should go get on disability. If not for my physical health, they are certain I could qualify under a variety of mental illnesses.

Today, my physical health is better than yours.

I can no longer qualify for disability with my genetic heart condition or my Rheumatoid Arthritis as my symptoms are so cleared up. Telling “the system” that you need to lie down and rest when you feel tired or sore is not a medical symptom that qualifies.

The best and easiest way to get disability benefits in America is to be mentally ill. So my doctors are in favor of this idea as is my banker. This is nothing new to me. The teenage years were a blur of doctors as every time I came back from running away my parents would set up a new mental heath professional to try to fix me. I have a lot of stories about those various 1970’s shrinks and their off-the-wall practices they tried on me.  Two different doctors thought I should fall back into their arms to develop “trust”. I laugh just thinking of what I must have said to them about trusting strange men as a runaway teen. I learned that one early.

I have been tested for all mental illnesses over the years and I score as “Not ill” on all of them to the surprise of all but me. I have been tested many times since childhood, “just in case” my physical illnesses were mental. When you have multiple illnesses they check you for hypochondria. When you get hurt in a reckless way, they test you for suicidal tendencies. Once you become a teen-aged runaway, everyone wants you to take drugs from all sides. I learned early to be suspicious of that particular idea.

Out of 28 questions on a test for depression once, I had only two questions that were in the “negative” side. My doctors want me to be mentally ill, but I am not cooperating and they have no diagnosis. This has been true through every stage of my life – I have been tested like a lab rat in many ways and psychiatric is one of them.

I have been urged many times to “just go see” if a XXX psych doctor could help me – without a diagnosis or referral. My Doctors wanted me to be cured of the emotional pain of obesity and poor health. Um…. That misery and the fight against it are what got me where I am today. If I had been medicated into somnambulance – I think I would be dead today.

Today they want me to be treated to escape the changes that happened to me when I lost this weight.

Sorry. I want to see this.

God help you if you are obese when you say those words to me. I may be crazy but you are obese. Why do you think you have the right to judge my mental health when you cannot control your own base needs? Why don’t you find out my secret instead? To date not one of my Doctors or any medical staff at any office has bought any of my eBooks even though it is all I talk about when I make my frequent visits (I stopped bugging them a few weeks ago. My stress at the doctor is less now.)

I just lost 130 pounds two years ago and turned into a new person. Yes – it is a bumpy ride and I do not handle everything well. I don’t feel like adding another doctor or two who would have the fun of trawling through my brain to see if a certain drug will help me feel “better.” I want to feel whatever this really is.

Now that I’m thin, I’m awkward and scared and I stumble around like a rhinoceros making everyone mad because I want them to lose weight. I’m trying to find a man now. I don’t need to get on some new drugs first. Maybe the happiness of finding him will be all the medicine I need. I’m kind of counting on that to happen.

I’m thin for the first time ever. What will happen next? I got rid of all the chemicals and poison out of my diet. I take very little medicine now. I am not going down the psychiatric path because it makes no sense to me.

I tried once to qualify for disability a few years ago without putting my heart into it. I was physically much sicker than I am today – having trouble walking a few blocks down the street. I did not get past the gigantic “Request for Additional Information.” I am sure that “request” is much longer now that we have so many government agencies fascinated in our private lives. As an accountant, I don’t want to fill out an eight page application that wants my entire medical history and all addresses and jobs. I wonder who will see that paper later as we transition this country to some new health paradigm  that is being made up as we speak.

I do not plan to be a ward of the state. I already did that once and I am not doing at again. I think I can sell books and help people do better for themselves instead.

Here’s what I do a few times a day to ease stress and it works for me without a prescription:


Why I’m not getting Food Stamps.

As with disability, I do not wish to be a ward of the state. I currently have food and I eat very well now. I don’t have any energy in my current situation to go to the food stamp office and feel bad about the 80% obese people I will see there. The ordeal of going will put me out of commission for days and I do not have that luxury of time to waste. Let us not even think of children and their coughing.


Why I’m not getting Medicaid.

I stopped being able to afford the health insurance I had on June 30 2013. Now I am uncovered and my Doctors are still seeing me while also sending collection notices. My heart condition in particular needs to be monitored or I will die. That darn pacemaker is there for a reason and a machine at my Doctor’s office needs to talk to it if I have insurance or not.

But in general, my health is amazingly good now. I am dropping medications like crazy and feeling better for it.

Medicaid requires hoops I am not willing to jump through for coverage. Obamacare? Ha! I say with all the disgust I can muster.

If I end up with a life threatening condition while uncovered, the hospital and I will work to get it covered by the state as I have no income. OR I will put a hospital out of business with my million dollar uncovered bill and I will blog about it as it occurs and try to help as I can.

When my books start to sell more briskly, I plan to buy insurance on the open market again if we still have one. Until then, I pray I stay healthy and continue all the steps I took to get here.


Why I’m not working in Accounting

Originally, when I was laid off from my last full-time position in 2009 I looked for work I could do at home so I could protect my life from my son who was seventeen at the time. If I had been gone all day, I do not want to guess what would have happened here in my apartment. It was bad enough when I was present. He is a clone of me – only bigger and more destructive. I was no picnic at seventeen either.

My mom would have wanted to see this so she could say, “I told you one day you will have a child like you. Look how hard this was!” I would agree with her now. I lasted until 32 before getting pregnant by the strength of will to try not to have to go through this. Now I consider him a gift from God with all the highs and lows that entails.

My layoff coincided with the early stages of my commitment to lose weight. I made the decision to focus the majority of my efforts to becoming thin and healthy. I am thrilled to tell you I found the secret. Now I am doing everything I can to share these easy, cheap and radical changes with others and try to make a living at it.

The only way I make money now is eBook sales:

and selling all the possessions out of this house:


Why I’m not working somewhere else

I have worked in writing since I was laid off in 2009. All of those many jobs have been by contract and at a distance. I was writing college courses and I was an Adjunct Professor, teaching federal taxation and study skills. That work has not been easy to get over the years and recently has dried up completely.

I messed up my Federal Tax return in 2009 and went to tax court. I was sued for four items. Three of them totaled less than $200 and were small mistakes I made on the return and I knew i would pay them so I ignored them (bad plan). The tird item was over ten thousand dollars and I knew I was right and did not owe the money. Hence, I ended up in tax court.

I won the big part of the case and was off the hook for that money. but at the same time I “lost” the case. Therefore I have a US Tax Court judgement on my record that is found for every financial search you do for me. This means I fail background checks.

NOTE: I should have separated my charges and paid the small ones as soon as I agreed to them. My mistake.

Contract work was starting to ask for background checks just like a “real” job, even though I would never physically be on site. You never know what a 54 year old lady with arthritis might do from four states away, so I understand. Today, my financial situation is much worse than it was in 2009. I have bad credit and I can no longer pass background checks. I am a leper of the work force in today’s world of fake terror.

I have done ghost-writing in the field of accounting. I also sell some writing freelance but it pays very little for the effort required.

I’m old and I get few interviews.

Assuming I get past the background check, my health conditions make me a very expensive employee. I will not pass health checks with my pacemaker and other health conditions. I was “an exception” in my last actual job with a regular paycheck because they broke rules to get my skills.


Why I am not making settlements and agreements with my creditors

I get these offers constantly now by email and phone and letter. “Instead of paying us $400 a month, Miss Sharon, we would like to re-structure your loan to offer you payments of $80 for the next six months.” I refer them to this page you are reading now and they come back the next day with a lower offer. I ask them to buy my book. They say they will but they don’t. Then they send another letter and I try again. I’ll be recording those calls for You Tube soon. Edit: Here’s one:

I have no money or time for this folderol when I know that the people making the offer are all either fat or sick. I already approached all my creditors in July when I first started publishing my eBooks. As far as I know the only result of that was an attack on my web traffic and websites that has still not ended.

I’m not sure why they thought shutting me down was a good strategy, but it definitely hurt my ability to make eBook sales so congratulations, Bank Hacker Department. I know for a fact that half of you are obese as you have not left your computer since birth and you eat pizza as your main food group. At this point – you are still fat and I am still broke. We are at an impasse even if I have half of my traffic back now.

I used to work in collections and I know exactly who I am talking to. I know what a collections department looks like.  I used to work in them and I used to supervise in them. I know you are looking at a vast expanse of fat, sick people hunched over phones who are calling a bunch of other fat, sick people who have no money or desire to pay you.

I am “The Fat Lady in Accounting,” regardless of my looks today so I know how to ignore you. I have Federal and State Tax Liens now so you are threatening me with nothing when you mention my credit rating. I am being evicted. I am in awe of you dropping my payments lower without even talking to me and as I ignore your calls. I eagerly await a reduction to all my interest rates, but it will still not help me pay you.

I suggest you buy one of my eBooks and review them so that we can get this show on the road.

Between the credit card companies and the medical bills and the government entities, I reach at least 30% of the American population with my message. I have four of the major banks and several other large financial institutions. More than that when you think of the obese, sick customers you see every day.

I think all of you creditors need to stop what you are doing and buy one of my eBooks. Please read and review them on Amazon. After I have 10 reviews on a book, they are supposed to snowball into phenomenal success and then I will pay you in full without a settlement.

You do not need to buy all three of my books to help me. Buy the one closest to your needs and review that one.

If you are a creditor who has decided to try to help me, please contact me. I will put you at the top of my re-payment list for when that wonderful day arrives and if you want publicity about your help, I will give it to you.


How I support myself today

I am not supporting myself today.

I am at the very end of the resources I have now. Today I am selling my possessions

and doing everything I can to generate book sales.

Sharon French Amazon Author Page

Those are the only two options I can come up with in my present situation. I would love to hear from you with your better idea. Please contact me if you have one.

I have not been able to pay most of my bills or rent since July. I have cut back where I can and I have enough food end everything else until I have to leave if that is what it comes to.

I have been served with eviction papers on September 21 2013, and I will am live-blogging my California eviction.

Traffic is Traffic. Although evicted people do not have money for my eBooks, they can read the free stuff here to try to get healthy at least before they have to go out in the world. I think I have at least 45 more days to live here unless my books sales explode. (My books are selling slowly today. They will not sell fast until they have 10 reviews on them according to internet lore).

I will be going to court to file my answer to the complaint this week and you will see posts about it for sure. I am happy to tell you that my landlord is overly understanding and willing to work with me up until the last second if my books sell. Hence, they waited two months to file eviction papers. Oddly enough, my landlord has not bought or reviewed my books to which I invoke Karma and shake my head.




What will I do if I end up homeless

Despite the fact that I am a degreed accountant with an MBA, I have been homeless before many more times than twice. I don’t fear it. I am not looking forward to it.  I also am not preparing for it. When I have a few days left, I will turn my attention to that “problem.” Until then, I am focused on succeeding with my book sales to a point where I can pay off all my debts and move on. I count on the 100 million obese people on America to help me because they are all I have.


Why don’t I get help from my family?

Here is the latest email I received today 9/21/3013 from my only relative – my 20 year old son. He was removed from my home by my local police force in May 2013 as he is not able to be around me in a peaceful manner these days. We rarely speak. He is not allowed on this property and all the neighbor men are firm on that point. It is no longer me. I had him taken off my lease to avoid previous eviction threats by my landlord.

This email did not start out with “Dear Mom,”

My clothes smell horrible, they are currently stashed in XXXX. I sleep at XXXX. I eat XXXX. I have no money except for the money i earn collecting @#$%^&#% recycling. 
If you want me to help you at all, (by visiting my website, filming my underwater swimming videos, passing on my links and telling his friends about my eBooks) my living conditions need to be changed. Until then, It would be extremely appreciated if you washed my clothes. Thank you.
I’m still his mom, so he still wants clean laundry. Good Lord. At least he said thank you.
I gave him the XXXX’s, because of his privacy and because you would never believe what he said. I’ll let him write his own story, but he is definitely his mother’s son.
My son is a talented painter and a much better writer then me. I had to lose my ego about “my talent” when he was very young. His work always knocks my socks off.

In the year after high school, two of my son’s best friends committed suicide. His best friend from first grade left in October and the next young man was gone the following April. The devastation this has caused in my family and large circle of friends and parents is intense. My son and I knew and loved both of those boys very much and they hung out in this house for years. I have a lot of writing on this topic. I am not ready to present it. This is the only place I have it now:

I’m not using these tragedies as an excuse for either myself or my son, but I will say that our lives have changed irrevocably since this occurred.

When two young people you love are dead – you “have a right” to get depressed and gain weight. Instead I have tried to eat better and take care of myself better so that one day I can try to make something out of this tragedy. Just not today. Today I am focused on you and your obesity and your ability to change like I did.


Why don’t I get help from my friends? 

Do you think I have friends when all I talk about is obesity and how they or their mom of brother (who I know is obese), should try to get help? No. I was not good with people when I was “The Fat Lady in Accounting”

Back then I had the power of numbers, algebra and accounting rules behind me. Today I have my story of successful weight loss and the new life that brought me. My people skills are coming along slowly maybe. It’s hard for me to tell since I am hibernating and writing for much of my time today. I don’t find my time one-on-one to be making any benefit to my situation, so I avoid everyone as best I can. I just smile, say hello and look thin.

I had horrible results when I tired to promote my ex-fitness trainer’s class this summer.

  • I lost at least twenty friends/acquaintances
  • No one took his class
  • He is no longer doing this work at all and is now a T-Shirt advertiser

I am better from afar.

The only help I want is for you (everyone) to buy one of my eBooks and review it on Amazon. The cost is between $0.99 and $2.99. plus less than one hour reading and less than five minutes reviewing, so I thought I would be able ask for this help and get positive results. I was wrong. I have not tried too hard with my circle because I can’t take the rejection. I rarely ask people to buy my eBooks anymore but here are some answers I have had:

  • I refuse to use Amazon. It’s a ripoff.
  • I am not obese.
  • I can’t download anything whatsoever to my computer.
  • I can’t find your books even though I looked. Your name is not listed on Amazon at all.
  • Oh yeah. I was going to buy your book but I didn’t. Maybe I will soon.
  • I don’t read books.

I am not able to have conversations like that today as I am too fragile.

To the best of my knowledge about five of my fifty acquaintances has purchased one of my books. Out of that, one person I know has reviewed it (Thank you Dana). My other review is from a stranger (Thank you Sara).

I don’t have the personality or energy to talk to people in person right now. I can only talk to you who found me on the internet.


Why do I think my eBooks will sell enough to support me?

My books are selling today. They are selling too slowly to help me, other than a small periodic payment from Amazon. Here are my current Marketing efforts:

I know that there are at least 100 million overweight and obese adults in America. I only need a few thousand of them to decide to help themselves each month. They are sick and they don’t think they can do it today. When enough of them see that someone as unstable as me can lose weight and keep it off easily for two years, they will know they can do it too.

My other two ebooks are for more general audiences and you can see them here:

I am aware of many Amazon eBook Authors who wake up one morning to thousands of sales for their eBook. It happens frequently as books “hit”. Someone sees the book and puts a link somewhere on social media and then the sales go through the roof in hours. Then the book just sits there forever being purchased in a steady manner. Please feel free to post my links anywhere. You do not need to get my permission. I cannot post my own links on Spark People because they have rules about that. 

The logic of this Spark Rule is hard for me to take but I am not discouraged.

I need less than $2000 a month to survive in my current situation. I can reduce that further by moving from here and running away again. The last time I did this running away trick I ended up in the emergency room and the hospital for almost a month. Read my site. The hospital is my second home already. The time before that I ended up living with an extended family who gave me support and help for the best year of my life until now. I hope for the best result I can get if that’s what ends up happening. It will be fun no matter what as I will still be alive and thin so oh well, here we go.

I’m going for eBook sales because it is all I can think of that has potential to help me out of this financial mess.




Why I don’t have ads on my sites.

I don’t like it when I see AdSense or similar on other sites and I don’t want it here. It’s another thing to shield your eyes from and I want you to read my words. I read blogs about what challenges come your way once you start using AdSense and I feel it would be a waste of my time and an assault to my readers.

The only kind of ads I have ever used is when a person I trust writes a page and talks about what they use and why they use it. Then I will click and buy. I have done that many times and that is the model I follow. The only things I promote besides myself appear on my Commercial Freelance section of my website. These are people and products I appreciate and promote. I don’t make money from any of them now.


Why I’m not selling photographs on my Photo Site

I’m too scared to print them. I just started posting them online in April 2013 and I’m terrified and horrified, excited and proud. It takes everything I have to keep going. I have been trying to just keep my head down and not criticize myself. I have followers from all over the world and a stalker from California on my photo site, so I take comfort in that. My projects have been looked at almost 1200 (Oct 4 2013 1500) times since I opened the site five months ago. I am so thrilled by such a result.

I take photographs because it was my fitness trainer’s idea of a strategy to get me out of the house when I first lost weight and was terrified. I always liked photography and I thought the camera would be a good crutch.

My original plan was to show My Southern California to others who can’t be here and only dream of it like I used to before I got here. I have a large international audience at all my sites because they all rely on direct traffic and I have targeted international traffic in my efforts. My international traffic is much better than “the average” American blog. I have the idea that the international audience will want my photos at least to look at online.

Then once I got going, I started posting on my obesity related themes and now I have gone bonkers with ideas. Instead of thinking of selling my work, I am thinking of telling the obesity stories in new ways I never thought of before. (Great plan while destitute, Sharon!)

I don’t know what to do to sell my photos. I have this as one of my most pressing needs. I am currently stumped and working on it. I feel my quality is not high enough to sell, but I see others selling “poorer” quality. I also see some work I could never hope to match by other artists on my photo site. I follow some photographers who awe me with their talent and touch me with their message. I hope I will do that for someone else one day.


Why my posts are so long.

Most of what I write is in the genre of “How To.” I’m verbose. I’m confused. I’m upset. I hate to see you obese, thinking there is nothing you can do and suffering like I was. I’m trying to make a point. I’m writing to people who I hope are reading intently while looking desperately for help. I want them to read and change. I am trying to bring on the same realization I had for myself –

The only thing keeping me fat and miserable was me and my excuses.

I write for people who are trying to do something to change their lives. They are reading to get information and help. Making them click needlessly into a four part series is not what I want to do. The person rushing by will not hear me anyway so I am not talking to them. I’m talking to the person who is terrified to die fat like I was. That person is desperately searching for help – not skimming.


Why is this site just words and words and words

Because I have a photo site for photos and a video site for videos. I wanted this site to stand on my writing. I may change that and spend the effort to spruce this place up, but again – I am writing for desperate, sick people. If you are not ready to change your life – you will not hear me anyway no matter what I say. If you are desperate, you do not need to see a photo of anything. You are reading for content.


What is the Commercial Freelance work I do

I help others to be more interesting on their sites to draw traffic. Here is a free lesson for you. Today your website is about you. It needs to be about your customer. They don’t care how you do what you do. They care how you can help them. 95% of the sites I look at are doing it wrong and showing the customer information the customer does not care about.

I have a brain that needs to know everything. I can help you write (or write for you) a bunch of posts that will draw traffic immediately (within days). I have all the questions your customers have and I am trained as an accountant to get those answers. I am trained by the internet how to draw traffic and monitor and build on it when you get it.

Since you are showing your customers how you work instead of what you can do for them – my changes will be dramatic and quick. They will happen in days if not hours. I hope I hear from you if you are in a struggle with your dead site.

I am re-thinking the effort I put into this part of my life. I love doing it. Finding out about other people and their business is fascinating to me. But I see it as taking away from my primary purpose now. I am close to stopping the whole effort and I will post about it when I do.


Why do I make those terrible YouTube videos

Though i rarely talk with my son these days, he always asks me to stop making these horrible videos. He gives my strength to carry on every time he says it.

I am possessed by the need to do it. I have to hold myself back from filming because I have such a backlog of videos already. I think it’s because I feel I can make certain points better in movies. Calling myself a film-maker is one of the biggest unexpected thrills of my life. I feel certain my videos will help people change their excuses into action if I can do this right.

I’m only at 5% of my vision for the videos. I pray for the strength and ability to continue.

My inspiration for making videos is the very talented and sadly missed Casey Patrick Hart. RIP.



Why I do not have monetization on my YouTube channel

I click everyone else’s ads off when I see them. I have never clicked one to see what it was. If it’s an ad that plays for a few seconds, I mute the sound and scroll the page to avoid it. Why would I want that mess on my videos?


Why I am selling eBooks on Amazon

I think these are services I can provide and what I am counting on to save me. All my eBooks have Chapter One for free at the Amazon site. Please read that if you have the time even if you do not want to buy. Every click at Amazon helps my rankings and will lead to quicker sales.

Here are the books I have published so far:

I Hate Obesity Excuses

If a person is desperate and finds me in the middle of the night when they just broke 300 pounds, I want them to read my stuff and look at my pictures and watch my videos and cry all night and have the realization that it is only their own acceptance of excuses keeping them fat. If that’s not worth $2.99, I don’t know what is.

Dry Skin Brushing Survival Guide

If a person is sick of being sick; wondering why they can’t get pregnant, wondering why they have sleep apnea, wondering why they can’t lose weight or feel better, I want them to read my Dry Skin Brushing information and realize that their cells are marinating in a stew of chemical poison that they can remove cheaply and easily all by themselves. If that’s not worth $2.99, I don’t know what is.

I Have Loose Skin on My Feet

If a person has lost significant weight and realizes that their foot skin is flapping away in a gross and disgusting manner that makes them unstable on their feet, I want them to buy my book and make the same improvements I did. Anyone can improve their foot skin by my methods. If that’s not worth $0.99, I don’t know what is.



= =

Once when I was a runaway teenager, I was in a terrible spot. Really bad decisions had taken me to a place far from home and definitely evil. I saw a chance and made the decision to take off out of a window. I was going out to a dark, freezing cold city I had never seen before with no jacket or money or knowledge of where I was. There was a girl my age on the couch and she decided to stay in that scary place. We only had a moment for this decision. I dream about her sometimes and I hope she made it safely through the horror I imagine came next.

For me – it was a long night and I found the Salvation Army in the morning. They called my dad and he sent money to get me home.

Life is a coin toss. So far I have always gotten heads. I expect nothing else today.






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