Day 5 of Dry Skin Brushing

Day 5 of Dry Skin Brushing

Day 5 of Dry Skin Brushing

Day 5 of Dry Skin Brushing

Here is my post for Day 5 of Dry Skin Brushing

You can start at the beginning here.

I tried to write about my experience starting Dry Skin Brushing as it happened in the Summer of 2011.  I was finally in a place where I could face the emotional fears of touching my horrible, disgusting body and skin and get going with Dry Skin Brushing to turn it into a habit.

And now here I was about as sick as I could be without going to the doctor.

Symptoms of Dry Skin Brushing Detox


I had multiple symptoms in so many areas of my body that it was a juggling act just to keep one foot in front of the other for those first days.  I was barely conscious of my emotional fears because my physical symptoms were so overwhelming.  I posted a summary of all of those symptoms I went through for you to learn from.

On the 5th day after I started Dry Skin Brushing, I got up some energy and wrote over 1000 words in three different files.  All of them are pretty desperate.  I was trying to summarize the various aspects of Dry Skin Brushing to see where I was by the end of that day and not lose what was happening.  I was on a crazy roller coaster ride, I see now from what I wrote.  Looking back, I am surprised again by how bad the detox portion of getting started with Dry Skin Brushing really was.

Does that mean I was overly full of toxins or brushing too often or too sensitive to Dry Skin Brushing or a combination of all three?  I’m not sure, but it was a hard couple of weeks.  Once again, I will note that I should have kept going but backed off the pressure and frequency.  If I just would have gone a few hours longer between the times I Dry Skin Brushed, it would have been an easier experience.

= =

Here is some of what I wrote and some commentary from my position today as a person who loves Dry Skin Brushing after doing it for about a year now.

You should know that I edited out at least 20 incidences of the F-Bomb and other swear words in this little essay.  I also cleaned up grammar and other small errors so you could actually understand what I’m saying I hope.

As I read these words from last August 2011 I can tell I am very worried and scared about the extreme health effects.  I haven’t read ahead, but I believe it gets worse from here for a few more days.

My comments from today – March 2013 are in italics.

Dry Skin Brushing Journal Excerpts 

= =


So today is Day 5 of this @#%$%^ and I definitely made sure not to stop Dry Skin Brushing, because I am not going through this detox process again if I can help it.

Oh, how little did I know!  The detox symptoms come and go.  They have never been as bad as those first days again, but I do have them on and off all the time now.  Also, some of those closest to me were suggesting that I slow down or stop this practice of Dry Skin Brushing.  I was determined to continue no matter what.  It had taken so much to get to this point, and even though I was sick, I wanted to at least try Dry Skin Brushing for a few months to see if I could benefit from it. 

Although – what if I constantly detox from now on?  I smoke, [5 or so cigarettes per day], I take prescription medications, I don’t always eat chemical free, and who knows what else I’ve got inside of me?

I was right – I do constantly detox now.  It’s a part of life. 

The most annoying symptom of today is diarrhea for now the second (third?) day.  Unbelievable that it could go on so long and steadily.  I’m in the bathroom more than once an hour still.

This is a very common symptom.  I generally will be in the bathroom within 10 minutes to an hour of Dry Skin Brushing.  I consider that to be a beneficial side effect today. I rarely have any problem that lasts longer than the initial moment, but every once in a while it gets bad again.

I have really been eating a lot these last days – eating and sleeping, and I’m tired again now.  I slept for 5 hours yesterday morning and then all night from 9:30 pm to 7:10 am when K called because I didn’t set the alarm to call him.  That happens about twice a year, so today was the day for me to forget.

I have too many health issues to blame my crazy sleep patterns on Dry Skin Brushing.  I did have tiredness, exhaustion and conversely, extra alertness at various times in those first days.  I was so tired, I would just lay down on my yoga mat to rest.  Other times, I was bouncing off the wall with energy

C’s coming for dinner.  I can’t believe I’m cooking.  Maybe I can just serve raw food.  C likes vegetables.

My picky eating vs. binge eating problem was at high alert during these first days.  Nothing tasted good even though I was eating like a horse on occasion.

So today’s symptoms that bother me the most with Dry Skin Brushing are:

  • Upset Stomach
  • Went to the bathroom immediately after skin brushing, and continually all day so far
  • Nose started running again
  • Ears leaking – especially left ear has liquid flowing out of it
  • Joints are not hurting, but aggravated and annoying
  • It felt like there were marbles under my feet last night in the kitchen
  • Joints cracking like crazy and very loud
  • I’m freezing most of the time and then I bust out into sweating
  • I’m keeping my hands off myself, because I feel really disturbed – jittery – space cadet – can’t focus – always dropping stuff and losing stuff and generally lost in space and time and etc…
  • But I really want to do something to ease my skin.  This is the fifth day of feeling scraped.  Whew.

The pain side effect is like a mild sunburn or rash feeling.  There’s nothing to see, but my skin is sore for sure.

I feel so, so messed up.  My mind is crazy.  I don’t even have music on, which I think I probably should.

My thoughts were racing crazily.  I had trouble focusing and writing; even as I struggled to document what was happening to me by starting Dry Skin Brushing.


A happy miracle occurs

The smoothing out of the “fat globules” in my body is a complete miracle – not another way to put it.

These “fat globules” are well known to the obese who have lost weight.  Your remaining fat is lumpy as it shrinks unevenly.  This lumpiness improved immediately and dramatically for me. 

My skin is like velvet compared to before.  This part is 100% worth it.  I had no thoughts that I would see a huge improvement, but I did.  I can’t really examine it too much because it hurts.  My skin is glowing and glistening.  To look at it, I would think I had put lotion on, but I didn’t   I don’t want to put anything on my skin because I don’t know what chemicals are in there.

Like the smoothing of the fat globules, my skin softening was unexpectedly wonderful.  I was so shocked.  To this day, eighteen months later, I no longer use lotion.  At all.  I can’t conceive of how much money I have spent on face lotion and body lotion in my life.  I was using it as a child.  My mom was militant on lotion.  

I do use coconut oil now, but that is it.  I can’t imagine any product I would want to put on my skin, and I get a lot of compliments about my skin now, even at the age of 53.

Cigarettes don’t taste as bad today, so I’m getting used to it or something.

I feel queasy and don’t eat until a moment comes where I’m starving and I eat everything I can find.   I’ve been over my calories, but my food choices could be better, especially more fruit and veggies.

I’m able to use more pressure brushing now and get through it a little bit better without getting as upset.

It’s funny to read that little aside about the emotional aspect to Dry Skin Brushing. 

It is the first time in this five days of miserable writing that I even mentioned the problem that had stopped me from starting Dry Skin Brushing for over two years of thinking about it.   

How stupid is that!  My horrible fears and anxiety about facing myself and touching myself every day were the least of my problems.  I can say now, that I just gritted my teeth and did it – as in how you take off a Band-Aid.  I had a lot of support from my fitness trainer and friends, and there was not going to be a better time if I gave up now, so I just plunged in and kept going.  I was very emotionally unhappy with the process every day, but I was just doing it anyway.


I didn’t take a shower this morning since I was rushing, and that was a mistake because I feel not as awake.  (Not taking a shower now or I will go to sleep).

The whole shower question is still not completely resolved in my mind – even after a year and a half.  At this point, I don’t take a shower before Dry Skin Brushing and I don’t take one until at least one hour after Dry Skin Brushing or it bothers my skin.

…and finally, later that same day:

Just ate a huge Meatloaf sandwich with cheese, like I would have eaten before I had a fitness trainer.  It is truly amazing to see myself eat like this for the first time in months.  It’s like my appetite was turned on.  I actually feel (un)comfortably full for the first time in months – not including the last two days that I have also eaten so much.  All from skin brushing?  Maybe – I’m burping like crazy…

Having trouble sitting up straight; headache; Wrist hurts – left

Sore to work out on the floor so I got up

My stomach is so upset.  I want to walk on the beach, but I really feel bad.

That’s me at the end of an exhausting day of sickness, not knowing what to do.  


= = = = =

Today from my vantage point of Dry Skin Brushing as a daily practice, this writing makes me realize that by Day 5 the fog of misery, fear, illness and pain was lifting.  Finally I’m writing with happiness about my skin and fat globules improving and starting to think about real life again.


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