Dead Sea Salt Bath for Pain

Always in my life I wanted to try a Dead Sea Salt Bath for Pain or just to try it to see what it was like.  The Dead Sea sounds so important and the idea of floating there is very appealing to my buoyant self.  How many times do we see that scene of people floating high in pools on the Dead Sea?  I’ve swam in very saline waters before and it was wonderful – very, very fun. To bounce that high in the water is a fun way to swim.  There’s your walking on water right there, buddy. 

I also have heard of using these Dead Sea Salts for Pain Management.  Between Rheumatoid Arthritis, 10+ hours of exercise each week and the results of years of obesity, I have a lot of pain issues.  Some are chronic and many occur just by my day to living.  I can fall over just about anything and hurt myself badly and easily.

So I’m always on the lookout for pain management aids.

I noticed this bucket of Dead Sea Salt being purchased and cycled through at my health food store.  Sometimes there are lots of buckets and sometimes they are sold out, so I know people are buying it.  Today I finally joined in and bought Dead Sea Salt for myself.  It was $21.99 for a 5 pound bucket.  The instructions say that each use is half a cup to a cup and a half, so this is 10 cups, and will be 7 or 8 baths I guess.

I couldn’t really find a cheaper source online unless I bought 50 pounds of this stuff, so I thought I would support my local store.  Here’s the version they sell

The price is the same online but I don’t pay shipping to my local store so I will still buy it there in the future.

Opening the container let out a heavenly smell.  My bathroom smells like an expensive spa right now.  It says to use 1-2 cups in tepid 105 degree water for 20 minutes, so here goes.

My plan is to do Dry Skin Brushing with the new breakthrough technique and then wait about 60 minutes before the bath.  I think If I went right in, it would be too much for my skin.

Precautions with Dead Sea Salt are to not get it in your eyes because it is salt (!) and to rinse your body off with clear water after you get out of  the salt water.  Finally, you are supposed to rest for a while after you take your bath in dead sea salt.  I always take any advice to rest.



And now I’ve tried my first bath with Dead Sea Salt

I did not coordinate this with Dry Skin Brushing.  I took a Dead Sea Salt Bath after swimming instead.

I used three large handfuls of the stuff since I know that is about half a cup in each of my handfuls.  (Thanks, Spark People for having me check that a few years ago!)  I used warm water – not hot – and stayed in for about twenty minutes.

It was a wonderful experience.  I was noticeably buoyant in the water which was worth the price right there for entertainment value!  That was fun and I will do it again for that purpose alone.  I need a bigger tub and someone to play with.  This is a fun, fun way to bathe.

The smell during the bath and the softness of my skin afterwards were lovely.  I had no trouble with irritation or stinging.  I turned over and dunked my face in a few times with no stinging at all on my eyes.

I wish the bath was a little warmer and that I could stay in longer, but generally this is a great experience.  I rinsed with Filtered Water afterwards and I’m glad I did.  There was no salty residue or any lingering smell.

This bath was after swimming in the evening and I went right to bed for a good night’s sleep afterwards. I felt great the next day and had a good stretching workout right when I woke up for about 40 minutes.  I’d say that day is about as good as I’ve felt for quite some time.

= =

One Week Later…

And now after my second bath with Dead Sea Salt, I am sold.  I again experienced the buoyancy and the soft skin.  I’m going to make this a weekend event and stick to my Epson Salt and Baking Soda baths during the week.

Update Oct 2012:  Here’s another use I tried for Dead Sea Salt – Wound Care.


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