Dry Skin Brushing Anxiety

Dry Skin Brushing Anxiety

Dry Skin Brushing Anxiety

Dry Skin Brushing Anxiety

Dry Skin Brushing Anxiety was a real problem I faced in just getting started with doing it in the first place.

I have been Dry Skin Brushing for almost three years now, (May 2014) despite my anxiety and difficulty with at starting it. On occasion, I take a break for a week or a month, but I always come back to it. I love the results so much and I notice the degeneration, so I pick up the brush and start again. I feel like I can summarize the experience pretty well, and I feel committed to Dry Skin Brushing for the rest of my life.

Reasons for Dry Skin Brushing Anxiety

I was very hesitant to try Dry Skin Brushing because I felt really uncomfortable about my smaller strange body.  Before that – when I was obese – I wanted to start but I couldn’t even get myself to a point of thinking about it enough to get upset. It was just a thought in the back of my mind but I was never really going to do it – not with that huge body.  When I finally started in July, 2011, I was approximately 170 pounds, down from the high weight I held of 275.  Mostly, my weight in the prior 10 years had bounced around in the 240 to 260 range, but had definitely was on the way up before I started losing for good in 2007.

It’s better to say I was terrified to try Dry Skin Brushing.  Anxiety sounds too pleasant and relaxed for the meltdown I was having.  I didn’t want to be paying that much attention to my body, which I hated so much in the immediate time of my weight loss  I didn’t care who told me I looked good.  I knew for 100% certainty that I looked horrible.

My Body Right After Weight Loss

“Like an alien” is what I told people.  My body was sagging and slumping and would catch on things like twigs and door handles as I passed them on the street.  Literally, the flap of my skin would billow out and catch on protrusions in the world.  I had bruises and contusions from this horrible new problem.  After all the work to lose weight, now I was a flying squirrel, but not cute.  The people around me didn’t have any help to offer because there is nothing to be done but have time pass and get over it and heal up as best you can.

The loose skin you get from a weight loss is supposed to be as healed as it ever will be in two years.  I don’t know about that because I have lots of old scars that are still fading many years after they first happened.

However, I do believe that these first months and years after major weight loss are the most important time to take care of your skin, so that’s what I’m trying to do.  The only things that I felt might work that I could also afford after reading all over the internet were, Dry Skin Brushing, coconut oil and Vitamin E.  I still think these options are good, and I am also adding other oils to the plan. You can read about my whole loose skin catastrophe here.


But Dry Skin Brushing is an intimate experience with yourself as you can read here.

The idea of Dry Skin Brushing on “all skin that is not moist” was so scary to me.  What were all those parts?  I was just starting to feel things such as my rib cage and hipbones for the first time in my life, so a daily, in depth, brushing of every square inch of me was an awful prospect.

Just reliving the time just before I started Dry Skin Brushing is making my stomach do flip flops today, and today I get anxious if I don’t do skin brushing that day.  How did such a radical change take place?

Vanity wins out over Dry Skin Brushing Anxiety

I really want to have nice skin.  I want it to look good and feel good. I have a lot of difficulties with the way I look now after my weight loss because I hate how my skin looks.  At least I want my skin to look reasonable.  Surgery is not an option for me for numerous reasons.  Dry Skin Brushing costs only time and less than $10 for the brush.  I thought, what could I lose by trying it?

Eternal hope is eternal.

Any thought that something so cheap and “easy” could help me with my loose skin was worth a try.  I will never know what would have happened without doing it, but I am happy to notice that my skin does seem to be tighter towards my body now as compared to last fall.  It barely ever catches on obstacles these days. It looks and feels healthy mostly and I look fine compared to my peers.  It’s only my microscope that sees the damage.

And finally, the fear of anything is always worse than the reality; luckily. 

I haven’t read ahead, but I think I tolerated emotional side of Dry Skin Brushing pretty well when I finally got going with it.  [Edit: Yes I did].  That’s probably because the “detox” portion of the event was so significant.  See my entry about the many side effects I and other felt here.


Here’s what I wrote in July 2011 as I was in the middle of the agonizing month’s long process to get a move on and start Dry Skin Brushing already for God’s sake.



So to catch up…

I finally went shopping Friday and got the brushes.  That only took 3 weeks, but I have them now.  K took one look, tried it on his arm, thought it was great, and wanted some brushes for himself.  I freaked out, can’t look at them and I’m having a meltdown right now.  Yay!


Yes, I really was in that pitiful state of mind.  My heart is in my throat just remembering this moment in time.  But I have a smile on my face thinking of it today and I’m happy to be past that phase now.  As I work through the writing I did at the time, to bring My Experience with starting to you, I realize how important Dry Skin Brushing has become to me today and how glad I am that I found out about it and got the courage to try.

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Here is another post about the anxiety that comes up even today when I feel good about this habit:



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