Dry Skin Brushing Article Summary for FitinFun.com

Dry Skin Brushing Article Summary for FitinFun.com

Dry Skin Brushing Article

Dry Skin Brushing Article Summary


Dry Skin Brushing is the best thing I do for myself.
I know Dry Skin Brushing helped my finish my 130 pound weight loss and helps me stay at my goal weight now.  My Dry Skin Brushing method is an inexpensive way to remove toxins from my body. I do it at home in a few minutes a day. My Dry Skin Brushing Results are better general health and my skin is amazingly soft, smooth and even-toned at the age of 54. Dry Skin Brushing reduced my stretch mark scars, removed little bumps off my upper arms and has made my skin glow.
I know your Dry Skin Brushing Technique that you come to over time will work for you too. If you want to lose weight, Dry Skin Brushing is an excellent first step.


Many of us suffer symptoms as Dry Skin Brushing removes the accumulated “bad stuff” from our bodies. The symptoms are most severe the first week you start this practice. This first post is a big long list (with links). Here you can see if other people have also suffered your symptoms. Please contact me if you have anything new that I do not cover in this post:  Physical Symptoms of Detox with Dry Skin Brushing 


If you do have bad effects in those first days – here are some ways to help yourself through it:

Reduce your Detox Symptoms from Dry Skin Brushing


And here is a way to determine how bad your symptoms will be when you start Dry Skin Brushing:

Will I have bad symptoms from Dry Skin Brushing?



If you do have bad symptoms, here are some pain and symptom relief  Ideas:

Dead Sea Salt

Pain and Arthritis Posts at fitinfun

Easy Stretching to relax,help with pain and help you sleep.


Dry Skin Brushing Videos:

I have some demonstration videos and some comments about how Dry Skin Brushing works for me at You Tube

Fitinfun Dry Skin Brushing You Tube Playlist

This video project is me – making book trailers for you. i would love your input about these advertisements.

Fitinfun Book Trailer Page

And here are some of my first Dry Skin Brushing Videos with a lot of description to help you.



Dry Skin Brushing Results and Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Here are all the wonderful results I feel from Dry Skin Brushing

Reasons for Dry Skin Brushing

The Five Best Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

What are the Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing?

Dry Skin Brushing Removes the Little Bumps on the Back of Your Arms


Before you Start Dry Skin Brushing 

Dry Skin Brushing without preparation? No!

Is Dry Skin Brushing for Men or for Women?

When should you start Dry Skin Brushing if you are Obese and Losing Weight?

Does Dry Skin Brushing Hurt?  

30 Days to Detox – Before you Start Dry Skin Brushing 


Fear and Anxiety with Dry Skin Brushing

Dry Skin Brushing Anxiety

Dry Skin Brushing Anxiety Part 2

Fear of Dry Skin Brushing

Dry Skin Brushing is a Good Experience Today

Sensory Processing Disorder is a condition I heard about the led me to Dry Skin Brushing in the first place. If you have anxiety about starting this practice, maybe this applies to you too. The strategies here work very well for me.


Dry Skin Brushing and the Shower

DRY Skin Brushing or in the Shower?

Can Dry Skin Brushing Replace a Shower?


Dry Skin Brushing Technique Breakthrough

After about a year of trying various ideas, I settled on this method of Dry Skin Brushing. I’m so glad I did! The whole process goes better now and is much more effective and refreshing than it used to be. if you are noticing broken capillaries from Dry Skin Brushing, this method may help you as it did me.

Dry Skin Brushing Technique Breakthrough Part 1

Dry Skin Brushing Technique Breakthrough Part 2

Dry Skin Brushing Technique Breakthrough Part 3


More Information on Various Dry Skin Brushing Questions

Dry Skin Brushing Twice a Day?  I think not.  

Dry Skin Brushing Your Face Twice a Day? No!

Is Night or Day the Best Time to do Dry Skin Brushing?  

How do I know if I am Dry Skin Brushing Right?  

Is Dry Skin Brushing a Home Remedy or a Spa Treatment?


Will Dry Skin Brushing Hurt My Tattoo(s)?

I don’t have tattoos. I’m looking into this topic because so many of you are concerned about the toxic effects of your tattoos.

Will Dry Skin Brushing effect my Tattoo?

Tattoo Detox Information with Dry Skin Brushing

Tattoo Removal Ideas



Not Exactly about Dry Skin Brushing, but Dry Skin Brushing helps me be able to stand it!

Fitinfun Internet Dating Videos




I wrote the beginnings of most of these posts when I started Dry Skin Brushing in the Summer of 2011.  All of them were re-worked and added to in the Summer of 2012 and I’m still working on them today in 2013.

Starting Dry Skin Brushing

It was a very difficult experience for me to get started with Dry Skin Brushing. Emotionally – I had fears that kept me from starting for over two years after I first saw the idea.

At the time I thought I would post my thoughts as I went along, but it proved to be impossible.  I was so physically sick and emotionally drained and incoherent that I could not put it online.  My writing was just coming out in little gasps of phrases and there was no way I could come up with helpful thoughts to pass on to anyone.

Continuing Dry Skin Brushing

The good news is that after ten or so days, I was 100% healthy and happy with my choice of adding Dry Skin Brushing to my skin care and health care routine.  I am still completely sold on the benefits, based only on my own experience over the last two years.  I also read other people who do this skin care and read only positive thoughts from many others who do it consistently.  You might like it too. Look at the “Benefits” section up above and see if you desire the benefits I receive from Dry Skin Brushing.

These posts below give some insight on what happened to me and ideas I have based on my personal experience with Dry Skin Brushing and reading on the Internet. Now I have edited most of them and added explanations and comments about what was going on but was not written clearly. 

I know “My Experience”  is repetitive in some places and I am trying to improve as I can, please bear with me. I wanted to get this posted as soon as I could to balance out all the “happy talk” I know you are reading when you search for Dry Skin Brushing information.  Maybe they are embarrassed to talk about the symptoms at other sites.

I hope this helps you if you are having trouble getting started with Dry Skin Brushing. You are not alone.  This is the most studied topic on fitinfun.com. I get found for it many times a day and often with a search phrase like, “dry skin brushing diarrhea”. Then people read ten or twenty pages, so I hope they are getting good information.

Here you go:

Dry Skin Brushing – My Experience Introduction (with video links)

From that first post – the story leads on from links at the bottom of each page. Here are all the posts in case you want to get to them from here:

My Experience of the First Days of Dry Skin Brushing








… and a few more posts to come.

I can’t wait to hear from you if you are starting Dry Skin Brushing or thinking of it.  I will answer your questions if you ask them.

Good Luck,

Sharon @ fitinfun


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