Dry Skin Brushing is a Good Experience Today

These days I’m editing and posting the entries I wrote when I first started Dry Skin Brushing last summer.  It was a hard time.  The post I’m working on right now is hard to work on.  It’s reminding me of all the difficulties I went through getting started.

I don’t want you to think this negative experience continued as I started Dry Skin Brushing, because now I love it.

I decided to take a break from the misery of the past and write about Dry Skin Brushing today; after I’ve adjusted to it and grown to look forward to it and enjoy it.  99% of the fear and problems that I post about when I started are gone today – replaced with a very pleasant personal habit.

Today I do dry skin brushing about every 36 hours and I occasionally take a couple days off.  The three big aspects of what keeps me on track are: I look forward to how it feels to do it, I like how it makes me feel generally after I’m done Dry Skin Brushing, and I especially like how it affects my skin specifically.


How it feels to do Dry Skin Brushing

The actual moments are invigorating.  It has helped me become [marginally] more accepting of my body and less scared of how bad it looks after losing 130 pounds.  I don’t miss a spot – ever – because I can tell if I do.  My skin feels different before and after Dry Skin Brushing.

I have a pattern of brushing I go through that changes in small ways over time, but I always get every square inch of my body.  I have a little moment of review at the end and it takes only one second to know if I’ve missed any spot.  The difference between Dry Skin Brushing and not Dry Skin Brushing is that obvious.


How Dry Skin Brushing makes me feel generally after I’m done

So good!  It is night and day from the moment before I start compared to the moment after I’m done.  It’s funny that if I do Dry Skin Brushing at night it is restful, and it I do it in the morning it’s refreshing.  My body craves it when I’ve gone too long without doing it.  My blood is flowing, my stress level is lower and I’m more relaxed once I’m done.


How Dry Skin Brushing affects my skin specifically


I noticed my skin was softer immediately.  Yes, I said immediately – the first time I did it.  I’m 52 and I stopped using body lotion very often because my skin doesn’t need it anymore.  This is a huge benefit.  I just use sun screen when I go out now.


That last benefit is worth the whole thing for me.  I’m hoping that Dry Skin Brushing is helping my loose skin as it attempts to heal from years of obesity.  There’s no way to really tell, but I’m voting that it does make a difference and is helping me.


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