Dry Skin Brushing My Experience

Dry Skin Brushing My Experience

Dry Skin Brushing My Experience

Dry Skin Brushing My Experience

Welcome to the Introduction to my series of posts that go through the first days I started Dry Skin Brushing in July and August 2011. it was a two week ordeal for me.

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Why did I decide to write in detail about my personal experience with Dry Skin Brushing?

I had a bad experience with Dry Skin Brushing side effects.

A very bad experience.

My experience with Dry Skin Brushing was so extensive, exhausting and long-running that I thought I might die or just at least want to go into a coma for a minute. When it happened to me there was nothing to read from anyone about this.  I kept reading, “Oh this is a lovely habit. You might have some slight side effects.” Meanwhile I am crying continually, have intense diarrhea and I can’t leave the bathroom or eat and my ears are leaking fluid.


You are Not Alone

Since I’ve been working on this section of fitinfun, it is the most intently read area of the site.  Many people read all my Dry Skin Brushing pages in one sitting, so I know it is needed. Please add a comment anywhere you think it will help someone because there are many of you here every week asking things like:

  • Will you be sick the first time after dry skin brushing the first time ever?
  • Will dry skin brushing always hurt?
  • Why does dry skin brushing make you pee?
  • Tired after dry skin brushing?
  • Throwing up after dry brushing skin?

The answer to all of these questions as that Dry Skin Brushing has caused your body to detox – mildly or severely, or somewhere in between.

When I started Dry Skin Brushing, I looked for other blogs that would tell me about Dry Skin Brushing side effects and results, but I couldn’t find very many.  One had a lot of conflicting advice to what made sense to me and another that had no information at all about the day to day health benefits Dry Skin Brushing would create. Neither one of them went into any detail about side effects, so I decided to write it down as it happened.

I wanted to know about Dry Skin Brushing side effects and everyday problems that other people had when they tried it.  

Now that I started, I thought you might be looking for that information too.

= =

Here’s what I wrote before I started Dry Skin Brushing in the summer of 2011:

This is when I was dilly-dallying around and trying to make myself start.

As I lost weight, my loose skin issues have become the most critical to me. I am upset about how I look, and I hide as much of my skin as I can with long pants and long sleeves. I can’t imagine an improvement to my loose skin that will be good enough to make me confident enough to dress more lightly.

The “smallness” that others see now does not reveal the sagging, loose skin and muscles inside my body that upset me so much. When people say, “You look great! You’ve lost so much weight”, I want to tell them to stop looking, and I don’t look great and if you only knew how bad my skin sags underneath these clothes, you would leave me alone.

So, I had heard about dry skin brushing before – a few different times. Some Spark People have mentioned it. I’ve read random people on the web who do it. I saw the two most popular dry skin brushing videos on You Tube, and they are both very thin ladies with very healthy looking skin.

Teresa Tapp from T-Tapp recommends Dry Skin Brushing, and has ladies to prove it in her testimonials, “So and so has lost 80 pounds and look how good her skin looks”. Well, I’m going to lose about 140 or 150 by the time I’m done, so…
On the down side – a while back I bought a natural bristle brush and tried it one time. I almost threw up and I was so scared and upset I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t expecting that reaction at all, but I knew hated dry skin brushing.

Before I could even process the experience, my teenager found the dry skin brush and took it into the shower. He didn’t realize it was for another purpose and that it should not get wet. I was just glad it was gone.

It wasn’t the correct brush anyway, I now know.
I hope my first dry skin brushing session got me ready for this second try. I still want to try it for the general health benefits as well as the skin conditions. I knew it was going to be difficult. I knew that if dry skin brushing worked, I would feel better and possibly my loose skin would tighten up. So I’m trying it and blogging about it so I can hopefully help others who are also thinking of Dry Skin Brushing too.

= =

So that was me in fear and hope –

before I started Dry Skin Brushing – scared off from the first tentative try – but determined to go through with it.  Today I am very grateful to have this wonderful habit that makes me so much healthier than I would otherwise be.

After this long wind-up , you can read my saga of starting with Dry Skin Brushing. Here is Day One of Dry Skin Brushing at this post, and it will carry on from there:


I hope it helps you.

I hope Dry Skin Brushing My Experience helps you to decide to prepare and start Dry Skin Brushing. I wish I had it when I started, so I wrote it!

If you are wondering about list of possible side effect of Dry Skin Brushing and want to read them first, I have a post about what I went through when I first started doing it here.


Good luck!


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