Dry Skin Brushing Technique Breakthrough Part 1

Edit: Here are some short videos I made to illustrate this concept. Enjoy:

Today I read a new theory of the technique for Dry Skin Brushing and I tried it to phenomenal results.  Wow.  No wonder I have had spider vein and broken vein problems with Dry Skin Brushing.  I bet anything that this will improve my Dry Skin Brushing experience and loosen up way more crap and toxins that needs to get out.   This is going to  change everything.

As we all know, there are no reliable sources for Dry Skin Brushing instructions.  We all try to figure out how to do Dry Skin Brushing on our own with trial and error and research.  What I found today has changed everything for me in the best possible way.

I’ve had a few times in massages that I have felt like my toes would explode and now I know why.  The masseuse was going the wrong way with my lymph fluid and by the time she got out to my digits it was built up good and with nowhere to go.  Ouch!

I will never have this problem again thanks to my new-found Dry Skin Brushing knowledge.

Here’s the Breakthrough:

Start at the major lymph nodes and move out.

Do not start at your feet and move up. Ouch!


Unfortunately, this map does not show that we also have a major lymph node on the back of our knees, but otherwise it is very helpful.


Here’s a very good tutorial on the Lymph system


Note the drainage areas with the right leg draining to the left.  That is not intuitive.


This new Dry Skin brushing pattern is opposite to what I’ve been doing.

I used to start at the bottom of my body and move up.  I used to start at the extremities and move in to my core.

My new breakthrough has me go the opposite direction – from the core out – while still brushing towards the core as I move away from it.

It is counterintuitive and not easy for me to master.

The point is to stir things up and get them moving from the heart out, not from the extremities in.  Wow, wow, wow.

So instead of starting at my fingers, I start at my left underarm and work out from there, while still brushing towards the heart.  I was not coordinated on this first try!  I will get it though, and what a change!

The phlegm started flowing!  I had to spit after each limb!  It was crazy.  I’ve been doing Dry Skin Brushing for about a year now and this was by far the best it ever worked.  I can’t wait to try again tomorrow.

I believe this is why many of us worry about broken veins in our legs.  We are breaking them by brushing in the wrong direction!

The best thing was the different, refreshing, much better feeling by the time I got out to my fingers and toes.  Wow!  The just feel like they are relieved of horrible amounts of toxin-y gunk now.

I hope this is as good as I think it is, and I will update soon!

It is! Here is the update:



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