Dry Skin Brushing Technique Breakthrough Part 2


Starting My New DSB Technique

I decided to try a new Dry Skin Brushing Technique that you can read about here:


This post below was written right after I tried my new Dry Skin Brushing Technique.


Edit: Here are some short videos I made to illustrate this concept. Enjoy:

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Wow!  That was exciting.  I stirred up a Gall Bladder Attack and a whole new round of detox out of my body.  I can hardly believe that after one year of very consistent Dry Skin Brushing, I had so much more crap to come out of me.

Plus – the old technique was just stirring all the stuff up but not giving it anywhere to go.  No wonder I was having issues.

The first night I did this, I was immediately tired and nauseated and not feeling well.  I slept.  It was a night-time Dry Skin Brushing and I just rested all the next day after I woke up.  Then I Dry Skin Brushed again the next night and was vomiting within the hour.  Gall Bladder pain and sickness lasted for the next MONTH until I finally had my Gall Bladder Surgery to remove it.

I finally went to a previously scheduled Doctor’s appointment on the third day after starting my new Dry Skin Brushing technique.  I was supposed to be getting a 6 month checkup for my hospitalization in January and it turned into planning to have Gall Bladder Surgery ASAP!

They upped the pain killers and I medicated as much as I could for a week.  I stayed consistent with my every 36 hours Dry Skin Brushing timetable and I  tried to stay positive; knowing that horrible chemicals and bad things are coming out of me due to this new technique..

That sounds good.  It’s hard to do when you are sick and in pain and dropping to the floor for days on end.

It’s very obvious that the Dry Skin Brushing is causing the symptoms.  I will keep going.


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Here’s all I could manage to say for the next couple of weeks:

Sat DSB Night sick

Sun Couldn’t eat, in pain and vomiting after I went to bed that night.  Pretty much throughout the night. 

Mon – DSB in the am – violently sick after – skipped swimming for the first time in months

Tues – Felt horrible when I woke up.  Went to the Dr.  Upped the pain killers

Wed Dry Skin Brushing pain and sick


Fri – Dry Skin Brushing at night

Sun – Dry Skin Brushing am immediate pain swam – constipation finally easing

Mon – woke up in slight pain – Dry Skin Brushing in am – major pain; burping and exhaustion.  Had to stay focused  took Vicodin – it worked in 15 minutes.  Good one.  Moving on toward loose stool

After all that, I had an additional week of pain, constipation, diarrhea and not wanting to eat.

Finally after a total of 12 days, I feel better.  I am now on Antibiotics for infection that has been found in my Gall Bladder.  They say the wall is messed up and there are large stones.  One of them is in the duct and could pass or block.  It will most likely just stay jammed in there until the surgery.  Oh joy!

Did I stir up all this misery with my new Dry Skin Brushing Technique?  Maybe, probably, but I don’t care.  I know that all the toxin release of the last two weeks is stuff I don’t need to have inside me.  So no matter what, this has been a good experience.

More on this after the surgery….


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