Dry Skin Brushing Technique Breakthrough Part 3


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Dry Skin Brushing Technique Breakthrough Part 3

Check out this amazing Amazing Lymph Diagram


Beyond the pictures, this article has a very good explanation of the Lymph System.  I’m still reading it and trying to learn from it.

I like the large map of The Lymph System to keep in mind when you are Dry Skin Brushing.  I’m learning from it each time I look at it.  My idea is to stimulate the lymph flow, so I want to do that as best I can to what is really in my body.

Notice all of the lymph endings in your hands and feet and the top of your head.  This is why you need to be gentle in these areas when you are Dry Skin Brushing.  Also be gentle where the large nodes are.  Maybe that is why you have pain in certain areas.

This is also why it works better if you start your Dry Skin Brushing pattern in your core and not at your extremities.  Ever since I switched to my new method of working out from my core while using brush strokes that go toward my core, these terminal areas in my hands and feet feel very relieved.   Here’s a little more information about this technique:



Think about what happens if you stimulate your fingers first.  You are at the terminal end of the flow of fluid.  The point of doing Dry Skin Brushing is to get the Lymph Fluid flowing.  So if you start at the major node areas and work out to the scrawny little endings, you will feel a startling difference.  The first time you change, you will feel the flow going more smoothly if you have been Dry Skin Brushing the other way consistently.

I hope you try my Dry Skin Brushing Technique Breakthrough and find some relief.  I think this explains broken blood vessels and pain in your hands and feet if you have been noticing these symptoms.

Edit: Here are some short videos I made to illustrate this concept. Click through to get the other parts. Enjoy:

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