Dry Skin Brushing Twice a Day? I Think Not

Dry Skin Brushing Twice a Day? I Think Not

When I first looked into the practice of Dry Skin Brushing, I noticed lots of advice to do it twice a day.  I thought that’s what I would do.  Now that I’ve been Dry Skin Brushing for over a year, I am still only doing it about every 36 hours, and that seems to be working well for me. In some parts of the world, Dry Skin Brushing is called Dry Body Brushing. No matter what it is called – I’m still doing it on my face.

If I do Dry Skin Brushing at night, the next time will be two days later in the morning.  Then the next time after that will be the following night – 36 hours apart each time.

The very first time I did Dry Skin Brushing, based on internet advice, I did it twice in twelve hours.  That was not the right thing to do.  It was too hard on my skin and too hard on my system as toxins flooded out from everywhere.

After those first two times, I started Dry Skin Brushing every morning when I first woke up.  I wish I would have slowed down even more than that because I could have had a somewhat gentler introduction to this routine.

I learned to do Dry Skin Brushing every 36  hours by trial and error on my own body.  You may find a different interval works for you.

Why Start Skin Brushing Slowly?

The idea behind Dry Skin Brushing theory is that your lymph system starts speeding up, and poison that has been sitting inert in your cells is processed and leaves your body quicker every day once you get going with it.  But remember that the toxins have built up over your lifetime and that first release can be difficult to get through as it was for me.  I imagine it’s different depending on how toxic your local area is and how toxic you personally are.

Another reason to start slow is that Dry Skin Brushing is an emotional experience, especially in the beginning.  You are forced to look at, handle and feel every square inch of yourself.  It’s scary for some people and you might feel squeamish.

This is particularly true if you were previously obese.  None of us with loose skin enjoy being confronted by it.  Those first days were horrific as I read back on my writing and try to remember and relive how I felt at the time.  Now, I am much more comfortable in my skin, but when I started I hadn’t even lost all my weight yet and it was very hard to confront myself that intimately and regularly.

Finally, another argument for starting slow is that Dry Skin Brushing is a disturbance to your skin – the outer layer of your body that you really notice when it’s on fire from too much skin brushing.  In my case I had some scrapes in the beginning and I can still hurt my skin if I go too crazy with it.

My Experience with Dry Skin Brushing

I think I was a good test case.  Not only did it take me two years and a fitness trainer to force me to start Dry Skin Brushing, once I did start, the ten days of misery were worse than I had any possible idea or dream they could be.  Even through that miserable experience, I came out the other side to being a convert to Dry Skin Brushing.  I love it and I will never stop doing it if I can help it.

I’d love to hear from anyone who is Dry Skin Brushing twice a day.  It would take good dedication and commitment, because it can take more than ten minutes even after you get good at it.  I wonder about the toxin removal difference.  It might be worth the effort and time to remove more chemicals faster from your body.

For me, I can tell when I haven’t done Dry Skin Brushing for a while just due to fatigue and non-alertness.  I will feel better after Dry Skin Brushing even though I will be in the bathroom and my nose will run for an hour or two usually.

As I always say, the consistency is the most important thing about Dry Skin Brushing.  Start doing it on a regular basis as well as you can, and the details will come.



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