Dry Skin Brushing Without Preparation

Dry Skin Brushing without PreparationDry Skin Brushing Without Preparation

Should you jump into Dry Skin Brushing without Preparation? I think not, and I have an example that may help you see why.

Here is an email I received from my Selz Site where my eBooks are available from me directly.

I am one month from being 51. I’m going thru menopause, haven’t had a period in 2 months now, they come and go whenever. I started dry skin brushing yesterday morning, and last night really good. I started my period this morning, and fought a migraine all morning with splotchy vision while driving to work and just feel tired and blah today with a craving of nothing in particular but want something. I have only had a few migraines in my whole life. I’m a healthy eater, no sodas, drink a lot of hot green tea and water.. Also I take Braggs apple cider vinegar every day. I’ve felt great until this morning the day after dry skin brushing. Any ideas? Or just coincidence you think? Thank you – L

And here is my answer to L. I’m sorry to tell you I did not hear back from her to know any further information.

Dear L

Let me start by saying I am an accountant and I lost “half my size” in the years surrounding turning 50 years old. Dry Skin Brushing was one of the strategies I used to lose weight and feel better (even though the detox for ten days was awful.) Therefore I wrote books to help others who feel they are never going to feel better or lose weight. I am NOT a doctor or a medical professional. With that introduction…

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I’m so sorry you are having bad symptoms. I thought I was going to die for about ten days, so I can relate. Here are some questions to think about.

  • Did you read my book before starting?
  • Did you make any or all of my suggested preparations?
  • Are you taking care to brush softly?
  • Which person are you on this scale?

I do not suggest Dry Skin Brushing twice in one day EVER – especially when you are first starting. If you have had a “more toxic” life, you will have worse symptoms in my opinion. “More toxic” can mean many things, not just the food you eat. It could be the environment where you live and work, medical tests over your life or other factors besides diet.

Also, I would not start Dry Skin Brushing when you need to go to work the next day. You cannot know how bad you initial detox will be until you start, so it is best to start when you have a clear calendar in the next days.

The symptoms you describe do not surprise me at all. Have you looked at my comprehensive list of possible symptoms? It is in the book, but this is another version from my website.

Thanks to you I will add “splotchy vision” next time I update that page.

I do not think your symptoms are a coincidence at all. You have a lot of symptoms happening within one day of starting, so I think they are related.

As you read, I could not leave the house for many days after I started. I had a lot of diarrhea and vomiting. You may be missing this symptom due to your eating healthier than I was at the time.

Here is my list of ways to alleviate your symptoms.

I hope this information helps you, L. I know how scary this can be. It’s my opinion that your symptoms are a result of environmental toxins leaving your body. They had years to accumulate and now they are rushing out.

I hope Dry Skin Brushing will become a regular habit for you as it has for me. After this initial detox, you will feel much better, although I have a mild detox every time I do Dry Skin Brushing. I think it is responsible for keeping me healthy in many ways.

I would love to hear from you again, L. Please contact me directly at sjfrenchtosd@yahoo.com so you don’t have to go back to my Selz site.

Take care,

Sharon at fitinfun


Dry Skin Brush WITH Preparation

I hope if you are planning to try Dry Skin Brushing, you will spend some time on fitinfun learning what you are getting into. Dry Skin Brushing without Preparation might blindside you with the result as it did for L. Your detox can be severe or mild, but there are other considerations to think of as well. And, of course, please consider buying The Dry Skin Survival guide from me directly or from Amazon. I know it will answer your questions and get you better prepared for this wonderful, life-changing experience.



Be sure to fitinfun no matter what you are doing.

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