Dry Skin Brushing your Face Twice a Day? No! Don’t do it.


Dry Skin Brushing your Face Twice a Day?  No!  Don’t do it.  Oh my goodness, people.

Fitinfun.com just got found for  this question in a search engine:

“Dry Skin Brushing your face twice a day?”  

So this is just a quick post to answer that question specifically.

Yikes!  No!  Don’t do it.  I just put coconut oil on my face in your honor.  Please go rest on your back with your legs up and aloe on your face.  And drink water and do not do that to your poor face again.  Ouch.

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I never thought to give this advice before because all my advice says to not brush your face at all or to go very easy.  Definitely not twice a day – maybe twice a week.  That skin on your face is very delicate.

When I did talk about Dry Skin Brushing Twice a day before, I said no, but I was thinking of your body:


Is Dry Skin Brushing the same as Dry Body Brushing? Yes it is. Other countries besides America call Dry Skin Brushing by the name of Dry Body Brushing.

Most advice on the internet tells you not to do Dry Skin Brushing on your face at all.  I do it lightly because I feel unfinished if I don’t  I can tell the difference between skin that has been Dry Skin Brushed and skin that hasn’t.  If I leave off my face, neck and ear area, I will feel odd and have to come back and finish.

You have to try it for yourself, but not twice a day anywhere on your body.  I can’t imagine how hard that would be on your system.


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For more information about Dry Skin Brushing, return to: http://www.fitinfun.com/dry-skin-brushing-article-summary/





I just proofread this and please, do not do this to yourself.  I feel sick thinking of it for you.


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