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Exercise Article Summary for

Here is the Exercise Article Summary for

After losing 130 pounds by eating right and exercising I have become an advocate for exercise. I never thought I would be one of those people who exercises above all, but I have become one of them.

I swim, stretch, walk and look for other opportunities for fitness.  I never miss my time to exercise.  Never.  It’s an amazing statement from someone who thought 30 minutes of walking 3X a week was going to do it.  No – it won’t.

August 2013: My most recent Exercise Post:





My Sharon Fitinfun You Tube channel.  Never in a million years….


Video reviews:




This is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing I do for exercise. It keeps me relaxed, energized, agile, balanced and lithe. You NEED to be stretching.


Stretching and Swimming – Yes, you stretch before and after swimming













I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I am very accident prone. Those used to be excuses for my obesity. Today they are obstacles I work around while I keep myself in shape.



Spring 2013 Midsection Reduction Plan – In January 2013, I realized my middle was still large and flabby after maintaining my weight for 18 months. I decided to do what I could to tighten up that area and I had wonderful success. I was not a quick fix. This took longer than a few months, but by fall, I was ready to say I was done and happy with my new look.

Spring 2013 Midsection Reduction Plan Abs, Hips and Thighs

Spring 2013 Midsection Reduction Plan Update One – With Goals

Spring 2013 Midsection Reduction Plan Update Two

Spring 2013 Midsection Reduction Plan Update Three


Looking back at these posts makes me mad at myself. I have a lot more to say – and a lot more written on the topic of exercise and obesity.

I need to get those articles posted on fitinfun.  There are 14 articles here in January 2013.  I will improve.