Fear of Dry Skin Brushing

Fear of Dry Skin Brushing

Fear of Dry Skin Brushing

Fear of Dry Skin Brushing

I definitely suffered from Fear of Dry Skin brushing before I started doing it. I tried three different times just to buy Dry Skin Brushes before I actually was able to make that commitment.  I wanted to try Dry Skin Brushing (Dry Body Brushing) very much, but I was having kind of a meltdown.

I have since found by your searches to fitinfun that many people have this fear of Dry Skin Brushing. It is not uncommon to be afraid to start Dry Skin Brushing, so don’t despair.

The fear you feel about Dry Skin Brushing may be in these categories:

Fear of Your Body

Many people seem to have the fear of getting to know their body as intimately as will come with Dry Skin Brushing. I did not want to look at the wreckage caused by years of obesity and my subsequent dramatic weight loss. For me, the best thing to do was just plunge in and go for it. Today I rarely worry about the sags and bulges – I just brush them without judgement.

Fear of Being Naked

I had some strange moments when I first started Dry Skin Brushing and had to take off all my clothes before starting. Today I close my bedroom door even when I am alone in the house! My prior life of obesity was a very covered-up life. I still wear long sleeves and pants outside the house. After two years of Dry Skin Brushing, I still have my fears in this area, but they are improved now. I think Dry Skin Brushing has caused the improvement in my self-image. I can wear lighter clothing inside now, so – progress!

Fear of Being Touched

I don’t think that I really have this fear in general, but I did have a fear of the feeling of the brush on my skin. Today, I find it soothing and invigorating. When I first started Dry Skin Brushing, I was stroking too hard and the sensation was disturbing to me. The very lightest touch is enough and more, harder strokes are not needed to make Dry Skin Brushing work in my experience. Especially when just starting – the lighter, the better.

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I think the fears about Dry Skin Brushing generally disappear as time passes and you get used to doing it. For me, the skin benefits were enough to keep me going no matter what.

Try looking at my Sensory Processing Disorder post and see of those techniques will help you as they have me.


This is how I tortured myself in the weeks before starting Dry Skin Brushing

You can’t start Dry Skin Brushing if you don’t have the brushes. Therefore, I fumbled around before I even got them so I wouldn’t have to face my fear of Dry Skin Brushing at all.

First I went to Target for the purpose of buying the Dry Skin Brushes.  I spent over $200 on other stuff and didn’t even look for them.  I didn’t even go in the cosmetics section at all.  I was in my car leaving and I realized I didn’t even try to get the brushes.

The second time I went to Target and did actually look for the brushes, but found that they don’t have the correct type.  All the brushes they sell are made from synthetic fibers and dyed blue etc, so that would be against the point of trying to clean out your body and using something chemically treated to do it with. All the synthetic brushes are absolutely not recommended.  The advice of using natural bristles is universal in everything I read. The point is removing toxins from your body, so using natural products makes sense.

Next I tried Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The first time I went in, I ended up looking at the throw pillows.  BB&B has a huge assortment, and I don’t know why I was looking at them.  I told myself to get out of the store before I bought any unnecessary pillows.  I was on the other side of the Mall when I remembered that I was supposed to buy the stupid brushes, and what on earth is wrong with me?

Finally, I forced myself to focus.

I went back to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I found the brushes in their drugstore area.  I didn’t know they had a drugstore area until this trip, but it is really nice.  Along with their generous coupon policy, they might have my business.

So I bought the dry skin brushes finally and didn’t get started right away – surprise!


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