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Food is a whole new world for me now that I am thin and healthy. I used to hate food and be scared of it and not taste it and have a bad attitude in general. Now I love my nutritious food and how it makes me feel after I eat – energized, not stuffed!

Here are the food related posts on  I think I’m so smart because I lost 130 pounds and I’ve kept it off for a two years now.  All I did was exercise like crazy and change my diet 100% from what I used to eat. I miss absolutely nothing from my old way of eating now. It all just slipped away like a bad dream.

I hope something here will inspire you in healthy eating and you can lose weight too.

My Most Recent food post: Fantasy Food List July, 2014



Yes, I eat mostly organic and chemical free, and I have a few more rules.

But everything is cheaper, healthier and tastes much better.

Rules For Eating to Help Me Lose 130 Pounds and Keep it Off

How and Why I Avoid GMO Foods

Benefits of Organic Eating

Drawbacks to Organic Eating

I’m Soaking Nuts and Seeds and I Don’t Care What Oprah Says Because She is Fat


Here are the changes I made to my diet to lose weight and keep it off

Changes to my diet over time

Portion Control by the Eyeball

Food I Eat to Stay Thin and Healthy

Fantasy Food List


What Happened when I ate “Regular” food again


New foods and things I’m trying even though they might be expensive, time consuming or from far away

Smoothies I Make

Sprouting Seeds 

More Sprout Information

My Food Dehydrator (I sold it)


Making sure to have food to eat

How I make sure to have healthy food available to eat

Freezing Rice, Bread, Pasta and Other Starches for health eating

Making My Own Orange Zest

Stop Spirulina Clumping


Here are strategies I use to keep heading on the healthy path

Obesity Strategy You Can Have Two a Year

Obesity Strategy Don’t Eat What You Don’t Want

Count Your Nutritious Calories

Control Binge Eating

Cafeteria Lady Disposable Poly Gloves for Protection From Everything


Food Product Reviews

Tamicon Paste Before I Used It

Tamicon Paste Review

Fabulous Chilean Organic Blueberries Review

Live Gourmet Butter Lettuce Review

O-Organics Stone Ground Crackers Review

Using Nutrition Packed Dulse Flakes in Everything

Costco Organic Ground Beef Review

Costco Organic Ground Beef Review Part 2

Using Cafeteria Lady Disposable Gloves for Protection from everything



Here are two foods that have really changed my life recently:

RICE – Arsenic! 

Arsenic in My Rice

Rice Substitutes

Baked Brown Rice Recipe Update – Now Cooking with Less Arsenic

Organic Rice vs Rice Boxes


BREAD – GMO’s! Bromine! WTH!

Bread That Won’t Give You Tumors

Non-GMO Bread Update – Recipes

My First Tries at Yeast Bread

How to be a Good Baker

O-Organics Stone Ground Crackers Review


Food Video Posts – Where I gather Food Related videos together with commentary for your viewing pleasure.

One Minute Food Videos

Making Dinner from Leftovers

My Homemade Pizza-ish Snack


And here are my Playlists on You Tube, with quite a lot of them about food.



Fitinfun Food on Behance This is my photographic portfolio and I have photo essays about thinks like Wakame and Tamicon Paste over there. Go look!



These posts are from My More Project.

I reviewed the July 2010 Issue of that magazine and these are the food posts from that project.

The Lady Who Can’t Cook or Burnt Food is Not Funny

Where Barbecues go to Die

Food and Beverage Ads in More

The Healthy Breast Diet


Thank you for reading my food posts at  I hope they help you improve your eating too.  Good Luck!


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