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Fitinfun has over 450 posts, 400 videos and 1500 photos posted. All of this work is free and is my attempt to try to reach anyone who struggles with weight they think they will never lose. Anyone can be healthier with these inexpensive and enjoyable strategies. Please share my work with anyone you know who

Help FitinFun Keep Publishing

I was evicted on December 19, 2013. After three moves since then, I am now trading room and board for taking care of a person with terminal cancer.

Update for April 2014: My patient has passed away, and now I am looking for the next spot to live.

Update for June 2014: I have moved twice since April and managed to keep my weight and health and publish my newest eBook at Amazon. My most recent position was childcare and nutrition changes to the family’s pantry and meals. I’m still processing everything I learned there and will post my exciting new knowledge soon.

Update for August 2014: I’m helping a lovely lady recover from a fall and hip replacement. She’s doing great and I will be moving on soon!

Update for November 2014: I am holed up writing now on a very thin cushion of funds. What a miracle!

I am so grateful to be here and to have the chance to safely keep working. I have no idea of my next stop after this one, but I will still be working to fight obesity and to reach you.

Yes, I am selling eBooks, but you may not want to buy them.

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