How do I know if I’m Dry Skin Brushing right?


I spent a lot of time and energy looking into Dry Skin Brushing patterns and trying to make sure I did it perfectly.  I didn’t know what I was doing and I only had internet help to get me started on Dry Skin Brushing.  It was very hard for me to decipher what is right and wrong about my brush strokes.

After almost a year of Dry Skin Brushing’ here’s what I do to make sure I’m doing it “right”.


Brush toward the heart – I make sure that all brush strokes are in the direction the blood will flow back to the heart.

Touch the brush to all of your skin – This mean to make sure you dry skin brush one time in all spots and don’t miss any

Brush Lightly – Don’t make the mistake of pressing the brush forcefully into your skin.  It is not necessary to push hard at all to feel results.  Just drawing the brush over your skin will be enough pressure.

Brush Mindfully – Pay attention to what you are doing when Dry Skin Brushing.  Close the door and make sure you won’t be interrupted.  Once you have practice with it, Dry skin brushing will take less than 10 minutes.

Develop a pattern – For me, I start at my core and work out to my limbs. My specific pattern is coming up later on, but my point is to try to get my fluids moving from me extremities to my core, From there, there are eliminated by bodily processes such as urination and sweat. Please see the three posts about my Technique Breakthrough starting here:

Watch for changes – Every so often, I change the order in which I do an area.  It will either stay that way next time, or I go back to the old way.  It’s not usually a conscious decision – it just seems to happen.  Or I also have the example of when I finally felt my ears and realized I had been missing that whole area for months.  I don’t miss it now.

Feel Your Body – This is hard for someone like me who is formerly obese.  We don’t want to feel our bodies.  They don’t feel thin and beautiful.  They feel lumpy and bumpy and loose.  However, part of Dry Skin Brushing is to feel your skin with your hands and your brush.  Skin that has been brushed feels much more active and alive than the skin you haven’t brushed yet.  Be aware of these differences and you will be able to cover 100% of what you want to brush.

Don’t stress the small stuff – Just get to it.  I spent at least two years debating this with myself.  I should have just started at 260 pounds when I first heard of Dry Skin Brushing.  What unnecessary agony.


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