I Shot Dry Skin Brushing Videos for You Tube

I Shot Dry Skin Brushing Videos for You Tube


I decided to film some Dry Skin Brushing Videos for those who prefer them to reading. I have quite a few ideas of topics to discuss about Dry Skin Brushing and here is what I have so far.

Fear of Dry Skin Brushing

I will be making more videos on this topic because that is a big issue in getting started. Here is my first try at the topic:



I have all four extremities as if you could not get the picture otherwise. That is OCD or something kicking in. It’s just not possible for me to do this in any way except for how you see it. One day an editor will find me, but for now I’m on my own. Here’s what I was trying to do:

I hope this helps you visualize my Dry Skin Brushing Technique Breakthrough. When I changed my Dry Skin Brushing pattern after a year, I went through a whole new round of detox, so I think it is effective for me. Maybe you will like it too.

Start at your heart and move out – while brushing towards your heart.

That is the whole direction. Here is the beginning of my three part description of the process and how the change affected me.


See if my videos help:

Now for the video portion of this post.

I shot these videos on my front patio using a table umbrella for shade and two chairs – one to sit in and one for the filming. I had the tripod with the Canon a2200 point and shoot attached placed in front of my body and knocked it a few times

I didn’t shoot the videos in order. I messed up my personal Dry Skin Brushing by doing this action, but I’m very glad I finally filmed it. I think I will try again and see if I get a better result.

The birds in question are shown in the second photograph here:


That’s about as close as I get to those birds. They can walk off but not fly. Those beaks are lethal, but the birds won’t come after you unless you poke at them. Annie had them out for a walk the day of the photographs. They walk almost every day. The day of the video shooting they were just in their house screaming for some reason.

I feel happy with these short videos. They came out of the “Obesity” videos I recently made.


I will be doing more to come. I haven’t had the strength for midnight bike rides lately with all the bike tumbling:


I have a lot of inspiration for more videos now. I get good traffic from them and they are another way to get the message out. I’m keeping a topic list with me so I can do videos whenever I feel ready and find a good spot.

I’m not going out at midnight to shoot videos. I’m already out at midnight because the roads are empty for my bike. Now I just added video shooting to the mix of what I do out there in the dark. Photography at night has not really worked as well as I hoped so this is a next best thing.



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