Introducing the New Improved Fitinfun

Kitchen-Accidental-Burn-Photo-2I have a new life now. Today I an Introducing the New Improved Fitinfun. Here’s how that happened:

Six days ago I met a girl online who decided to gift me with a site overhaul in return for some photos I gave her for her blog posts and promises of future work with me, who she believes in. She can have all my photos and anything else she wants. This has been a crazy ride with Janna who I am happy to have in my life! She says she’s helping me because I inspired her to get rid of her obesity excuses!

Here’s what Janna has done for me in six days:

Fixed the Summary pages

for Obesity, Food and Dry Skin Brushing; [with all to follow soon] – in days. It’s work. A lot of work with so many pages of content here to be fixed.]

Fixed many internal pages to be easier to navigate and make more sense. Well, with 400 blog posts – they are being fixed now. We’re fixing my best pages listed here. See if you want to read any of those. The sitemap for the entire site is here.

She’s redoing the site look and feel. Remember my orange Lego and my URL copied links like in the old days? Gone and going!

My Books Can Be Purchased and Read in 30 Seconds

Janna posted my books to sell on fitinfun so quick I don’t remember how long it took in this blur of events.

She changed some wording to make it sound like I really do want people to buy my books after all. She’s working on that. I’m thinking Janna’s the editor I’ve been needing.

My books are for sale on my site. A true miracle I spent THREE days on in August 2013 because so many of you do not want to or are not able to buy from Amazon. Please use my cart now.

Sharon’s books!

I wanted this cart for you. If I spent three days on a technical thing as I was writing my second book and I was fighting an attack on my site – that means I really wanted to do it. I gave up because it was too hard. This girl is so quick and smart it’s unbelievable.

Created a Donate Button

I have a Help Me button so people can give money if they want to help. It’s been used, I’m thrilled to say. I’m so grateful that people think my work is worth supporting. That means everything to me.

I have a subscriber list you can join when you buy my books through me. My first customer was from another country and did sign up for my list. I am so thrilled and grateful!

Like My Photos? Buy Them As Greeting Cards Through Fine Arts America

I am selling my photos online for the holidays and then some. Janna says, “Are you saying you have 60 thousand photos and you have not sold one of them?”

I have over twenty You Tube Playlists now, I hope you will find something there you like.


= ==

All of this and more I can’t think of now has been done free of third party charges and these remarkable things happened shortly after Janna proposed them to me. Her constant comment to me is “If you had $3000 this would be amazing.” I’m using the limited versions of many programs. The ones you pay for will do much more.

I think it’s a miracle. Amazing is a weak word for what has happened to my site with the orange Lego blocks on it.

Please take a look and tell me your thoughts.

You can see another part of Janna’s work here.

= =

Announcing The Dry Skin Brushing Survival Guide 

Amazon’s #1 One Dry Skin Brushing Book!

I’m so excited to announce I have turned all of my Dry Skin Brushing posts into an eBook. I got to number one in two weeks because my book covers all the details from start to a wonderful continuing Dry Skin Brushing practice.

The Dry Skin Brushing Survival Guide is available for download  from me directly here

and from Amazon here if you prefer that method:


It will change your life as it has mine.


New to Dry Skin Brushing? Here is a link to find out more:


= =

Nothing on fitinfun would be possible if I still weighed 275 pounds. Here’s what I do now:

How has your health changed since my Obesity Book was published in August 2013? If you are still fighting your weight with dread and depression and pain and slowness and feeling you will never win – please go buy my books. Start with Dry Skin Brushing. Just get ready to do it and get going on it. Keep coming back here to read all my free stuff and look at my photos and watch my videos while you stretch. You will be doing better in no time.

Read my letters to the beautiful obese girls. If you are one of them, please keep reading the rest of my site.

Whatever your age is – plan how long before you will be thin and healthy. I started my journey to health on October 2007 and declared victory on October 5, 2011. Please think of your own plans and make them. As my friend Beth – another success story – says, “What are you waiting for?


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