Internet Dating Videos for Comic Relief

Internet Dating Videos for Comic Relief

Here are my Internet Dating Videos so far.

I have a couple more I will put on here in the next 48 hours. I have a gigantic back-load of videos uploading now and for the next days as You Tube and I fight it out. I’ve been uploading a lot all week, so check it out if you are interested.

I started making spoken videos lately. I’ve got some grandiose scheme to turn into a film-maker and it is not my fault. I decided to put a collection of my videos to try to sell my “I Hate Obesity Excuses” eBook through Behance here:

I was so nervous that I posted other people’s videos first! I’m glad I did though because Those two work for me. My Ricky Martin time has recently increase to the benefit of my Future Prince:

Then I never even ask you to buy the book! Ah, Marketing. You are on my list.

Well, Behance does not have a “Video” category. They only have “Film”. I can’t tell you what that one word has done to me life now, but I soon will. Sharon’s off on a new scheme – I’ll say that much.

Then I put my next video collection here:

Those four Dry Skin Brushing demonstration videos stand as a testament to my life force. I’m pretty sure most people could have done just one or two videos. I could not. I need all four and every time I link to it I will always have all four. Only two of them would irritate me no end and I am not going into it further.

I do not know what I am doing over there at You Tube. I have to spend a few hours learning and I haven’t done it yet. I am so bombarded by jumping screens and advertising that I just give up and go elsewhere. Hmm… I used to love that place. I’ve noticed ads in a lot of places that they didn’t used to be all over my portion of the Internet lately.

So, my videos are currently collected over at Behance because my Sharon Fitinfun You Tube channel is a filthy disgrace to the entire existence of mankind and Behance is a lovely walk in the park of sanity. Those people over at Behance know what they are doing. They even send me lengthy personal email replies to my lengthy dumb questions – repeatedly. Take that, You Tube!

EDIT: I have You Tube Playlists now. Funny how a little bit of study helps me improve


However, I’m linking to my You Tube now regarding my search for true love (not found yet).

Here are the Internet Dating videos I’ve done so far. I am on my last month over there, and I will not return. I might try another site, but not that one. More on that in Oct 2013 as I leave on the 14th.

Here they are:

[Obesity] Loose Skin and Internet Dating

[Internet Dating] 4th Internet Date Part One

[Internet Dating] 4th Internet Date Part Two

Four twenty minute “dates” in five months! Good job, Sharon. Except the last one was longer by mistake.


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