Is Night or Day the best time of day to do Dry Skin Brushing?

Is Night or Day the best time of day to do Dry Skin Brushing? Otherwise known as Dry Body Brushing , the most important thing in Dry Skin Brushing is consistency in doing it regularly; not the specific time of day you do it.

The important thing is you have to do Dry Skin Brushing when you planned to do it.  That time needs to be a regular time – 5-7 times per week.  (Unless you do it more than once a day, and then we have issues).  If you can’t get up early enough to do it and let your skin get on with the day, then don’t even try to do it at that time.

I don’t think it matters when you do your Dry Skin Brushing as long as you are consistent in your efforts and it is a time that works for you.  There is no point in doing this once in a while when you feel like it.  It has to be at least every 48 hours or less and go on day after day in order to have the desired effects.  I don’t usually go past 36 hours, but you could not devise a more crazy schedule than I have.  Just make sure to start Dry Skin Brushing and then keep going in a somewhat regular manner.

Plan your Dry Skin Brushing times in advance.  Decide what your day or week will be like and schedule accordingly.  If you have a busy morning on Wednesday, determine in advance that you will not be Dry Skin Brushing on that morning and plan to do it Tuesday night or Wednesday later in the day.  Just be sure not to miss it completely.

Here are some points about Dry Skin Brushing times to think about:

Dry Skin Brushing in the Morning – What are you doing before and after you take care of Dry Skin Brushing?  How long do you need after Dry Skin Brushing before you can feel comfortable getting dressed?  Do you need to take a shower as well?  Do you need time to put lotion, cosmetics or oil on your skin before you get dressed?  Do you have it together enough to take care of Dry Skin Brushing in the morning or will you tend to put it off or skip it altogether because you are rushing?

Dry Skin Brushing Before Bed – Can you make this a part of your nightly routine?  Does Dry Skin Brushing relax you and help you sleep or keep you up at night?  Can you do your Dry Skin Brushing after dinner instead of right before bed?  Will you do Dry Skin Brushing at all when you schedule it for before bed, or will you just fall asleep and forget about it?

I try to Dry Skin Brush every 24-48 hours and I aim for every 36 hours.  This is because I am very sensitive to the effects of Dry Skin Brushing and I don’t want to do it too much of go to long without doing it.

Dry Skin Brushing near workout times – Even if you don’t swim, you might have reasons to time your Dry Skin Brushing and your workouts a certain distance away from each other.  It might make you feel ill if you work out right after Dry Skin Brushing, or like me, your skin might react to your workout if it is too close to Dry Skin Brushing.

Dry Skin Brushing too much – This exhausts me and stresses my system as I detoxify too much, too fast and too continually.  I need a break sometimes.  Don’t we all?

Dry Skin Brushing too little – This lets toxins build up too much and then I have to detoxify again and go through all the bad symptom again.  I hate that.


I will do Dry Skin Brushing at any time, but here are my most important questions I ask when I plan when I will do Dry Skin Brushing.

Will my skin be dry? – of water and/or coconut oil.  I need at least 3 to 4 hours from swimming or coconut oil being put on.

Do I have time? – 15 minutes!  Come on, Sharon.

Do I have time before I need to go out of the house after that? – An hour minimum for me.

When will I swim?  I need to be many hours from swimming in either direction due to the chemicals in the pool water and the pool shower.  I can’t DSB and then swim right away, and I can’t swim and then run right home and do DSBing.

When will I sleep?  Dry Skin Brushing can help me sleep.  If I’m close to bedtime, I will try to coordinate the two.  If I do it first thing in the morning after I wake up, it is energizing.  How nice that it works either way!

What other stuff is going on?  Am I sick or is there something else happening to change my plans?

I keep a calendar that I post Dry Skin Brushing after I do it.  At that time, I look ahead to the next time and get it in my mind of when I am aiming for.  My planned swimming is on there too, so I can keep my life on track.

I don’t always make it, but at least I have a plan.

I know there are people who just get up in the morning and do their Dry Skin Brushing every day and think nothing of it.  I wish I was like that, but I’m like this.


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