Marketing Posts and Plans at Fitinfun

Marketing Posts and Plans at Fitinfun

Here’s what I am marketing. I’m learning on a tight timeline. Help me if you can please. My plan is updated here as of January 2014 at my current list of Marketing Goals and Tasks, which is certainly changeable

Marketing Goals and Tasks at

I have a quite a few marketing videos at my You Tube Channel here:

Sharon Fitinfun You Tube

Most are preceded in the description by [Marketing} but some are not.


Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been a wonderful resource for my learning and contacts. i don’t see a result in sales though. (videos are embedded here)


Using Yahoo Answers

I tried Yahoo Answers for about three months in 2013. I did not find any result except for an increase in spam so I quit.


eBooks I wrote

I’ve written three now and working on the fourth. I believe my books will support me, and that is what I am counting on today.

Sharon French Amazon Author Page



I Have Loose Skin on My Feet

I Hate Obesity Excuses

Dry Skin Brushing Survival Guide


My books are listed on the tab above and here is where I have posted about them.

I’m selling 0-3 books a day now. According to internet wisdom, I need 10 reviews on a book before it will sell briskly. If you are a buyer – please review and help. I know this is difficult because I have never reviewed on Amazon myself. Site Writing

The 400th blog post at went up on 9/7/13. If you know me – you have heard me say “I will not even think of monetizing until it has 400 posts.” I believed there was no body of work represented until that time. Well, here I am now with 400 posts. This post is backdated to July, but Sept 7, 2013 is my day.

The only way I monetize this site is with my “Donate Now” button on the top right of all pages. I don’t want a bunch of ads. I thought I would need about 100K in annual traffic to monetize anyway, so i put that decision off to the future. I am at about one-half of that number today.

The eBooks come out of the writing on this site. I make books out of the most popular and deeply read topics.



Sharon Fitinfun You Tube

I have no monetization on my videos.

I started making these for myself. Now I am making them to talk to the world. I feel on fire about these videos, amateur as they are. I hope they speak to people. I’m trying lots of different ideas on the videos and I am trying to stay focused.

I have no monetization or organization in these videos today. I’m collecting sets of videos as collections in my Behance photo portfolio now and sending people from various posts. I just started this idea, so I have no results yet.

Filming is the easy part, except for swimming. An underwater cameraman is not easy to find.

I don’t know how to edit at all. I am a complete novice on every aspect of videos.


Fitinfun Behance Photos

I have monetization on my photos at Fine Art America


I have never printed any of my photos. I can barely take them at all but I have over fifty thousand of them from the last three years since I lost weight. I used photography to push myself out the door into the world. Now I am posting my photos at Behance and trying to make sense of them. My projects have been viewed almost 900 times so I feel thrilled with that result alone.


Amazon Store with the products I use to stay “half my size”:

I have many products listed in my store and need to add lots more. i also need to update my various posts to refer to the store so people know it is there when they read my work.


Commercial Freelance Work

I want to help others get traffic to their website by improving their content. I have learned a lot over the six years I have been blogging. I have a lot of tools and techniques to draw readers and I know I can help other people. Currently everything I have done in this area has been for free. You can see most of it in my commercial Freelance section of my photo site. I have trouble getting people to let me try to help them for free, so I’m not sure how I will ever make money at it.

A second area of Commercial Freelance work is either helping other to write eBooks, or ghostwriting for them. I have done this type of work in the past and like it.I know of several people who are casually interested in this idea, but no one serious at this time.


Weight Loss Coaching

I have a few friends who do this work already. These are others who have lost weight like I did and now help others to do the same. I’m not sure I am up to that kind of personal connection considering my own fragile psyche.


Stuff out of the house

I decided to sell everything from the last twenty years of living as a single parent. My son has left all the childhood toys and games after he left and I have things from my old obese life and my old accounting life that I am ready to cut loose. Here’s how that is all going.

Selling on eBay is not my best skill, but I’m learning

I started on eBay due to Hostess Donuts. I did not complete this project well, but I started strong and there is a lot of eBay info at this link. I find eBay highly frustrating.


We had Yard Sales here at my apartment complex a few times in Sept Oct and Nov of 2013.   I have lots of videos on You Tube and a collection of photography about the sales here:


Craigslist was a great experience for me in selling my car


Used Books and Media go to many different outlets