My Experience – Day 10 through 12 of Dry Skin Brushing


Here is my experience during Day 10 through 12 of Dry Skin Brushing as I started in 2011. This is the continuation of my first days of Dry Skin Brushing.  Start at the Introduction to My Experience if you are new to this topic:

I’m happy to say that I seem to have turned a corner on this post.  I seem more rational and optimistic.  I no longer think I am dying.

Here’s what I wrote about my experience on Day 10 through 12 of starting Dry Skin Brushing:



Today I tried to pay attention to how I was feeling when I was doing DSB and for those minutes afterwards, and I couldn’t do it too well.  Some things I could feel:

  • Blood rushing in my arms
  • More jittery
  • Not tired, and I should be since I didn’t get to sleep until at least 1 last night.

One positive change I have definitely noticed is the change to the surface of my skin.  It’s more moisturized.  I can tell especially on my back, which has had dry skin for years.  Now it is as if there is lotion on my back when there isn’t.




I tried to think healthy thoughts today – I’m still here – my body is still working and everything is working so much better.  Somewhat success.  I have to talk myself into this every day.




I think I can say that I am now adjusted to Dry Skin Brushing – not enjoying it, but not getting upset or feeling bad.  I think the detox part of this is over because I feel a lot better.  I don’t have the headaches and upset stomach now.  Really, I think I can say that I’m just into the habit now and not too disturbed by it. 

Taking my medication today is more annoying than the skin brushing, so I think we are there. 

I’m not really noticing it at all now, so I feel like I can just keep it up.


= =

May 2013

I feel really happy to read this from my vantage point of almost two years later.  Working through these miserable Dry Skin Brushing posts for you has not been fun. They were hard to write at the time and not fun to re-read today.  I’ve been reviewing these bad old days for a long time now and I’m glad it’s over.

I have been through a lot of heath scares in my life and I feel like this was a big one. I was scared because I felt like it was self-induced and I should stop.

But look what I finally say on these days (bolded above).

Blood rushing – Finally I feel the circulation in my body. Is it blood rushing?  Who knows, but at least I started to get feeling in my body again (or ever).

I have trouble feeling things as I have written about before.  This is one of the main reasons I wanted to try Dry Skin Brushing. It is recommended for the symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder:

I think this is the first time I really mentioned feeling that internal rushing movement.  I get it every time I brush now.

More moisturized – Yes, we are back on the topic of my skin.  I still cannot believe the difference and for this reason alone I will continue to do Dry Skin Brushing.  I’m sure I have written this on every post.  I use nothing but Coconut Oil daily and I swim in chemicals three times a week.  My skin is in great shape under the circumstances of huge weight loss and my age of 53.



Everything is working so much better – Finally I notice that my body was functioning better.  Improvements came in the areas of sleep, waste elimination, body odor, vision and on and on we go.



Have to talk myself into this every day – Here’s how we really know I was feeling better.  All my physical problems were gone so the emotional ones started rearing their heads.  I can say that I generally just do my Dry Skin Brushing now and don’t worry about it.  But I do often have to talk myself into starting or doing it at all.  And yes, sometimes I get squeamish about it.

Mostly, it just feels good now on every level.


Now adjusted to Dry Skin Brushing – Ta Da!  I feel very happy to read myself say these words after that torturous bunch of posts leading up to this point.

Thinking back to how scared I was to start and how much trouble I went through to get to this point, I feel relieved and proud that I got through it.  I sincerely hope this will help someone else because I thought I was not going to make it at some points along the line.

Knowing I have succeeded in making Dry Skin Brushing a positive physical and emotional experience is one of the best accomplishments of my life.


= =

I still have a few more posts coming for this “My Experience with Dry Skin Brushing Series”. Rest assured that the worst is over.


= =

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