My Experience – Day 6 and 8 of Dry Skin Brushing

It looks like I skipped writing for Day Seven of this experience of starting Dry Skin Brushing for the first time.  It doesn’t matter – I’m sure it would be more of the same.  Reading these two entries for Day 6 and 8 of Dry Skin Brushing reminds me of the misery of getting started with this habit I enjoy so much today.

I had a huge toxic load to get rid of, and it was really quite something as it left.  It took until day 5 for me to throw up.  By this time – it was concerning.  I was constantly in the bathroom, sore, weak and sick.  I could eat and I didn’t want to exercise. 

I have my fitness trainer’s replies interspersed in this writing, and he is constantly saying to go easy on myself and rest and try not to worry and stop if I think I should.  At this time, I had lost 110 pounds of the 130 I would eventually lose.  I was very upset with how my newly thin body looked.  Dry Skin Brushing was putting a focus on that – just when I was feeling the most insecure.

But I was determined to persevere.

Here’s what I wrote:



I ended up throwing up last night at the end of Day Five.  I think now it might have been gall bladder pain – pretty sure.  Took a Vicodin and got through it.  Day 6 of Dry Skin Brushing is today – not sure how I feel yet.

I feel so uneasy about this process.  Is it working?  I am being tortured by the side effects.  I hope it will get better soon.



Today I can’t eat.  I’m just browsing the internet and watched a Project Runway episode online.  I’m going to the bank today.  I’m sore all over – arthritis type of pain.  I don’t feel like walking 8 blocks.

I’m getting some protein drinks.  Maybe I can drink them.


= =


Today is the 8th day of this.  I’m still headache-y and feel like crap.  I’m eating crazy.  I was eating 150 to 250 calories at a time for months and now I’m doing a one or two hour binge per day.  I eat and then I eat again.

Now I’m choking down my pills and a protein drink to get over to ice skating.  I’m shaking my head at this.  Why, oh why did I say I would ice skate?  Let me please be normal.  I know I can skate – or not.  I’m remembering weak ankles and trips to the emergency room.

I’m feeling so bad about my body now.  Much worse than when I started this last week.  I’m uglier than normal now.  I don’t want anyone to look.

I went to the beach in daylight and made myself feel even worse.  I will never be able to wear such a small amount if clothing.  I’m sticking to the night when I feel safer.


and on to Day Nine:



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