Obesity Article Summary for FitinFun.com

Obesity Article Summary for FitinFun

Spark 8 months at goal-20Before I lost 130 pounds – I thought I would die obese and I didn’t think there was any way I could ever lose weight.

sharonpicNow that I am “half my size” I am thrilled to be here and shocked at how easy it is to stay.

Obesity Posts on fitinfun

After losing 130 pounds and keeping it off for almost two years, I’m sharing the strategies, tricks and tips I gained on that journey.  I know you too can fight obesity and win without surgery, pills or shots.  It’s much better over here.


My Before and After Story

Here is My Personal Before and After Story 

And here are some of the ways I’ve changed my thinking in order to be thin now. I have no fear of returning to what I was. This new life is too much fun for me to crave any of that old misery.



Emotional Issues of Obesity

EXCUSESRead this if nothing else.  

My excuses were the single largest obstacle stopping me from being thin. I know this is your problem too – no matter what you think.

This whole group of posts is the basis of my eBook about Obesity Excuses. I sincerely believe this is the root of the problem. Once you believe you can do it and take action you will.

I Can’t Do That!

It’s Something I’m Working On

Excuses for Obesity

Obesity Excuses Part 2

Stages of Weight Loss Thought Progression

Woman’s Size 4XL to Size 3XL in Three Long Years

Why Should I care if I lose weight?

My Biggest, Most Common Excuses and What I Do to Fix Them

Competing hopes, plans, dreams and more

The Opposite of “I Can’t” is “Eat my Dust”!

Excuses, Excuse Try My Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist



These posts above plus more are in Your Weight Loss Journey Overcome Obesity Excuses. I hope you like it.

Your Weight Loss Journey Overcome Obesity Excuses

Help for Obesity 

These are the steps I took that worked for me.  Maybe they will work for you.

The Most Important Actions I took to Lose 130 Pounds of Weight

When Should You Start Dry Skin Brushing if You Are Obese and Losing Weight? (HINT: Now!)

Obesity Strategy – Getting Back Up Again

A Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist Helped Me Lose Weight

Easy Exercise DVD’s for Pain and Obesity

Arthritis Swim Class Helps Pain and Obesity

Improve the Health Benefits of Walking When You are Obese


Obesity and Food

You still have to eat.  I have had my hand slapped away from food so many times I cannot count that high. Here’s how I work to turn eating into a good experience instead of misery.

Rules for Eating to Help Me Lose 130 Pounds and Keep it Off

How I Make Sure to Have Healthy Food Available to Eat

Count Your Nutritious Calories

Don’t Eat What You Don’t Want

You Can Have Two a Year

I’m Soaking Nuts and Seeds – I Don’t Care What Oprah Says Because She is Fat



I wish mine was better. It’s something I’m working on

Self-Image VS Reality

Losing Weight – Smaller Does Not Equal Better Looking, But No One Cares

Demi Lovato Thought She Was Fat When She Was Three Years Old

Tracy Anderson is one of the Good Guys

Wage a Psyop Attack Against Fat Part 1

Wage a Psyop Attack Against Fat Part 2


Obesity Stories

What it used to be like when I was gaining pound after pound, year after year, and how I found out I could be thin. I’m talking to you here if you are obese. If you find yourself in these stories, please go to the top of the page and get started on a new and better life. I know you can do it if I did.

The Fat Lady in Accounting Blooms

Being the Fat Lady in the Navy

Daily Exercise is Possible and Necessary

Dear Beautiful Obese Girl

Dear Beautiful Obese Girl Part 2

To All the Parents and Children of America


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Physical Issues of Obesity

It’s not easy to be fat and it’s not easy to lose weight.  Then when you are thin, it’s still not easy – just better!


Loose Skin

Yes I have it. Oh well…

Will I have Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

I Have Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Use Tight Clothes to Fight Loose Skin After Weight Loss

September 2013: I finally made a “Loose Skin” video. Not what I was expecting, but I hope you like it and maybe this will help me make some more of them:


Loose skin on your feet is not a joke after extreme weight loss.

I’m fighting this struggle of floppy foot skin here:

I Have Loose Skin on my Feet 

Help for Loose Skin on my Feet Part 2

Loose Skin on my Feet Part 3 – A Great Improvement

Loose Skin on my Feet Part 4 Success!

Fitinfun FAQ about Loose Foot Skin

And I wrote a book about it with even more foot skin information. You can purchase I Have Loose Skin on My Feet directly from me here


Other Physical Issues

Body Issues after One Year at Goal 275 to 150 Pounds

Pain, Obesity and Rheumatoid Arthritis

PCOS and Obesity

Gaining the Weight Back

I Don’t Go on Boats


My Spring 2013 Mid-Section Reduction Plan

I decided to try to firm up between the hips and the ribs in the Spring of 2013. I had great success and here’s how that went:

Spring 2013 Midsection Reduction Plan Abs, Hips and Thighs

Spring 2013 Midsection Reduction Plan Update One – With Goals

Spring 2013 Midsection Reduction Plan Update Two

Spring 2013 Midsection Reduction Plan Update Three



= =

“Help” for Obesity

Here are some ideas I don’t think are so good. Please look to yourself. You can do this without newly-developed chemical assistance. I went to college with guys like these, and I wouldn’t trust them if I were you.

Weight Loss Drugs and Vaccines


And even more info…

Fitinfun Food Posts

Fitinfun Exercise Posts


Good Luck with your weight loss.  If I can do it – you can do it and anyone can do it

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Sharon French Amazon Author Page

Nothing on fitinfun would be possible if I still weighed 275 pounds.

And these are my books for you

                                     Your Weight Loss Journey Overcome Obesity ExcusesDry Skin Brushing Survival Guide 30 Days to Dry Skin Brushing  I Have Loose Skin on My Feet


Your Weight Loss Journey Overcome Obesity Excuses Is your body your biggest regret? Are you afraid you will die a miserable obese death? Bust through your excuses and take charge of your life. You can do it if I did.

Dry Skin Brushing Survival Guide Are you concerned about toxins in your system and looking for an effective and inexpensive home remedy to feel better? Well, look no further.

30 Days to Dry Skin Brushing Get Ready for Detox, Softer Skin and a Fresh Start. If you want to try Dry Skin Brushing but have been hesitating and uncertain, this is the book for you.

I Have Loose Skin on My Feet Do you need a boost? Anyone with sore tired feet who wants to feel better will benefit from the simple, relaxing and inexpensive strategies found here.

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