One Year Viraltag Review

Viraltag Review after one year

After a year scheduling my social media posts with Viraltag, I could not be happier.  The interface is simple and responsive. The people who work at Viraltag are wonderful. The set up is a breeze. Changing posts later is simple. I just love this program and it has really boosted traffic to all my various sites and platforms.

I highly recommend joining Viraltag and getting the benefits for yourself and your business. It’s so nice to have my social media posting taken care of so I can do other things.

Top three Viraltag features that help me have better days

1. Viraltag Evergreen Posts

You’ve got them – now find them and get them set up in Viraltag. These are the posts that represent your work and the themes you care about. Make posts for all of these items and check off the Viraltag option to make them “evergreen”. Post once and they will post forever. This is the beauty of Viraltag evergreen posts.

In my case, I have books, photography, coaching services, affiliate links, blog posts and many other pieces of content to link to. Start with your most popular and work through your lists. Post a few posts each day, and you will have many before you know it.


2. Viraltag Categories

Every time you make a post in Viraltag, you can assign that post to a category. This is a great way to divide up your posts by theme or season.

After posting to Viraltag for a year, I see the power coming to help me in this coming year. I have posts ready to go for some of the holidays coming up. Two I worked on were mother’s Day and Halloween. So when those holiday’s come back in 2018 and following year,s I will be filling in holes instead of starting from scratch.  this can only get better over time.

Setting your posting schedule is where this really starts to get interesting.


Each category on it’s own is not interesting if that is all you tweet. But to take a simple example:

A  person has four categories:

Website links – pushing people to their content

Inspirational sayings on their theme

Affiliate Links

Videos links from their channel

The first step is to post the content once. Indicate:

Evergreen content

The category to assign it to

Then schedule those evergreen posts to go out again. If you have only a few affiliate links post them only once or twice a week. As you get more – increase your schedule.

Monitor your feeds to see how you look and improve over time. The more time – the better it gets.

I have posts in about 10 categories. These posts are interspersed throughout the day. here is a look at part of my schedule:

Showing a Viraltag Schedule after adding times for various post categories.

So you can see that I have different types of posts going out at different times. This makes my feeds so much more interesting.

One Year Viraltag Review

Remember this is only a piece of what I post. I also have scheduled posts coming in Viraltag and other schedulers as well as anything I post as I go through my day. My feed is very active now. I average about 30 tweets a day and my goal is 72 – 3 per hour.  I’m getting there with Viraltag help!

For more information about the details of posting with Viraltag:

How to Use Viraltag – Evergreen Content Posted Easily

And see some videos I made on this playlist with tips and to show you how to use Viraltag:

But really- Viraltag is so simple – you learn it by starting to post.

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