Physical Symptoms of Detox with Dry Skin Brushing

Physical Symptoms of #Detox - A big Long List

Physical Symptoms of #Detox can be overwhelming. Here they all are

Physical Symptoms of Detox with Dry Skin Brushing

I went through a lot of Physical Symptoms of Detox when I first started Dry Skin Brushing at home. I started this list with my symptoms and added yours as I learned of them through your searches.

If you don’t need this list because you are having bad physical symptoms of detox RIGHT NOW and hope to reduce them:

Read this post instead.


These symptoms apply to any kind of detox you are doing.

I couldn’t find any good lists of symptoms, so I wrote my own with the help of your search terms when you visit me.Here are the the bad side effects I noticed immediately in the first ten days of Dry Skin Brushing and also good benefits that happened to me at the same time.  You will see that the bad outweighed the good in those first days.


Don’t forget while reading this that I love Dry Skin Brushing now, and the symptoms are all tolerable these days.  The benefits are wonderful and I am happy with this habit.


If you wonder how bad YOUR detox symptoms might be if you start this wonderful practice, check this outline I wrote and decide what type of person you are and what kind of detox you might have. some of us are more toxin-filled than others.

Summaries of the benefits and good things about Dry Skin Brushing are here and here.


And here are the lists by category of Physical Symptoms of Detox with Dry Skin Brushing. Some people experience nearly every side effect mentioned after only the first try of Dry Skin Brushing and feel like running to a doctor.  Best to be ready.

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The Immediate Side Effects and Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

I felt side effects in six categories:

  • Skin Side Effects of Dry Skin Brushing and
  • Detoxifying Effects of Dry Skin Brushing
  • Respiratory Effects of Skin Brushing
  • Other Side Effects of Dry Skin Brushing
  • Emotional Side Effects of Dry Skin Brushing
  • The Worst Side Effects of Dry Skin Brushing,


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The Skin Side Effects of Dry Skin Brushing

  • Skin sensitive and irritated
  • Edema
  • Can’t and don’t want to put lotion on – skin can be hypersensitive; I only use Coconut Oil on my face today.
  • Can’t stand hot water in the shower
  • Cool water feels good in the shower
  • Skin rejecting lotion – many types will no longer sink into my skin today
  • Easier to sunburn
  • Sensitive to bad water when washing up, ocean water and pool water



The Skin Benefits from Dry Skin Brushing

  • Way fewer breakouts
  • Skin immediately softer; velvety, amazing – 4 stars to this one
  • Age spots fading – wow – nice surprise in my fifties!
  • Scars fading but my tie in to my using coconut oil too
  • Fat globules under the skin smooth out *** Good one after losing “half my size”  There’s all kinds of struff under that loose skin.
  • Body and facial hair lighter, shorter and less of it – (Is it rubbing off?  Pulling out?  Maybe.)


Detoxifying Effects of Skin Brushing

  • Diarrhea
  • Dark brown urine – or all other variety of colors – slightly ok  to really terrifying
  • Black stool
  • Urine smelling with an odor of chemicals (that are draining out of you)
  • Loss of hunger
  • Increased need to use the restroom
  • Starving
  • Binge eating
  • Not eating
  • Retaining fluids
  • Gain Weight
  • Lose Weight
  • Difficulty eating
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Don’t feel like drinking water
  • Thirsty as can be
  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Burping
  • Vision Disrupted


Respiratory Effects of Dry Skin Brushing

  • Post Nasal Drip
  • Runny Nose
  • Sore Throat
  • Want to spit a lot
  • Headache-y feeling
  • Sinus type headache
  • Liquid discharge from ears
  • Ears popping a lot
  • Eyes tearing
  • Goopy stuff coming out of eyes
  • Vision Jumping


Emotional Side Effects of Dry Skin Brushing 

I just added this section separated from “Other”. So many people come here with this type of problem as they start Dry Skin Brushing. Get ready for an emotional release.

  • Squeamishness
  • Fearful
  • Bad conduct in your relationships
  • Emotionally high and low
  • Dwelling on sad memories
  • Old bad memories coming back
  • Crying
  • Crying for no reason
  • Irritable


Here are a couple of posts on this topic. I will write more soon. Just know you are not alone and these issues are unresolved within you.

Dry Skin Brushing Anxiety

Fear of Dry Skin Brushing


Other Physical Effects of Skin Brushing

  • Muscles Sore
  • Bones Sore
  • Joints Sore
  • Teeth and Jaws Sore
  • Balance issues; need to get on the floor; dizziness
  • Randomly hot and cold
  • Exhaustion


Some Thoughts:

If you have Autoimmune Disease of any kind:

Realize that your symptoms may kick up and flare as this rush of toxins leaves your body. This can be severe and you need to be ready for this possibility. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I’ve written lots of posts about dealing with my disease and symptoms. I did have a very painful body in every respect during my initial Detox, but FOR ME that was minor compared to the main symptoms I suffered.


If you have Tattoos:

I do not have tattoos, but I’ve written quite a bit about them starting with this post. My most recent information tells me that you can do Dry Skin Brushing if you have tattoos. If you are having laser treatments to remove them, heavy metals and other toxins are being released into your system and that is why you feel sick during treatment. Dry Skin Brushing will speed up the movement of the tattoo toxins out of your body. It’s up to you to decide if that is a good idea or not in YOUR case.

I also have a You Tube playlist of my thoughts about tattoos and what they mean for your health and future if you get them.(Please don’t.)


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Physical Symptoms of Detox with Dry Skin Brushing – My Experience

Yes, it was an onslaught of symptoms for me and here is what I wrote about MY worst times which will not be yours. This is just how it happened for me. These effects started fairly immediately and many continue to this day to varying degrees after over five years (Winter 2016) of Dry Skin Brushing. So from here on down is kind of personal.


The Worst Side Effects of Dry Skin Brushing

Here are the top Three Side Effects that bothered ME the most in the first days I started Dry Skin Brushing. you will be different.



so bad  that I was concerned about it being medically serious in the first ten days.  That is a really long time to have diarrhea.  I felt like I was dying and i have later heard that you can get very ill if the detox does not go well. Another reason to slow down. My symptoms got better and worse at times but I was starting to think I needed to see a doctor.  There were some times that I was not able to leave the house and I was in the bathroom every 15 minutes for two hours, and this was after the 6th day after barely eating.  Then after the 10th day the diarrhea was gone for the most part and I was fine.

This is a Dry Skin Brushing reaction that comes and goes depending on a lot of variables.  There are many times that Dry Skin Brushing has made me run to the bathroom within ten minutes of doing it even today.  I think that’s a good response in some ways.  Whatever it was is gone, I guess.  I will also be burping and my nose will run, so obviously  stuff is stirring up in there.


Skin sensitive and irritated

This was really bad and hard for me.  Dry Skin Brushing made me feel sunburned in the beginning, even though my skin looked amazingly better right away.  My clothes hurt my skin for days.  It’s like a million little cuts but softer.  And then really soon, it just stops feeling irritated and starts to feel good to your skin.  What used to feel like cuts, now feels like circulation moving through your body.

I also was not as aware as I should have been of the pressure I was putting on the brush.  Ease up when you first get started.  I was Dry Skin Brushing way too hard when I started.  I do not press very hard at all even now and if I do, I can still hurt myself today, but it’s very minor compared to those first days when my skin never felt this maneuver before.

Here’s some more information about pain and Dry Skin Brushing:



Difficulty eating

This is a bad side effect of Dry Skin Brushing because there are so many other symptoms going on and you need to keep up your strength and health when you start Dry Skin Brushing.  I wish I would have been drinking healthy smoothies by this time, but I wasn’t   I think that would have helped because I really did not want to eat in those first days with everything coming out of me as you can read about in the “My Experience” section of  Plan for needing liquids that give both calories and hydration in those first days. Eat anything that makes you feel better.


And a Bonus Immediate Benefit of Dry Skin Brushing

I cannot say enough about the incredible immediate improvements to the look, feel and behavior of my skin when I first started Dry Skin Brushing.  I would come out of my desperate misery just long enough to run my hand over my skin in disbelief of the immediate dramatic improvement to the feel of it. It hurt me to touch it, and I had to concentrate to keep my hands off myself.  It’s a true miracle and I’m sorry I keep mentioning it, but it is a real benefit of regular Dry Skin Brushing for me.  Since I obsess over the condition of my skin, this is a Godsend.  Those little bumps on the backs of my arms are gone – gone – gone!


None of these symptoms are bad enough to make me stop Dry Skin Brushing.


= =

Physical Symptoms of Detox with Dry Skin Brushing Conclusion

I’m glad that’s over with!

You can reduce these symptoms of Dry Skin Brushing by starting slow – every other day even.  I wrote a book about this one month prep time, which I highly recommend. You have been feeling bad for a long time – no need to rush and make things worse. Detox first by eating healthy and drinking lots of water and be sure to get lots of rest as you prepare.  Start on your Friday evening so you have the first days to yourself and don’t need to go to work for eight hours the next day.

Remember that I love Dry Skin Brushing today and I would not want to go without it.  Here’s what I wrote about today’s good experience so you can have some balance after reading all these negative remarks.


Give Dry Skin Brushing a good chance, and you will love it too. the Physical Symptoms of Detox are rigorous for some people, but the benefits are worth it.

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I turned all of my Dry Skin Brushing posts into The Dry Skin Brushing Survival Guide. Having all the posts together in one place might help you as you get started.

The Dry Skin Brushing Survival Guide is available for immediate download here.

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Physical Symptoms of Detox - A big Long List

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