Reasons for Dry Skin Brushing


Why are you Dry Skin Brushing?  Is it for one or more of these reasons?

  • To tighten loose skin?
  • To reduce the effect of stretch marks?
  • To detoxify in general?
  • Because you heard it was a good thing to do from someone?


All of those reasons will work.  Tell me if you have another reason I didn’t list.  Dry Skin Brushing is called Dry Body Brushing around the world. That gives a better impression. You do it on your skin, but it effects your whole body.

Here’s my experience and opinions about whether or not Dry Skin Brushing is helping me in these areas.


Does Dry Skin Brushing Tighten Loose Skin?

I have a blog post about the horror of Loose Skin here:

I was in full meltdown phase at the point I wrote that post.  It was written in July 2011 when I had lost a total of 100 pounds – from 275 to 175 in three years.  That should look good, right?  Oh no, it was so bad.  I’m panicking right now just thinking about how hard reality bites, so I’ll write about that at another time.

Today, I can look at some parts of my body and say, “That actually looks good”.  My loose skin is better than it was one year and 25 pounds ago.  My strangely bulging body is not as strange or bulging as it was.

I’m also doing other steps that claim to act as healing for loose skin issues, so Dry Skin Brushing cannot really take credit for any improvements.  Also, there is no way to know how I would look without taking any action.  I believe in the good effects though so I’ll keep buying those $7.99 brushes and  spending ten minutes in a pleasant way a few times a week.


Does Dry Skin Brushing reduce the effect of stretch marks?

My stretch marks have improved in the last months and I have no question about that.  I am very familiar with the size, shape and color of my stretch marks even though I avoid looking at myself.  They are large and obvious, so I can dramatically see a difference in:

  • Lighter color, more blended to the surrounding skin.
  • Less silvery – you know what I mean if you have them.
  • Less purple, more pink.

I can’t say why this improvement happened but it’s the same time I’ve been Dry Skin Brushing so I don’t plan to stop.


Dry Skin Brushing to Detoxify in General?

Here I have no doubt.  The detox will happen.  Someone tell me if it didn’t for you, but I can’t imagine this because my experience was so dramatic.  I know that Dry Skin Brushing has helped me with pushing environmental toxins through my system faster.  I hope that’s a good thing.


Because you heard it was a good thing to do from someone?

I had trouble finding information on the internet when I was deciding to try Dry Skin Brushing and trying to get started with it.  I hope these pages help you with your plans.  Let me know if you have any questions and I can let you know more about my experience with Dry Skin Brushing.


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