Reduce your Detox Symptoms from Dry Skin Brushing

Reduce Your Detox Symptoms

Reduce Your Detox Symptoms

Reduce your Detox Symptoms from Dry Skin Brushing


You can reduce your detox symptoms of Dry Skin Brushing by taking some or all of these steps before and during your first days of Dry Skin Brushing. 

Much of this information will help you through any detox experience. I used Dry Skin Brushing as my method of detox, but there are many other detox methods that will give you the same symptoms.

I have no idea what percentage of people suffer debilitating symptoms from beginning Dry Skin Brushing, but I know a lot of you visit fitinfun for this reason. so don’t feel alone.

These are the words of an Accountant with no medical training, so beware…

IWhen you detox for any reason, you may suffer symptoms. Since writing this post, I have run into many other causes of detox. Often people clean up their diet and detox from that alone.

Here’s a quick yet extensive list of detox symptoms if you need to know what they are instead of how to get rid of them:


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Don’t start Dry Skin Brushing or any other detox until you do a little bit of pre-detox.


Detox your gastrointestinal system first

by eating healthy before and during those first days.  What does that mean?  Try to stay as whole, natural and fiber-filled as you can. Stay very well-hydrated and make the better choice in your food as you countdown to the day you plan to start Dry Skin Brushing.

Try a modified fast for a few days ahead of time

Go light on calories, and high on light, fluid-filled fruits and vegetables.  Get your system in the best most efficient moving state you can without going overboard.  Eat as balanced and healthy as you can.

Add smoothies and protein drinks to your diet before and during the time you start.  This is an easy way to get protein, fat and carbohydrates when you don’t feel like eating anything.

Be prepared and forewarned

Watch the movies I’ve linked to in the “My Experience” section of and any other videos you find.  Learn what you are going to do before you get started. Each of us is different and each time you brush will be different too, so you have to develop your own ways over time.

But for the first days, develop a plan you can fulfill to get the brush on every part of your skin. Some of us panic those first few times, so you may need to stay focused to get through it.

Here is my method of Dry Skin Brushing to try. There are countless other patterns available to see on the internet.  Dry Skin Brushing Patterns is one area where you can find a lot of information online. The general consensus is to brush towards your heart from all angles. Beyond that there are many variations including the one you will end up with.

Get your support behind you

Make sure close friends and family and possibly your work know what’s going on before you start Dry Skin Brushing.  If you have a friend starting at the same time – more the better.

You may not have a choice in telling those close to you once you start. You can definitely pass these symptoms off as the flu, and they will most likely know you are sick for a few days if your symptoms are bad.


Read the “My Experience” section of

so you can be prepared for a worst case and also get a feel for what may come. Hope your experience is better than mine was and know you will come out the other end of it feeling much better regardless.



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Start on your Friday evening

so you have the first days to yourself.  Don’t schedule your start time before a time you need to go straight to work for eight hours.  You might want to have the next few days off however you can. It may not be a choice you can make if your symptoms are that bad.  You may have to call in sick.

Think about the timing of your prescription medications and supplements before you start

You do not want to take your medications and then do Dry Skin Brushing ten minutes later.  If you are speeding up your system, you may also be speeding up the action of your medications, so be very aware of all the effects of what you take.  Time your medications to be far away from your Dry Skin Brushing.

Today, I take medications after Dry Skin Brushing and I don’t worry too much about the timing beyond that.  In the first days, I was skipping pills because my stomach was upset.  Also once I threw up right after taking them, so that did not help.

Start Dry Skin Brushing with wide intervals

Try every other day or every 36 hours instead of every 24.  You can adjust your frequency as you get going.  We are only talking about ten days of misery at most before you will be able to tolerate the lessening side effects.


= =


Don’t Press so Hard

I feel confident in saying that you are brushing your skin too hard when you start.  Ease up until you barely feel it.  Over time, you will develop a pressure level that works for you.  In the beginning – don’t press at all.

Develop your Technique

I like mine. Pay attention to what you are doing and monitor your response to it in the first days. You are the only person who can decide if you are doing Dry Skin Brushing in the best way for you. 


Be aware your symptoms may start immediately

Sometimes in the first days, You may have Detox symptoms before you finish the first quarter of your body, so be ready to calmly deal with (whatever symptom you get) and get back to brushing.  you may have to run to the bathroom, you may start crying, you may have some other reaction that is not entirely pleasant. Do not stop halfway if you can avoid doing that to yourself.


= =


Drink lots of water in the first days.

Water is so critical to helping this process along. The toxins you are stirring up need to be eliminated, so keep drinking even if you are throwing up. You can also drink any other clear liquids you like and tolerate, just to keep something going in your stomach.


Eat what you can – when you can
Keep up with drinking your smoothies for nutrients.

Make any other green drink or protein drink to keep nutrients in your system.  You might not feel like eating solid food and you might be throwing up.


= =

Sleep, Exercise and Rest

Your sleep patterns might be disrupted by the whole rush of symptoms.  Sleep when you can. Don’t sweat it and rest when you can’t sleep.

Exercise will help even though you may not want to do it.  You should be walking or doing anything else easy.  Here are some ideas for stretching that will help if you do them:



Be sure to get lots of rest for maybe a week. Expect to feel tired and unsettled as this initial rush of toxins leaves your body.  Plan times for naps and time to lie down.  I was dropping to the floor and my yoga mat constantly in the first days.


= =

Keep Down

Rest from electronics, bright lights and loud noises; confrontation.  Retreat and rest.

Expect the worse and be thankful for the best (soft skin; keep remembering 🙂



= =

I hope some of these ideas help you get through the first days of Dry Skin Brushing.  I promise that the results will be worth it and this too shall pass.



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More information about Dry Skin Brushing


I’d love to hear your take on this post. Please contact me at Facebook or Twitter. Let’s talk!

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