Sensory Processing Disorder is a Very Helpful Diagnosis

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder is a Very Helpful Diagnosis

I love this illness.

I have self-diagnosed myself with Sensory Processing Disorder and I am a better person for having done that.

With SPD, you figure out what’s wrong with you and then you work on it until you fix it or give up or move on or something else is more important.  I’ve fixed a few of my flaws like that, I believe.  “Smiling at People Part One” and getting over the fear of riding a bike are my best recent examples of using the steps I figured out for getting through needless anxiety..

Trouble being Touched

I found out about SPD because a form of Dry Skin Brushing also known as Dry Body Brushing, is recommended to de-sensitize people that have trouble being touched.  Well hello!  Obese people are afraid to be touched and made fun of and etc., etc., etc.,  I know why Dry Skin Brushing helps with that problem.

Dry Skin Brushing has repetition and the requirement that you focus on your body is very helpful in learning to accept what you end up with after weight loss.  I’m sure it will help me with my fear of being touched, if I’m ever lucky enough to find someone who wants to touch me (that I want to touch too, of course!)

All of my weight loss was solved in this way

chipping away at my faults and blind spots

– slowly by slowly

– avoiding panic as much as possible.

– Then there is a wonderful break though! 


The Principals of SPD have been working pretty well for me.


From Wikipedia:

Sensory processing disorder or SPD is a neurological disorder [I don’t care] causing difficulties with taking in, processing and responding to sensory information about the environment and from within the own body (visual, auditory, tactile, olfaction, gustatory, vestibular and proprioception).


Here is the summary of SPD:

Some people are sensitive to things that don’t bother most other people.  These things are often not even noticed by others.  Examples are loud noises, eye contact, rough fabric, changes to plans or new experiences.  I’m sure I will write a post about all my dumb fears I’ve been working through with this process.

The normal reaction of a person suffering from SPD is to ignore, withdraw or run from their problem.  I have a long history of those responses to problems. I can run a few states away without blinking. Well, that is not a mature and adult way to run your life, so Sensory processing Disorder strategies are used to help.

The “cure” is to habituate to the problem areas and get over it so you can deal with the stimulus instead of ignoring it, withdrawing from it, or running from it.

How simple!

Get over it! That’s all.

Okay then….


I have a problem responding to sensory information. 

I like this theory and it’s something I’m working on.


Here is the way to work through your problems using the Sensory Processing Disorder illness as your base. Just decide you have this illness and go for it.

  1. Identify the problem you will work on.  It needs to be small enough to be handled and big enough to matter.  If you feel sick or scared or worried when you think of your problem, it is probably a good one to work on. In my case, riding a bike is a big BIG BIG area I am working on.
  2. Plan to do the thing; whatever it is. Jump off the cliff, people. You can at least look over that way. Take some easy steps.
  3. Use the library. 
  4. Usually fail the first time and sometime succeed.  The best result is when you say, “OMG, I can’t believe I’ve been letting that bother me all these years”. At least half the time it really is that easy.
  5. Figure out how far you got, what stopped you and think up ideas of how you might get past that obstacle in the future.  Do you need help in some way?  How can you get to the next stage? Be creative.
  6. Now try that new strategy to get over your problem.  You got so far before; so now try again. Pat yourself on the back and try again.
  7. Usually fail the second time but it goes better.
  8. Learn from your experience and repeat until it goes well or acceptably.

Yay!  Problem solved.

Unless it comes back and you have to try again. But it always gets easier. It really always gets better the next time and you feel proud of yourself so there’s that.

Writing about SPD and my experiences working through things is not easy.  It cringes up my stomach.  Just because you got through it once, doesn’t mean a certain problem doesn’t remain a challenge.  Some things just seem to cure and that’s always nice.  In my case, the cure to fear of Dry Skin Brushing was just to get started and do it.  Other things crop up again periodically and then you just deal with them again.

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