Should you apply Coconut Oil to Wet Hair or to Dry Hair?

Apply Coconut Oil to Wet Hair or to Dry Hair

Apply Coconut Oil to Wet Hair or to Dry Hair

Should you apply Coconut Oil to Wet Hair or to Dry Hair?

The main reason I use coconut oil is for protection of my hair when swimming. If you are using coconut oil to make yourself look better and you are obese, please read this post first.

Because I swim every three days, I have coconut oil on my hair at all times.  It’s just a lessor or greater degree of coconut oil.  I only really get a break when I can’t swim for some reason.

Before coconut oil my hair was dry, brittle and sounded crunchy when you would touch it.  It felt sticky and smelled like chlorine.  After using coconut oil, my hair is much softer and does not smell of anything.  It’s slicked back a lot because I swim so much, but so far, I am happy with the results.

So the questions about applying Coconut Oil to Wet Hair or to Dry Hair are:

  • When is the best time to apply the oil so that your hair is protected for swimming?
  • When is the easiest time to apply coconut oil?
  • What method makes your hair look the best when you have coconut Oil on it?

Here’s what I have found after using Coconut Oil for swimming hair for a year now.

Applying coconut oil to very wet hair will just make a mess

as the water and oil will not adhere to your hair evenly.  The water will run off fast as you are trying to put the oil in, making more of a mess.  They both will end up getting everywhere. Plus, you now just swam with unprotected hair which makes zero sense.

You can try applying coconut oil after your shower when you are still standing in the shower enclosure.  I do not do this because I already have enough oil in my hair when I am wet. You should be putting coconut oil on your skin anyway.

I put coconut oil on my skin after I shower and all the water runs off my skin and down the drain .  You can apply Coconut Oil to damp hair after you have towel dried, but again, the water and oil will cascade off your hair. My hair has enough coconut oil in it that it is pretty much dry after I towel dry it thoroughly.  I can style it with my fingers and be done with it. I look like Helena Bonham Carter

but I don’t have a stylist for some reason.

If you are looking at coconut oil as a deep conditioner, you can put it on clean, wet hair, but it will still make a mess.

= =

The best time and easiest way to use Coconut Oil is on dry hair

before you plan to swim or shampoo. 

The oil will soak in very well.  You will get a slicked back look as your only style choice until you swim or shampoo the oil off your hair. For how slicked back your hair is, the oil does not seem to be getting all over the place, which is nice.  Other oils I have tried can drive me crazy dripping down my neck, but the coconut oil seems to stay put after the first 30 minutes or so.

If it’s cold out I can go outside and let the coconut oil harden on my hair. That is a good trick that I cannot avoid on a cold day at the pool.  It is a very good styling aid when your hair freezes to you head in a helmet.  Be sure to get it how you like it while you are still in the warm shower.

I originally started by applying the oil to the ends first, but that does not work as well as starting at your hairline. I apply it to my head while my hair is in a pony tail.  30 minutes later, I can comb it through with an afro pick.

The oil distributes through my hair like a charm after that period of waiting.  If I try to brush it through before the oil sits for awhile, the process is not as easy.

I have a few videos

now about coconut oil and you can see I am useless. Somehow it works out fine in the end. I’m still working on these videos. They are currently “Comedy” and they are supposed to be “How To”.

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After swimming and/or shampooing, most, but not all, of the oil will come out of your hair

You can strip it all out or leave it in.  i leave it in because I want my hair to look and feel healthy. Some level of will oil will stay soaked into your hair no matter what.  The longer you keep applying coconut oil, the more pronounced it becomes.  I think my hair looks and acts fine the days after swimming and before I put more Coconut Oil on it.  It does appear to have something in it, but it doesn’t look greasy.

There does come a point that you will think you have too much coconut oil in your hair.  Then you have to lay off using it for a few days if you want to reduce the effect.  It took me weeks to lose all of the effects of oil and go back to my regular hair.  This happened when I laid off of swimming last fall.


Sometimes it does seem that coconut oil keeps shedding off of your scalp, but generally I don’t find that it bothers me very much. Here are some ideas if you think you have too much coconut oil in your hair:


The before and after for my hair with Coconut Oil has been positive overall.  I have a more complete  review of Coconut Oil for Hair Conditioner here:



Return to for more Coconut Oil Information.

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