Strategies to Meet Men Article Summary for

Strategies to Meet Men Article Summary for

After a lifetime of obesity and 20 years as a single parent, this newly thin, single, awkward, 53 year old woman would like to meet the perfect man and have a wonderful relationship to pass the rest of my years with.  I am not doing very well after trying intently and sporadically since July 4, 2012.  Here are my posts about what I’m trying to do to meet that man of my dreams.

Spoiler:  There is little success at any level yet. Don’t read hoping for winning strategies – just strategies.Here is my You Tube Series on the matter of meeting men after obesity. I hope you like it:

Here’s the link for the playlist in case you tube is acting up 🙂

Most of this occurs in my head.  I was so bad at my task that the early posts are called “Strategies to Meet People” instead of “Men”.  I couldn’t even admit what I was doing at first.  There was a lot of crying at the beginning.  Years of obesity and accounting work have left me socially awkward.  It’s something I’m working on.

Today, I look for men the majority of the time I’m out in my little town.  At this point, I’m making eye contact with maybe 20% of them that are looking too.  I feel progress.

One day one of them will be him.

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September 2013 the most recent post:

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Trying to figure out how to Meet Men in the first place


Trying to Connect


Looking in the Grocery Store – Did you know that men are in the Grocery Store looking for women? It’s true and I am managing to be able to look them in the eye and smile while they are doing it.


Internet Dating – I joined an online dating site for six months starting April 2013. I don’t know what I expected, but I have very insignificant results so far. Working….


Things to do and Things not to do




Review and learn



Other posts related to this topic



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