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Swimming Articles Summary for FitinFun

Swimming Articles Summary for


July 2013:  My Most Recent Swimming Post:

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The first reason I swim as an adult is because it eases my pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Obesity.  Every other sport hurts me as far as I have experienced.  Even walking is a problem on my injured hip and knee.  Swimming instead heals me (speaking as an accountant and a patient with no medical training).

Here are my swimming tips and tricks posts divided up into categories of swimming subjects.  I hope you like these posts and start swimming yourself.  It keeps me healthy and somewhat sane.


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Here is my post about Swimming When You are Obese.  It’s the most popular post I’ve ever written in my life – anywhere, so you should read it if obesity and fear are the reasons you don’t swim.  1600 people have commented and those comments will make you cry.  Believe it.


Swimming and Pain:



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Underwater Swimming and Loose Skin – My new hobby of underwater swimming has changed my life.

And here is a video for that trick:

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Hair and Swimming


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My Sharon fitinfun You Tube Channel is heavily geared towards the topic of swimming.  I hope you like it.

And here are videos of three of the stretches I do almost every day.


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Here is my Six Week Challenge to improve my butterfly stroke – It worked, but took much longer.  I have another bragging update coming soon.  I think I own the pool now with my improved butterfly stroke.  No matter what bragging you read on any of these posts – I am still working on my Butterfly as of Spring and now Fall 2013.  

My rotator cuffs are too shredded for backstroke right now even though I would enjoy the switch.  After almost a year of steady effort, I have a developing butterfly.  My ego is in a much better position than my body.

And here is the video to prove it:

My six week plan to learn Butterfly Stroke  is still going on 18 months later even though I already said I was done – twice.  Honestly.


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Stretching Stories.  Stretching is the best addition to my life and my workout and it’s THE MAIN REASON I weigh 150 pounds today and not 275 pounds.  I love to stretch at the pool or anywhere now.

Here are my videos about stretching your hands and feet before swimming:


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Other ideas that guide my swimming life


Swim with Open Fingers and Toes



Get the Most Out of Swimming




Making sure that I really do swim.  It is a challenge for anyone – especially me.  Here are my tricks to make sure I get to the pool every other day I plan to.



Getting Back in after a layoff:



Swimming Diarys



You should be in the pool.  Why aren’t you?

I am a lifelong swimmer.  Though I have always been obese until the last 18 months, I have always gotten into the water when I could.  From before I could talk and walk – to the highest weight I’ve ever been – I have always been swimming.  My son was in the bathtub at two days old and in swimming lessons for Mom and Tot classes at 6 months.  Just like I was.

The only difference is that I had a thin, gorgeous mother with a Barbie Doll body who swam like a mermaid and he had an obese, sick mom who might die soon, but she’s going to the pool anyway.

I am very lucky to be healthy enough to swim well now.  I was a good swimmer when I was obese.  People would be stunned when I got out of the pool and they saw how fat that good swimmer was.  I’ve seen that look a thousand times at the ocean, lakes, rivers and pools.

I am an amazing swimmer now.  I know that I’m bragging and I think I have good reason to brag.  I know what good swimming is like and I know that I’m doing it.  How fun.  Of all the ways I fit in fun – swimming is the ultimate happiness I find.  When my swimming is working well, I am shrieking with happiness underwater.

I think my ability to swim and enjoy it has helped my mental health, stamina and flexibility more than any other activity I do.  It’s not easy to swim every other day (every third day now in 2013).  I am proud of myself for doing it for 18 months now – very consistently – except for illness.

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I’m reviewing my swimming writing at the same time as my one year anniversary of becoming thin is here.  In October 2011, I weighed 150 pounds for the first time in my adult life.  I credit swimming with helping me reduce down from a high of 275 pounds in October of 2007 when I finally started to lose weight.

I write as much as I can about the details of my swimming.  I hope you will consider trying my fun sport for the many benefits you will find.  Most important is the fit in fun part, so please try.



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For more about exercise on, return to:


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I’m so excited to announce I have turned all of my Dry Skin Brushing posts into an eBook for $2.99. The Dry Skin Brushing Survival Guide is available for download  from Amazon here:

It will change your life as it has mine.