Tattoo Information Detoxing with Dry Skin Brushing Part Two

Tattoo Information Detoxing

Tattoo Information Detoxing

Tattoo Information – Detoxing with Dry Skin Brushing

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Okay – I see you all reading as soon as I posted Part One of this tattoo fiasco. This post immediately became one of my “most read” posts.

Here is what I have learned so far about tattoos and toxicity. Remember I don’t have a tattoo and I am doing this for you. I’m squeamish and I have thought more about tattoos in the last few weeks than I ever thought I would in my life.

My focus is to tell you whether you should be Dry Skin Brushing or not if you have a tattoo – or a lot of tattoos. I’ll tell you right now that I cannot answer for you. Here are some ideas for you to think about and the steps I would take if I were you and wondering about tattoo toxicity.

Your first priority is to find out what ingredients were in your tattoo.

I’m skipping all the parts about the safety of the Tattoo Parlor and infections and all the other bad stuff  from when you first got your tattoo. I’m assuming you already lived through that time and now have a healed up tattoo. I can firmly tell you not to do Dry Skin Brushing on an unhealed tattoo. That would be the same for all broken skin. If you are Dry Skin Brushing on a daily basis and you get a new tattoo, you will Dry Skin Brush around that area until it is healed.

If you cannot find details about your specific ingredients for any reason, assume the higher toxicity for the colors you choose and detox for them. You want to know:

About the ink itself

Here is a good list of inks and their properties.

Some inks are more toxic based on the color. Iron Oxide to make the color red is more commonly known as rust. Is rust toxic when injected into humans? That topic was not covered in Accounting School but I’m going with “yes”. On the other hand, the reason cast iron cookware is supposed to be good for you is because the rust gives you iron in your diet, so I might be wrong. Maybe rust is a good thing to inject in humans.

Heavy metals are generally present in most inks because that is what makes the color.  This is similar to medical tests I had when they shoot various metals in you so a machine can see it. My medical tests go past the skin on purpose and I believe they are more toxic, but the principle is the same. Heavy metals are now in your system and generally won’t come out on their own. Some ingredients have greater or lesser toxicity to humans. Naturally colored tattoos often fade quicker due to non-metallic dyes being used.

Here’s a quote:

First of all, the National Center for Toxicological Research has found carcinogenic substances among tattoo ink ingredients.2 The pigments often contain heavy metals like lead, titanium, and cadmium, as well as phthalates and hydrocarbons that are carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.3 According to an FDA fact sheet, some inks contain dyes “suitable for printers’ ink or automobile paint.” The FDA currently is conducting investigations to determine the long-term effects when the ink breaks down in the body or gets exposed to light, but as of now, nobody really knows the long-term effects.

The whole article is very informative about the various issues of toxicity.


The Carrier Solution Used

The ink starts out as a powder. The carrier solution makes the pigment runny. Carrier solutions are petroleum based; other toxic material or “non-toxic” material.

If it is petroleum based, that means it was essentially plastic that got into you.

Just because you have an organic material used for the tattoo does not mean it is good for you once it’s in your bloodstream. It may not be well tolerated well by you even if is not generally toxic.


Your reaction to your tattoo

If you are wondering if your tattoo is making you sick, it might be.

Were you sick immediately when you got the tattoo? You would feel several days of malaise and not wanting to eat; possibly diarrhea or constipation. Remember back to that first week and think how you felt. If you felt bad immediately, that is a good sign you are less tolerant to whatever you have in you now because you reacted to the ingredients immediately.

Is there a reaction on your skin aside from color? Is your tattoo raised up, itchy or changing rapidly?

If you had no reaction, I think that you have a stronger or non-reactive system and maybe you will have less long-term effects than the person who got sick right away.

Removing your tattoo

There does not appear to be a good way to remove your tattoo naturally or at home even though 50% of you apparently want to. It seems like you need to go in to a Doctor and get painful laser treatments. This process dumps a huge amount of toxin into you for the duration of the treatment and probably for some time afterwards.

Here’s more:

To remove a tattoo, the pigments get scorched by heat, and that apparently increases the volatility of the chemicals and generates new carcinogens and mutagenic substances.  According to a recent study in Germany, removing red and yellow pigments by laser irradiation increased the concentrations of toxic molecules up to 70 times.

Detox Steps

Be cautious and pay attention if you do Dry Skin Brushing on yourself at all.

Be cautious when Dry Skin Brushing that specific area.


You have two issues:

1. The fluids injected at the time of the tattoo

My accounting training (not medical training) tells me that whatever it was went directly to your fatty tissues as it circulated through your bloodstream in that first pass. That is what I was told about the medical testing fluids that were shot into me over the years. To the best of my knowledge, those toxins – petroleum based and metallic – will not leave on their own unless you actively detox them. This is the exact reason I had such a hard time when I started Dry Skin Brushing as years of toxic buildup came out of me.

This is similar to all the medical testing I have had. It all builds up in you until the day you start to detox. Then it comes out.

2. The part that remains on your skin.

I have no idea if that is inert, but I think not. I think it is constantly leeching into you forevermore. How else do they fade? It’s not rubbing off, right?

= =

Dry Skin Brushing Your Tattoo

I have one indication that your tattoo will be fine if you start Dry Skin Brushing. This forum on Vogue Australia has commenters who state that they do not see an effect on their tattoo.

Interestingly, these Australian people seem to know all about Dry Skin Brushing. They call it Dry Body Brushing.

Here are my questions so far. I will add to this as more questions come up as more people search for information about Dry Skin Brushing and your tattoo.

  • Will the fading speed up?
  • Will you have a reaction to that area of your skin?
  • Will you have a toxin release directly from the tattoo every time you do Dry Skin Brushing?

My skin changes in texture and exfoliation levels that are very obvious to see and feel. I do not have any idea what that would do to a tattoo. The best thing I can say is be careful and pay attention to that area when you do start Dry Skin Brushing. And please comment to help your friends.

That’s what I have so far for Tattoo Information Detoxing with Dry Skin Brushing and here are some You Tube videos I made about tattoos


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