The First Day of Dry Skin Brushing Part Two

Below is what I wrote on the second and third days when reflecting back on to the first day of Dry Skin Brushing.

Q.  What made you slow down with Dry Skin Brushing?  Was it the physical feelings or the emotional feelings or both?

A. I was very sick and really scared about how physically sick I was feeling.  I was not expecting to feel so horrible and have so many side effects.  On top of that, the actual moments of doing the Dry Skin Brushing were horrible to go through the first times.  I didn’t want to look at myself or feel myself or have any conscious thoughts about how my body looked and felt.  Emotionally I’m having a meltdown about how bad I look after losing so much weight. 

I still don’t like to face my body every day – shock! But things are so much better today than when I first started Dry Skin Brushing.


I’m going through what I wrote about the first days of Dry Skin Brushing.  I know it’s hard for an obese or formerly obese person to begin.  It took me years before I could start.  If I have any advice, it is to just plunge in there and try it at any weight.  You will be glad you did.

= =

Once again – the meltdown is remembered.  I kind of laugh at it now, but not really.  Dry Skin Brushing helped me to break through to my body, and it was not an easy transition.

As an obese person, I never regarded my body except as an impediment; something that hurt and was in the way and tired and sore all the time.  Plus it was ugly and too big.  It couldn’t do what I wanted it to do.

When I started Dry Skin Brushing I had lost 110 pounds of the 130 I would lose.  I wish I had started earlier – like childhood.  I bet kids who start with Dry Skin Brushing young are thin and well-adjusted and de-toxified adults.  That is not a medical opinion, because I have no qualifications to say it.

= =

When I started I had three overwhelming side effects for Dry Skin Brushing going on, starting with the good one:

My skin dramatically bloomed in good health.  I know this because of my mom who taught me how to take care of my skin and what to notice.  My skin just turned to velvet immediately.  I was so sorry she did not have this gift of Dry Skin Brushing, because she would have loved it.  People complemented her about her skin at every age, so I had a great role model.


On the bad side:

I developed severe illnesses and symptoms of all types and for the first ten days.

Most of what is listed on my side effects list did in fact occur for most of that first 10 days and it was very difficult for me to go through.  If I worked outside the house, I would have been calling in sick during a lot of this time. I was falling to the ground to rest and crawling to the bathroom to throw up.

I had and continue to have a high toxic load in my system.  In between prescription drugs and the flight path I live under and general toxins we all face, I have a lot of toxins to process out of my system.  I believe that this huge physical event got rid of years of crap that had built up in my tissues.  Maybe for you it won’t be so bad – I hope!


Finally, I was having an emotional meltdown over the very miserable state of my poor body.  This is the closest I had paid attention to it in many years.    I want to laugh this off, but it was a really difficult time, so I will try to say what I can about it.  I know that the ability to lose weight and keep it off comes with accepting what we are, and Dry Skin Brushing helped me begin to look at this new person I’ve become.

But it was so hard.

I would just shake. And try to breathe. And cry.  And get back into bed.  And then go throw up.  And not be able to eat. And look at that damn brush.

Somehow, within the first two weeks, I just began to accept myself more and the benefits began to pull ahead of the side effects of Dry Skin Brushing. I hope by going through this writing I will be able to figure something out. I thought I could post it as I wrote it, but I was so ill that I’m now just proud that I wrote any words at all.

= =

Today, I love Dry Skin Brushing and never plan to stop.  Getting through those first days was difficult, but I’m very glad I persisted.  Be sure to read some of my more positive post, or go on to Day Four:

I guess I skipped Day 3.  I’m sure it was bad.

Did you have troubles starting Dry Skin Brushing?  Are you struggling to start now? I would love to hear from you on any topic. Please contact me.



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