The First Day of Dry Skin Brushing Part One

I started Dry Skin Brushing on 7/24/11.  It had taken months to get to this point and I was in a complete state of panic to get started with it.  I was trying to write down my feelings and experiences at the time, and this is what I wrote:


OK, so I did it – last night and this morning.  It hurts and makes me feel bad. 

[Twice in the first twelve hours was a very bad idea]

I feel like it’s actually making bad things come out of me, so that’s good.

So I’m going to back off of this and still do it, but 10% as hard

And not do it twice a day for quite a while. 

I totally believe in the health benefits but I’m sore all over and my clothes hurt my skin.  It was worse this morning and I noticed it on my walk.

My nose is running and I’ve been going to the bathroom all day.  Toxin release?

Major sinus headache this morning, took pills and slept for 4 hours

This really sucks.


The first point to make in retrospect is this:

If you start Dry Skin Brushing and you have never done it before, start with every other day, not every day, and certainly not twice a day.  This was only the beginning of the toxins leaving my body, and as you can tell it was abrupt, obvious and significant. Sometimes I have read other blogs where the writer says she did not really notice anything when she started Dry Skin Brushing.  I wonder if she really did it or am I the weird one?

I took a two month break from Dry Skin Brushing in January and February 2012.  When I started back up in March, I went to every 36 hours, and I am still doing that today in June 2012.

Next, only brush as lightly as a feather the first few times.  My skin was so weak to this in the beginning that I did get cuts and tears in those first days.  If I press too hard today, I can still hurt myself, so go easy on yourself.

The second point I wish I would have known is to try to detoxify a bit in advance so that the Dry Skin Brushing does not take such a huge toll on your body in the beginning.  There are plenty of good, easy ways to detox ahead of time such as eating a chemical-free diet for a few days and drinking purified water.


Here’s Part 2


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