The First Week of Dry Skin Brushing Part One

I started Dry Skin Brushing on 7/24/11.  By the time I got to 7/26/11, I thought I was dying:

= =

Tried to have a good attitude today.  Took a shower after skin brushing and put on Nkuto lotion.  I feel tortured – scraped all over.  Trying to get over it…

I feel terrible.  My nose is running and I have a headache. 

Walking to the library to get anatomy books


I’m sweating, jittery, energetic, headache-y, nose is running, skin is definitely smoother – wow.  Cigarettes are stronger.


Reading those few lines makes me really re-live that first week of Dry Skin Brushing.  I was hit over the head by the detoxification.  It was very unexpected.  I had no anticipation of such an extreme physical reaction in so many ways.

I had been preparing for at least two years for the emotional effects of facing my horrible ugly, loose-skinned body.  But then that turned out to be the least of my problems.  I was so sick in those first days that my body image fears and phobias barely appeared.

How ridiculous that I waited so long – and then for the wrong reason.

(If you are obese and reading this – just get started from where ever you are.  You can benefit from my mistake.)

I can remember my excitement and optimism about my velvety skin.  In the midst of my misery of side effects, my softer skin kept me going.  It was SO MUCH softer than I expected it to be.  That is the Number One best and quickest and first benefit of Dry Skin Brushing – the soft skin.  I will keep doing it just for that result.

I was looking for anatomy books to try to figure out a good brushing pattern.  It turns out that there are no books at the library with any reference to Dry Skin Brushing.  The best I did was some anatomy of the Lymph system which actually did turn out to be helpful.  I have been evolving the pattern I use for Dry Skin Brushing over time.

Right now I am very happy with the method I use and you can read about it starting here:

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FYI: Nkuto equals Shea Butter

I like it but it is more greasy and does not soak in as well as coconut oil for me.  It helped with the pain of those first few days on my skin.  It really did feel like a death by a thousand cuts for me.  There were occasional scrapes that would look like rug burn or paper cuts.  I must have been pressing like crazy, or my skin was weak.  Now, I do sometimes get that effect but very rarely.

Notice that in these first days I was not talking about nausea or upset stomach.  That came later.  In these first days, the sensation of my scraped skin, sinus problems, headaches and frequency in the bathroom were the worst symptoms of Dry Skin Brushing.  As time went on, the symptoms evolved.


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There is never going to be a Part Two of Week One.

Day 5 should be part of Week One.

I have no idea what I was thinking, but Day Five comes after Week One Part One in this well-organized saga.


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