Tracy Anderson Arms Workout for Firming Loose Skin – A Review

Tracy Anderson Arms Workout

Tracy Anderson Arms Workout

Tracy Anderson Arms Workout for Firming Loose Skin – A Review

I wanted to review this Tracy Anderson Arms workout to promote her ideas for firming up your loose skin and body by taking action. Someone else on the internet calls this “five minutes of waving your arms around”. That person is not in the right frame of mind. Like I said – Tracy’s methods will help your arms. You have to take action to help yourself.

I lost 130 pounds – “Half My Size” when I was in my early fifties. After a lifetime of obesity, trust me when I tell you that I do have loose skin. I Try many things to help myself including Tracy’s workouts.

And I’m not talking about boring sets of squats.

I love this Tracy Anderson arms workout with all my heart. 

It was one of my major life goals to be able to keep up with this video for a long time.

I wanted to do this video so badly.  I used to watch it as a spectator and dream when I couldn’t do it.  I used to put it on just to hear the music.

I first saw this Tracy Video on way back when.  They were making fun of it; those cool girls; but I was mesmerized.  It was the first time I saw Tracy and I have loved her ever since.  “A loose skin remedy” is what I first thought when I saw her moves and what I still believe today.

I’m dealing with the loose skin issue today, and Tracy’s ideas are always in my mind as I try to improve my shape.

= =

When I first saw it, I could not begin to do this Tracy Anderson Arms Workout.  

It’s not easy for someone who is weak and recovering from a lifetime of sedentary obesity. Here’s how I learned to modify this video still today so I can get through it better:

At 275 pounds, I could do zero seconds of this video.  I couldn’t even lift up my arms that high.  There was not a prayer or a hope that my non-muscle mass could have the strength to lift those gigantic arms I used to have.  But I would watch it and started to modify like crazy and dream of the day that I could finally do it.

At the time i was working out to some much easier DVD’s that I collected and reviewed for fitinfun.

After I lost about 60 pounds, I could do Tracy’s Arms Video – but not well and not really all the way through it.  Then finally, I got to the point where I could really keep up about six months after I got to my goal weight.

Today, I have to watch my rotator cuffs.  I can’t fling my arms around like Tracy, but I can more than keep up with her with my modifications. I modify this video so I can do it. I wrote a second post about how I modify this video so I can get through it. Find out about those changes here.

Even though I don’t do every move like Tracy, after my 5:28 with her, I feel on top of the world.  I – me – I could work out with Gwyneth Paltrow and keep up.  Wow!  I love myself for this ability.

It’s one of my proudest achievements to be able to do this Tracy Anderson Arms video. I am not kidding.  This is something I dreamed of and then did.  That conquering this video is a physical accomplishment is even more important for me.

= =

Why I love this Tracy Anderson Arms Workout

  • It’s short
  • It works my weak arms
  • It works my sore hands
  • It works my sore wrists
  • It works my stiff rib cage
  • It is fun and not repetitive
  • It wakes me up
  • It works my tired back
  • I can get to it easily and quickly while working on my computer
  • It gets me breathing
  • I like the music
  • It energizes me
  • Tracy shows me a body I aspire to.
  • The trill flourish at the last second sends me back to work with fresh resolve.


= =


Note the stretchy ropes on the ceiling.  This is my new major life-goal – My second goal to be inspired by watching Tracy!  I will have made it in this world when my home gym has those ropes on the ceiling. You can air-swim with them. I want them.  I want to work out on those stretchy ropes like crazy.  I have them in my dreams. I know what I can do on them since I dream of the moves I will make.

= =

Why the Tracy Anderson Arms Workout Works for Loose Skin

I really believe in Tracy’s gesture based routines.  As you notice, her hand and finger positions are always changing.  This effects all the little muscles in your arms, in different places and in different ways.  That’s the part that tightens you up.  I truly believe in this theory and I believe I’m seeing it in action on my body. I certainly feel it at the end of the workout.

I have read countless smarter people than me say Tracy’s ideas are not valid and I say to them:

Take your repetitive power weightlifting back into your smelly gym where you belong and leave Tracy alone.  She is helping me firm up after years of obesity and I do not care that you think it doesn’t work because it does work for me. The next time I do 3 set of of 12 like you do will be in a nightmare. Thank you for your input and good bye.

Tracy calls these little muscles “accessory muscles”.  Yum!  I love how I feel after this workout; especially in my lower arms.  Try it and you will love it.  Your whole arm tingles – not just a sore bicep and tricep.   Modify as you need to which may be a lot if you are obese, arthritic or otherwise incapacitated as I am.


= =

The Tracy Anderson Arms Workout is not all she has

Here’s a short lower body workout that is also very difficult.  Tracy doesn’t play.  Modify!


I’ve translated Tracy’s Theories into my underwater swimming and I will write about that craziness soon.  Until then, enjoy Tracy’s workouts.  Here is a link to the videos on her official site.



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If you are obese and struggling with Tracy’s workout like I used to, please read this post.


And here is one more post I wrote about  Tracy.



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