How to Use Viraltag – Evergreen Content Posted Easily

How to use Viraltag for evergreen content. So easy! Start today with a trial period and discount

How To Use Viraltag for Evergreen Content

This tutorial explains How to Use Viraltag for Evergreen Content

The more I use Viraltag, the more useful it becomes. I’m getting great traction in my social media, posting a lot of my evergreen content and saving so much time! Now I can focus my limited social media time on engagement and analytics to make things -better. Now I never have to post my promos twice because Viraltag is re-posting them for me.

The Viraltag interface is smooth, the support is excellent, and my feeds look great. I could not be happier. But Viraltag keeps rolling out features so I might be even happier in six months!

Why Use Viraltag for Evergreen Posts?

As a blogger – you need to keep spreading the word about your old posts. But it is so much work! Sitting down weekly or monthly with a big slew of posts and then repeating it again for next time. OR – not doing it at all and seeing your traffic dwindle. Neither one are good options for your social media presence. 

Thanks to Viraltag evergreen posts, as every day goes on, I have more tweets and pins and posts in my queues – getting ready to post again – way out in the future – without my help, and at a good time that might catch the interest of my connections.

I love this program! You should get it. No question.

Viraltag Coupon Code

Viraltag always has some kind of discount going to get you started or you can write a blog post for six months free through their blogger offer. Viraltag pricing is fair in my opinion and I would pay for the service if I had money for my internet presence.


So let’s get you started!

The first step is to collect your Viraltag Evergreen Content

What is Evergreen Content?

A post telling peole how to stretch in bed is never old. Someone who needs it is glad it is there anytime after it is published. An inspirational essay is always welcome. Recipes are useful anytime the person want to read them.

But something like a restaurant review dies quickly – six months later – it is old. A list of Amazon products I recommend needs to be updated a few times a year to make sure the products are still available and not replaced by a better products. If I keep up with it – it is evergreen. If I don’t keep up with it – it is of no benefit to my readers. 

Evergreen content is the content that keeps its search engine value forever. People will continue to search for it and your post will answer their questions. They search for “the best chicken recipe” and there you are with your grandma’s dish. 

You have these posts on your blog, your website, your videos and other platforms. Hopefully these posts are a great introduction to your work and bring people to the rest of what you do.

What is an Evergreen Post in Viraltag?

An evergreen post links to the piece of content you have elsewhere and promotes it. Viraltag creates a slow drip of many posts that cycle through slowly enough that they do not bother anyone with their repetition. Viraltag has an unlimited storage for evergreen content on all your platforms. If you have a lot of content, this makes a difference. Post once – set it and forget it. What a breakthrough for social media posting!

Examples of Evergreen Content

Take all the content you have on the web and get it into Viraltag. Recurring ads for your products, inspirational posters and tutorials all qualify. The best way to do this is to add your most popular posts first. Here are some examples to get you thinking.

  • Book links
  • Book trailers
  • Top posts based on analytics
  • Excerpts
  • Links to sales platforms such as Etsy or Pixels
  • Your videos
  • Social Media Links – ask people to join you elsewhere
  • Inspirational
  • Recipes
  • Slideshares
  • “How To” posts
  • Lists
  • Affiliate links
  • Top Tips
  • Causes you like to push
  • Instructional “How To” tutorials
  • Resource link round ups
  • Product reviews
  • Videos
  • Resource pages
  • Summary pages – “My Top Ten posts”

I know you’ve got some of these posts to promote to your following! Go through your internet presence and find your evergreen content. If you have a lot – this is going to take a while. Make a list, a spreadsheet, or pin these links to a secret Pinterest Board so you can find them later.

Make a schedule of your top 50 ideas from the ideas above. You can use your analytics from each platform to see which posts to promote as well as the analytics from your sites. Or just promote the top posts you like and see what happens.

Create your posts

This is like any other time you crate a post for your social media on Viraltag. I have a Viraltag tutorial on You Tube and in my first Viraltag Review on fitinfun. A tweet needs to be short with hashtags for example. You already know all this and now you are gathering it together. Get some text, links and media ready and then go to Viraltag.

Create your Viraltag Schedule

Empty Viraltag Schedule before you make changes

This is how your empty schedule looks when you first start on Viraltag. You will add times and categories for your posts. 

What are Viraltag Categories?

Viraltag evergreen categories can be anything you want - these are mine and I keep adding more.

The drop-down menu of my categories is shown above. I made these categories up to go with my posts. You can do the same. Look at the posts you gathered previously and divide them any way you like. I have “fitinfun” for my site, “health products”, “health education” and a few others. Categories are very easy to add or change later as you see them work so don’t stress. Just make some up that go with your niche and line up to the posts you’ve chosen. 

Now – each time you post on Viraltag, choose “evergreen” and also assign a category. This will dictate how to post repeats in the future. 

What Good are Viraltag Categories?

The categories will help you spread out your posts better and keep track of what you are posting. It is much easier for me to find my “fitinfun” posts and review them when they are not in a big list with everything else.  

Categories also help with scheduling – you can have a “Goodnight Friends!” post go out at 8 pm each night, for example. Or if you are a business-to business marketer, you might not post much on the weekends or change it up then with lighter material. Maybe your sales pitches will work best in the middle of the business day.

You will get more ideas once you notice how your posts look going out and the response you get from your followers. Tweak at will! Viraltag is doing the heavy lifting, so you will be able to work with the results. 

How to Post Evergreen Content with Viraltag

An evergreen post is posted once on Viraltag and then it will repeat on your schedule forever. You post anything you want to post and click the little box for evergreen. Use a current category or add a new one so your post will be with the other posts of the same type.

You make a schedule for your posts by category and then they post out! That’s it. Add a few each day or week and soon your schedule will be full like mine. 

Showing Viraltag Calendar view with lots of upcoming posts scheduled

Benefits of Evergreen Posts with Viraltag

So your book ad? Post once and it goes out every so many days while you sleep.

So you have different versions of your book’s ad? Put them all in Viraltag. They all go out forever and you can test them against each other.

Don’t like your tweet text or need to update it? – very easy in Viraltag. Go to your feed, select the category and use control F to find the post(s) you want to change and change them. Voila!

Do you want to change the photo in a Viraltag evergreen post? Same deal – super simple to change later.

All changes are simple on Viraltag. You can change your post before or after it goes out. If you do it after posting, the next ones will change.

Viraltag Evergreen Posts – Summary

I hope this post has helped you how many potential evergreen posts you can set up in your social media. With all of this going on, you will definitely improve as the days go on. This is what I am seeing in my feeds. Viraltag is a miracle! Now you never have to post those promos again.




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