Viraltag Review Schedule Social Media Posts Easily

Viraltag Review – Schedule Social Media Posts Easily

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My Viraltag review will show you how easy it is to schedule your social media posts quickly, and get to a point where you no longer have to put so much time in to this mundane chore. I’ve been using my trial period to the fullest and got great results immediately. I know you will too. This review is an introduction to Viraltag and a bit about how to use it.If you are just looking for your Viraltag Coupon Code for savings, here you go:


Social Media is Never Ending

You know you need to post often to most social media platforms. Social Media is never ending. It sure takes forever to get it “done” to a point where you are doing yourself some good. I’ve scheduled my social media posting at least 15 different ways over the years and I feel this is the best program I have used so far. With Viraltag, you just need to:

  1. Get set up on Viraltag
  2. Figure out your plan
  3. Start posting your own content (evergreen)
  4. Start posting other people’s content (usually not evergreen, but can be )

And in a short while your social media will be posting itself. It’s a miracle, keep reading.

Viraltag Overview

The idea with Viraltag is to get your Social Media posts into the scheduling system where they:

  1. Post to the platform as you choose
  2. Stay in the Viraltag system and re-post as often as you set the schedule. These evergreen posts sit waiting for an open time in your schedule and then pop in and fill it. Once you have more evergreen posts than post times available, you can safely leave for vacation and not freak out that your social media will die. I could cry with happiness right now.

The trick is to do all this while creating an appealing feed your followers will enjoy and share. That is up to you, your content and your creativity.

Viraltag Pricing

ViralTag pricing is set up in 4 tiers. You can set up to get your free 15 day trial and go from there. Decide after posting a few days which plan you fit if you are not sure. Once you decide: Here are the November 2016 Viraltag pricing levels available:

Viraltag Review Pricing Nov 2016

Viraltag Pricing Nov 2016

Viraltag Individual Plan

Most of us will use the individual plan with one site we promote. If you are not sure, this is where to start. You will be able to link 10 Social Media Platforms which should be enough for any one person to handle. Although once you “set it and forget it” with Viraltag you may be able to do more than you think!

Viraltag Small Business Plan

If you run multiple accounts or have more than one user, use this option. You need the power of all the features Viraltag offers.

Viraltag for Brands

This is for social media managers with clients or large businesses and needs a quote, so Viraltag will customize this plan for you. Viraltag brand level gets all the goodies!

Free Viraltag

Yes, I said free! If you are like me and on a tight budget, you can extend your free plan for 6 months by posting a Viraltag review like this one. The free plan is somewhat limited and only allows three Social Media profiles to be connected. That will work for me now and save lots of time. If you have a lot of social media accounts or more than one user, you will be better off with a paid plan.

Viraltag App

You must get the little button app for Viraltag – it ends up attached to all pin-able images and works very conveniently. I keep having it pop up on various media and it is very helpful to remind me to post!

Viral Tag and Pinterest

I have a project going to improve on Pinterest and Viraltag is part of that effort. They blend beautifully in Viraltag and pinning is a pleasure. The app in my tool bar makes everything easier still. 

How to use Viraltag for Pinterest

I will soon have a Viraltag review post up about “How to use Viraltag for Pinterest” since that is the first platform I’m working with. There are some quirks to what I’m doing, but generally, I am thrilled with the two programs together. I’ve put in about 20 hours including writing these promotional posts and my Pinterest account is already scheduled out into Jan 2017!

It took my 3X the hours to get my Twitter schedule filled with Hootsuite when I first started with it and then I had to keep up with it. That’s a lot of time I could be writing books or doing other work to help obese people get fit. Now, in a very short time, all my work is “saved” in Viraltag and I will not have to re-pin hundreds of posts manually again. I can just make them evergreen and let ‘er rip. 

This photo shows you a brief section of my next week’s schedule.
viraltag review great pinterest schedule clone win

A fantastic Pinterest schedule thanks to Viraltag

It makes me so happy to see all these pins ready to go! They are not repetitive and they are spaced out throughout the day. Therefore my Pinterest account is constantly active yet not overwhelming. More people have a chance to see my work. This is my future – right before my eyes!

Notice that the first posts on Wednesday and Friday are the same and so are the first posts on Thursday and Saturday. This is due to the cloning tool and the schedule I set when I posted these.

Here is an example of a Pinterest schedule fail when I did not pay attention:
Viraltag Review Bad Pinterest Schedule Clone Fail Example

Too many similar pins!

Notice Wednesday through Saturday all have the same pins scheduled over and over. Trust me – this mess goes all the way down the page! I deleted these after the screen shot. They came in like this when I “cloned” 20 times and then did not set a scheduled time for the first post. Viraltag thought I wanted this!

So now I know – always set a time for the first post and a lag time between the posts. That’s what I did in the top example – spacing the posts out by 24 hours. There is a bit of a learning curve but not too much. Post a bit and check how your schedule looks. It is not hard at all and I pretty much sail through posting my Pinterest schedule now.

Viraltag Interface

Viraltag is a much better translator than Pinterest. It seems to sweep up all the available images much more efficiently than Pinterest does. I get more and better looking images out of it and I am so glad to be able to use the image that is already there.

When using Viraltag, I get better pins than I do with some sites I post directly to Pinterest. I have two art sites that make terrible, ugly pins on their own. That is so annoying and why I do not pin much from my art sites. I have to use Snippet and create images to post my own freaking art! 

That’s going to change now that Viraltag gives me great images to pin and my art will all be posted soon. I have no idea why a good pin-able image is not there on a Pinterest Pin Screen if the Viraltag Screen can get it, but I am so happy to have this new benefit.

Viraltag is also a much better text editor than Pinterest and I enjoy my pinning much more now. I can actually read my description text as I edit it, unlike the funky, tiny screen Pinterest gives you. Imagine that! 

Thanks to Viraltag, I have improved many of my pin descriptions as I re-pin. This is a very helpful step as some of my descriptions are sub-optimal.

Viraltag Bulk Editor

Here is an example of a Tweet I am posting through the Viraltag Bulk Editor. You see two of the same tweet. Note they are going out 48 hours apart. There are actually a lot more copies you cannot see in this view, so this starts to fill my schedule.

Viraltag bulk editor twitter post times

Below you can see some of my Viraltag Twitter schedule with posts spread out nicely. I’m working on filling this Twitter schedule now.

Viraltag Twitter calendar view


Viraltag Alternatives

This Viraltag review is not to bash the Viraltag alternatives. I have used many scheduling programs and I still will continue with them. Here’s how I compare some of them:

Viraltag vs Hootsuite

I use the free version of Hootsuite and I love it. I will still use it for viewing my list streams (not found in Viraltag) for posting social media on the fly, and for replying to the interaction I get from my connections. However, Hootsuite does not have a way to repeat a post automatically on the free plan and I put many hours into getting posts set up to repeat manually. Viraltag takes all that effort away and I now will only use Hootsuite to post on the fly.

Viraltag vs Buffer

ViralTag vs Buffer is not really even a competition. I am on the free plan with Buffer as well, which allows only 10 posts in the buffer at any time. Since Viraltag holds an unlimited number of posts – they are not the same at all. I use Buffer for Twitter and will continue to use it whenever I see a great tweet to re-tweet but 10 posts vs hundreds or thousands is not a fair fight!

Viraltag vs Tailwind

The contest of Viraltag vs Tailwind is more even but I do not have any experience with Tailwind. I know people who swear by it for Pinterest, but I have never tried it. Tailwind is more expensive and seems like it has a steeper learning curve than Viraltag. The free Tailwind trial has never enticed me enough to give it a whirl.

Viralwoot vs Viraltag

Viralwoot vs Viraltag is again comparing two different things in my mind. Viralwoot is more for getting other people to re-pin you than it is for scheduling. I used Viralwoot in my first months on Pinterest and got a great result in lots of repins. I never was able to figure out their scheduling. I found Viralwoot kind of spammy and I had trouble finding good pins to re-pin. Now Viralwoot is a paid service and I am not using it.

Viraltag Coupon Code

Your first step is to set up your your Viraltag account. Please use my Viraltag coupon code for a discount and link your primary account to get started. 


Viraltag Affiliate Sales

My coupon code is an affiliate link for me and you will have your own too once you sign up. We earn money from affiliate sales if we get any. Viraltag Affiliate sales should not be hard to get. Many people in your circle are struggling with scheduling too, so this is a good opportunity. And you will certainly love the product.

You can post your affiliate link pretty much anywhere except your personal profile on Facebook. But you can link into a Facebook page or group post which is helpful in getting your friends to see what you are offering.

Required reading and videos to get up to speed with Viraltag

Here are some resources to get you up to speed with Viraltag. It is very simple to get started with, but here is some guidance.

Viraltag Help

Viraltag has a help center and FAQ’s within the program. This is a great spot to spend some time before posting your first post. Watch the videos and read through the posts in order to learn from the creators. I highly suggest doing that step first unlike me to avoid unnecessary errors as I showed you above. 

Viraltag Review Outside Help – Blog posts

This post on twelveskip has a great Viraltag Review showing the features and why you would want to use Viraltag. It is out of date in the screenshots and some details but a very good introduction to all the features. Most of the bugs and wishes mentioned as being problems are now fixed because Viraltag has very good people working there and they are on the ball.

The price is lower now and you can use my coupon code so – even better!

= =

Now this is what I want:

Chelsea Adamon has got Viraltag and Pinterest down! Who doesn’t want 900000 views? When you read the post – her number has grown higher by far in her updates! So let’s listen up to this girl!

Chelsea’s Viraltag review highlights a key feature I love as well – being able to re-pin existing pins. This is a goldmine of interaction as I will talk about in another post. She also mentions using group boards and Trello – 2 things I also use and recommend.

You also get a great walk through of pinning and good screen shots to help you get started. Thank you Chelsea!

Viraltag Review Video Help

Here are some videos if you prefer to watch Viraltag reviews rather than read then . Again, these are bit out of date, but perfectly fine to show you how to use Viraltag and to give you the thoughts of these happy Viraltag users.

Here is Viraltag’s You Tube Channel with lots of help offered.

And here are a few more Viraltag review videos walking you through some screens and being helpful.

Here is a recent Viraltag review video showing you all the screens.

This video is a little older – Jan 2016, but it is a nice walk-through.


A warning about scheduling

Be sure and watch what you are doing when you start using Viraltag, especially if you are new to scheduling your social media. It is easy to get carried away and over-post to your accounts if you don’t watch out.  I have known many people to get dropped from shared pin boards or unfollowed by many people when they just post and post and post without looking at the result. Be sure and stay on your game until you are confident in what you are doing. Keep checking your feeds, schedules, and posted items to make sure you are not becoming a pest!

= =

I hope you liked this Viraltag review and want to give it a try. Please connect with me at any of my social media below and let’s work together. Here is another link so you can get started.


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I’d love to hear from you.

Be sure to fitinfun no matter what you are doing.

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