Want to Start Dry Skin Brushing? Anxiety Issues Part 2


Want to start Dry Skin Brushing? Anxiety Issues Part 2

Do you want to start Dry Skin Brushing, but anxiety is holding you back?  Have you tried it once or twice but stopped because of physical pain or emotional upset?  Does it seem to hurt more than it helps?  Here are some ideas so you can make Dry Skin Brushing part of your daily life, and enjoy the benefits


you know are waiting for you.

I’ve written about my anxiety to get started Dry Skin Brushing that made me wait two long years to get started.  That was so dumb.


This article is about Anxiety once you do get started with Dry Skin Brushing.  As it becomes part of daily life, some of us still face fears and nerves about doing it each day.

Here’s how I’ve learned to deal with what does come up.

In my case, I get the creeps about Dry Skin Brushing every once in a while.  I just don’t feel like facing myself and I don’t want to do it. I can do a few things:

Stop using chemicals on your skin – temporarily or permanently.  Deodorant, soaps and lotions will have an easier path into your bloodstream and might make you feel ill.  The less bad stuff you have in your system, the better.  It will all be circulating once you start Dry Skin Brushing, so reducing toxins is a good plan. Anticipating the toxin release is part of the anxiety, so reducing the toxin is a good thing.

Eat as cleanly as you can and drink lots of water – Similarly, what goes in your system is going to come out, so make it count.

Get into a practice with your Dry Skin Brushing.  Set the times you are going to do it, and then just do it the best you can at those times.  Don’t try to be perfect.  Don’t worry about right and wrong.  Once you get started, the physical effects will keep you going over the emotional issues making you stop for the most part.

The only important thing is to start, brush your whole body, and finish.


= =

Some ideas:

Take a break – with a planned restart


Spread the times out more


Force yourself to stay in the pattern you prefer


Start once a day in the morning.  If morning is impossible for some reason, pick another time and be consistent with the time you pick.

Read encouraging information about the health benefits of Dry Skin Brushing.

Make sure you have the right type of brush.  You need natural bristles and a long enough handle to reach all areas of your back (or a friend).

Use extremely light pressure to start. The lighter the better.

Focus on the benefits and any good feelings you are experiencing and not on your squeamishness. Look into the ideas of Sensory Processing Disorder and see if it applies to you:


Feel the sensation after you are done, noticing that you have jump started your circulation in the morning. Re-reading my posts from the first days reminds me that I didn’t even notice that jump-start when I was first starting out with this practice. Now that daily boost is very important to me.

Find a friend who also wants to starting dry skin brushing.  You friend will be more or less anxious than you, so you will have a contrast to discuss.  Compare notes, encourage each other, and discuss what works for each of you.

Notice the changes in your body, which should happen quickly as toxins are released.

Be patient with yourself and the emotions brought up by Dry Skin Brushing.

Journal about each time you do it so you can reflect back.  When I read what I wrote when starting Dry Skin Brushing, I am amazed at my fears and upset.  It was so overwhelming and unnecessary; but it was certainly real.

Set up a little shrine area to go to for Dry Skin Brushing.  It’s always ready and waiting for you, which can be comforting.  Put your strong colors, your favorite colors, or your peaceful colors over there and make it a place to relax and enjoy.

The accountant in me did not want to do this shrine idea.  I thought making a shrine was a dumb hippie idea.  Then I remembered that I am a dumb hippie, so I did it.  It is a corner of my room and I have other meaningful items there.  I feel much better having a nice set up and a place to go to for Dry Skin Brushing.

= =

After the first days and weeks of Dry Skin Brushing, you should have changed your opinion.  Instead of a morning torture session, you will be looking forward to a daily ritual that will give you peace, tranquility and energy.

= =

For more information about Dry Skin Brushing, return to: http://www.fitinfun.com/dry-skin-brushing-article-summary/



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