Your Weight Loss Journey Winning the Food Fight New eBook

Your Weight Loss Journey Winning the Food Fight

Your Weight Loss Journey Winning the Food Fight

Announcing Your Weight Loss Journey Winning the Food Fight New eBook

I am so excited to announce the upcoming publication of Your Weight Loss Journey Winning the Food Fight. This book is part of my series about the changes I went through while becoming “Half My Size.” I am certain these changes can happen for you too.

Why am I qualified to write this book?

I am one of those success stories you hear about sometimes. I was obese for most of my life. I never lost weight. I just gained and gained no matter what I tried. Finally, with a lot of effort and attention to the problem, I was taught and learned skills that changed my life. I lost 130 pounds with attitude, exercise, and nutrition. You can do it too.

My work explores the excuses that kept me fat, the food now I eat to stay healthy, the exercise skills I learned, and the detoxification I went though and recommend to you when leaving an unhealthy lifestyle.

From my perspective today, I try hard to help others through the work on my websites, videos, photo essays, and now the books that have come out of that work. The first book in the series is Your Weight Loss Journey Overcome Obesity Excuses and covers the motivation you need to get started and continue through the life changing events that unfold as you become healthy and begin to improve your diet, exercise, and mindset.

Why write about food?

Winning the Food Fight covers food because “What do you eat now?” is the most common question I hear from others who want to know what I did, and how I did it. The best answer I can give is that it is complicated, easy, different, inexpensive, time-consuming, delicious, fulfilling, and fun. It’s a big whirlwind of exciting and sometimes terrifying change that I really enjoy living. I’m so grateful to have been given this new life. I will never go back to the old toxic times I used to have. I want to share the excitement of finding I CAN feed myself in a healthy way that keeps me fit and trim.

Organic Rice vs Rice Boxes

Making the better choice with Rice vs Rice

The overarching principle of food selection is to always make the least toxic choice.

That simple sentence will change your life.

…Always make the least toxic choice

It sounds so simple, and it is. No one is forcing you to eat anything, so you can usually make a better choice in your eating habits. Do that time after time as you learn more and begin to appreciate better food.

Those many small changes will snowball and provide you will better health. As you learn and improve and change your food sources, you will bloom in health. You can do this just as I and many others have also done.

These are the rules I advise for eating today in order to eat clean food. I have my ideas organized under a few broad headings, and these are the chapters of Your Weight Loss Journey Winning the Food Fight

Facing Change in the first place

Develop the skills and attitude that turn good health and weight loss into a renewing, enriching and fun time in your life. Here you brush off the old excuses and bad habits and turn into the optimistic, healthy person you want to be; eager to change, eager to face a new, healthy future.

Details of How to Change

Concrete steps lay out the path you will take to create your own healthy diet with your own delicious foods. You create the menus based on the healthiest, non-toxic food you can find, and enjoy.

Eat like a Knowledgeable Person

You owe it to yourself to find sources of information to help you find the best food you can. The food supply is a minefield these days. Learning about food is going to open your eyes, and upset you, but you have your health, and your family’s health to think about, so I hope you will persevere. The reason you are obese, and ill is because you do not even know what you are consuming, and what it does to you. Hint: It’s not good.

Eat like a Healthy Person

Healthy food is going to flood into your new life. Most of these ideas are simple and inexpensive, but they cost a fortune if you buy the stuff and then don’t do the tasks. Your best ways to process food will evolve with your food choices, finances, family, and location.

Eat like a Civilized Person

No more gobbling food on the run. Upgrading your mealtimes to events will give you peace and appreciation for the changes you have made.

Eat like a Satisfied Person

From the first day you begin Your Weight Loss Journey, you can be satisfied with yourself, and your progress. It feels so good to take food matters into your own hands and handle mealtimes as an adult; in good health. As time goes on, your body and spirit will be more content and fulfilled. Maybe for the first time ever, the end of a meal will signal a time of great satisfaction. Then it keeps happening as you create meal after fulfilling meal.

Put it all together

If I take these nourishing and enjoyable steps daily, with a success rate over 80%, I am healthy and happy. It contrasts with my old obese life when I ate like a starving, directionless and miserable person 100% of the time.

I hope you like Your Weight Loss Journey Winning the Food Fight , and find the food information it gives out interesting. I’m proofreading this weekend with the goal to publish early next week. Please stay tuned.

I’d love to hear from you.

Be sure to fitinfun no matter what you are doing.

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