What are the Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing?


What are the Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing?  I’m writing about How Dry Skin Brushing Benefits help me now because I’ve written so much about the challenging side effects. Is Dry Skin Brushing the same as Dry Body Brushing? Yes it is. Other countries besides America call Dry Skin Brushing by the name of Dry Body Brushing.

I had horrific Dry Skin Brushing Side Effects and crazy emotional issues that made it difficult to start Dry Skin Brushing.  I still have detox side effects from Dry Skin Brushing, but now I have learned how to live with that result.  Every one of the side effects are worth it to get these wonderful Dry Skin Brushing benefits and results I see today.

Dry Skin Brushing Improves Loose Skin

– This is the reason I started Dry Skin Brushing – to tighten my loose skin.  Being as large as I was for as long as I was has left lasting damage to my skin.  I’m saying this to every possible person who can hear – try to get in control of your weight and health as young as you can to reduce skin damage.

I can see that my loose skin has improved in the 18 months since I lost the weight and started Dry Skin Brushing.  I also use lots of coconut oil, clay and salt on my skin, swim, stretch, drink lots of water, and stay consistent in my habits.  These are the only things I can afford to do that I also have confidence might help with loose skin at this time.

I think my skin is tighter since Fall 2011 when I proclaimed I was done losing weight. It seems as if my skin tone and elasticity has improved since then.  My skin isn’t sagging as much as I used to see.  It has been 18 months now, and I am supposed to give it two years, so I’m trying to be generous and non-critical with myself.


Body Image

A great benefit of Dry Skin Brushing is help with physical and emotional issues that have come up from losing over 120 pounds (EDIT Dec 2013 – I’ve lost 135 pounds now!) and keeping it off for 18 months (2.5 years) now . I will wrote a big long post about starting Dry Skin Brushing when you are obese, because I fervently wish I had done so.

I have both physical and emotional side effects from obesity and from losing weight that Dry Skin Brushing is helping me work through.  If you start when you still recognize your obese body, it will be easier than waiting until you have lost weight.

I think I am still fat.  I think I still look really bad even though I lost my excess weight.  Your opinion of how great I look in clothes doesn’t help me.  If I get going, I can start on my feet and work up to my hair and tell you everything that is wrong with me because you, as an amateur at viewing me, will miss it all if I don’t point it out.

Dry Skin Brushing is helping me with my body image issues by forcing me to confront my body every day.  I have to be minutely involved with all of my skin and actually be naked at the same time.  I know I would not do that and pay so much attention to myself for any other reason.  I actually notice changes in my body because I’m Dry Skin Brushing all the time.  I can feel that something has changed, even if I can’t always bring myself to look.


Dry Skin Brushing and Soft Skin

People are shocked by my soft skin.  They grab at it sometimes after they shake my hand.  It’s funny how often it happens now.  I credit Dry Skin Brushing.  Softer skin was the first immediate benefit I noticed within the first days of starting Dry Skin Brushing.

Even my elbows are soft.  No more scaly patch at the point of my elbow.  Can you believe that?  I didn’t know you could make that go away.  I didn’t have that goal, but I should have.  This is a very nice and unexpected result.


Keratosis Pilaris bumps are gone

I never had a huge problem with Keratosis Pilaris, but in the last ten years I have noticed some bumps on the backs of my arms and the outsides of my thighs.  Since I’ve been Dry Skin Brushing, those little annoying bumps are gone – 100% gone. I was startled to look for them one day and find none – zero.  I don’t know how long they took to leave, because I wasn’t paying attention but they are gone now.

The reason I even looked for this result is because I have read other bloggers report it many times.  It seems to be a universal surprise to all of us when those bumps disappear quickly.


Stretch Marks Improving with Dry Skin Brushing

I know that they are less deep and less dark.  Less purple and more skin colored.  I am so well acquainted with my stretch marks that it is pathetic.  I can see a very big difference and I’m thrilled by it.  Is it Dry Skin Brushing, Excellent Diet, Coconut Oil, or just the passage of time?  I don’t know, but I am not changing a thing.


Dry Skin Brushing Means Less Money Spent on Beauty Products 

I used to spend a ton of money on products to exfoliate and moisturize and clean my skin.  Now that I do Dry Skin Brushing, I don’t use anything at all besides coconut oil and a little bit of sunscreen if I’m going to be out in the middle of the day.  Anything I use on my skin that has chemicals will burn now and not soak in, so I stopped trying.  My skin started rejecting lotion in the very first days I started Dry Skin Brushing and it has never gone back.  I still have some organic products at home, but no need to use them very often, if at all.

It’s just all that coconut oil now…


Detoxing with Dry Skin Brushing

When I do not do Dry Skin Brushing, toxins build up in me.  There is no doubt of this result. Because:

  1. Something happens and I stop Dry Skin Brushing for a couple or a few days.
  2. I start to feel terrible – tired, bloated, want junk food etc…
  3. I hit myself on the head and realize I’ve missed a couple Dry Skin Brushing times.
  4. I do Dry Skin Brushing at the next available opportunity.
  5. All the physical symptoms of detox come back to some degree as Dry Skin Brushing eliminates toxins that built up over those missed days.
  6. The detox effects settle down after a day or two.
  7. Life goes on as normal until I forget again – rarely does this happen.

Well OK– that’s really all I need to know. If you need more, I will also say that Dry Skin Brushing makes me go to the bathroom in 15 minutes – 80% of the time I do it.  I think that is not a coincidence.


Dry Skin Brushing Smooths Lumps of Fat Under my Skin

Oh this was so gross.  Here comes another medical opinion from an accountant, but I think I’m right.

When I first lost weight, the fat loss was uneven and not necessarily in the place where it was needed.  I’m not talking about my skin.  I’m talking about the underlying fat.  If you ran your hands over my body, it was very lumpy under there.  And by there, I mean everywhere.  And by lumpy, I mean big, huge lumps of – ew – yuck.  It was like a bunch of hard marshmallows with gaps between them.  I would touch myself and confront a lump of – WTH is that? – that would send me screaming and crying to my room and don’t think I’m kidding.  This went on for months as I lost weight and looked worse every day.

My opinion of what happens is that fat melts and disappears unevenly.

I think the moving and massaging of Dry Skin Brushing is helping me even out that lumpy texture that used to lie beneath my skin.  Since I run my hands and a Dry Skin Brush over every inch of my skin so frequently, I am able to stir things up and both create and notice improvement.  I’m putting Coconut Oil on my skin very frequently as well, so again I feel what my skin and body feel like and I’m massaging at the same time.

I do not have those huge disgusting lumps today.  I don’t feel them anywhere on my body.  The lumps are still there but lumpy aspect to this whole mess of my body is reduced.  It’s not that I’m used to it, it’s that it is better and the lumps are smaller and more even.  I think the extra blood flow helps, and maybe just the passage of time, but I don’t really care.  It’s easy, cheap and I’m doing it anyway.


Dry Skin Brushing Speeds the Emotional Adjustment to Weight Loss

I really hated myself when I started Dry Skin Brushing.  At the time I started, I had lost about 100 pounds of the 130 I would eventually lose.  My body was mushy and soft and scary to live inside of.  I would look at obese women in Vons with envy.  They didn’t have saggy skin like me, so they were the lucky ones even though I weighed 170 and they weighed 275.  I was really a mess and so disappointed in myself.

My forearms were the best part and even they were horrific to me.  I had to see them every day as I typed (until I found shirts that cover down to my wrists).  I couldn’t look at the rest of me in more than quick glances.  I had paper taped over my one and only bathroom mirror for a while.  Someone else finally tore it down.

I believe that Dry Skin Brushing has improved this condition of scary self-hatred.  I know the repetition of Dry Skin Brushing is helping me emotionally.  How?  Because every 36 hours or so I do this thing to all of my skin – 100% of it – brushing it towards my heart. That necessarily means that all of my skin is lifted up and pushed around and touched – by me, while I’m kind of forced to think about it.

Therefore, I am familiar with how it feels and I can tell when it improves.  What else would make me confront myself like that?


= =

Those are the good benefits I feel from Dry Skin Brushing.  This is the best habit I have now.  I’m very glad I took up this practice, I think it helps me in many ways, and I don’t think I will stop any time soon.


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