Will Dry Skin Brushing Hurt My Tattoo?


Will Dry Skin Brushing Change or Alter or Hurt My Tattoo?

I have never been tempted to let an artist stab me with grimy needles coated in unknown toxic permanent goop. I don’t know what you were thinking. I am an artist so I know the training required to be one (none). I also can’t think of any dumb phrase I might predict I would still want to see in a week – much less have still there on my poor arm when I die. How can you possibly keep one theory for your whole life?

I am very happy to tell you I do not have any tattoos. My medical professionals have been telling me not to get one for years. I am susceptible to every illness and my immune system has always been weak. In the old days, my Doctors used to say it like a joke, “Don’t get any tattoos like an old Navy guy.”

But as time went on, it has become more than a simple request. The world thought tattoos were cool and my Doctors were in fear that I would follow the herd and get one.

They had nothing to fear with me, but you may not be so lucky.

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“How Does Dry Skin Brushing change my Tattoo?”

Fitinfun.com has been searched for this questions on numerous occasions. I have no help for you based on my personal experience but here are the questions I would be wondering about:

  • Will Dry Skin Brushing release the tattoo pigment into my bloodstream?
  • What substances are in my tattoo?
  • Are there any toxic effects of Dry Skin Brushing a tattoo?
  • Will Dry Skin Brushing Scrape off my tattoo?
  • Will Dry Skin Brushing Lighten or Darken my tattoo?
  • Will Dry Skin Brushing Change the Shape of my tattoo?
  • Can I cover my tattoo with tape and Dry Skin Brush over that?
  • Should I remove my tattoo completely before I start Dry Skin Brushing?
  • Should I avoid tattooed areas when I do Dry Skin Brushing?

If you have a tattoo, please help my other readers as I have no information here. I tried to look up natural tattoo removal for an acquaintance who made a recent tragic tattoo mistake. The information I found there was too gross for me to tolerate reading since I am lucky enough to have dodged this bullet.

If I woke up today with a tattoo, I would have it removed. If I could not get it removed, I would be covering it and working every angle possible to lighten and hide it. I would be freaking out about the Dry Skin Brushing angle. I would be scared that toxic chemicals and metals were leaching into my bloodstream with every breath I took. This whole topic is sending my Sensory Processing Disorder into chaos:


And after that I calmed down and did some research. Please read this next post to see what I found out for you:



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